Thursday, February 11, 2010

ClimateGate - Down But Not Out

So...the scumbaggery continues.

"Hey, it looks like anthropogenic global warming is being realized for the farce that it is...I know - let's just repackage the whole shebang, and we can reap benefits for our non-issue!"

Fuck you, scumbags...not while more and more people bring out their collective knowledge on the issue. I've been extolling the virtues of John P. Costella's excellent analysis of the Climategate situation. I actually read it daily on the subway to and from work.

An announcement from John:

PRESS RELEASE: Australian Senate—The Climate Sceptics Party


Melbourne, Australia—3 February 2010—Following yesterday’s disappointing announcement by the Australian Opposition of their climate policy, I have today offered to run as a potential candidate of The Climate Sceptics Party for the state of Victoria for the Senate of the Parliament of Australia at the next general election due on or before 16 April 2011.

When boiled down to its overall effects, the Opposition’s climate policy is essentially no different from that currently proposed by the Rudd Government. Australians concerned about the billions of dollars of carbon taxes that both major parties wish to inflict upon them—whether direct or indirect—deserve a genuine choice in the upcoming federal election, not just “more of the same”.

The Climate Sceptics Party is committed to protecting ordinary Australians from rash, alarmist, unwanted policies, relying on scientific objectivity and caution rather than ideological fanaticism, and striving to provide a final “safety switch” on a federal Parliament that is increasingly out of touch with the average Australian.

That is also my goal.

If selected by the Party as a candidate, and if elected by the people of Victoria as a Senator, I will work tirelessly to bring rationality and common sense back to the Australian Senate.

John P. Costella

B.E.(Elec.)(Hons.) B.Sc.(Hons.) Ph.D.(Physics) Grad.Dip.Ed.

John - best of luck to you - you are a real hero, in my eyes.

John also has a blog - you can be sure you'll see me there!

Here is another individual's take on the issue, and it only cements my read on the issue. The so-called climatologists willfully attempted to game the system, hiding behind the corrupted process known as "peer-review" to ban articles that countered their ideology, and to produce articles without a shred of science or research that touted their views - the best example of this being the infamous "hockey stick" graph which, at its face, displayed what was referred to as "unprecendented global warmth"; but in truth, was missing pertinent data that, if included, would have shown the cycles of warmth and cold that are normal occurrences in our ecosystem.


John Costella said...

Thanks, mate, for your continued kind words and support.

hANOVER fIST said...

John...the pleasure is mine - my best to you.