Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic -

Found a new blog to add to the list: Fraudonomics.

Their posting can be read here: FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic

I was listening to 1010WINS yesterday morning, before I had to deal with some personal business. I heard the newscast, and it is nothing more than part of a psychological operation. As I posted at this page, this is what we should have seen on the morning of September 11th, 2001; but instead, we were witness to a prior psy-op; the story of how 19 "Arabs" completely outwitted our military and were able to countermand the fundamental forces of physics and chemistry to disintegrate three buildings with naught but two planes.

Read that again...and think about how ridiculous that notion is...but you have been told that this is what happened.

Fighter jets were dispatched (albeit too late and haphazardly) to catch up to the passenger jets, even though their top speed triple what a passenger jet can achieve.

Jet fuel has a maximum burning temperature that cannot approach the melting point of construction steel, much less the amounts of steel used to construct WTC towers 1 & 2, yet they purportedly were the main force in the "collapse". Of course, the buildings did much more than simply collapse, didn't they?

Whoop...I did say three buildings, didn't I? How in the heck did that third building go? say that NIST never checked for thermite, or any of its derivatives; and yet, peer-reviewed documentation exists that proves the presence of nano-thermite?

Oh, for shame.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

1 month before JFK was murdered, he told the LOBBY to register as agents of a foreign government - Goon Squad

I'm going to begin with two words: CUI BONO?

The two words are Latin for "who benefits". I have stated a number of times before, that to solve a majority of crimes committed, you "follow the money". In other words, find out what benefit was derived from the crime, and most likely, you have narrowed down the field of culprits to either: those with motive to benefit from said crime, or those who manifest benefit from said crime.

Remember in GoodFellas, when the boys successfully pull off the Lufthansa heist, but are then warned not to engage in spending habits outside of their normal patterns? Eventually, Jimmy Conway is moved to murder his former colleagues, when each of them defies his wishes and engages in needless opulence?

Israel...consider this your warning from Jimmy.

Greg Bacon says it much better than I do. Read his highly-explosive posting today, "1 month before JFK was murdered, he told the LOBBY to register as agents of a foreign government", and then take a second...and really think about the timing...JFK's refusal to allow Israel nuclear weapons...Executive Order 11110...Jacob [Rubenstein] Ruby's easy access to the basement of the Dallas Police Department holding captive the purported murderer of the President of The United States...and tell me, with conviction, that all of this is just an "unfortunate confluence of events that may or may not implicate Israel and/or J[ewish]I[sraeli]Z[ionist] sympathizers in an act of treason against the United States".

I dare you.

Found this at The Ugly Truth - too good not to share:

Miriam K to Shant Norashkarian:

You are a worthy opponent and it gives me pleasure to enter into dialogue with you because of your obvious intelligence. However, you will derive small satisfaction from my point-by-point refutation of your arguments.

1. Mirian K says: “First, anyone has a “right” to a land if they can grab it. The one who grabs the deckchair has the right to sit on it!”

YOU SAY: Or: “We believe in the law of the jungle, might is right”.

MY RESPONSE: Precisely, Shant. Except we call it “the survival of the fittest” and refer to “natural selection”. Ever heard of Darwin? Winner takes all.

2. Mirian K. says: “By all means choose evil if you find fulfillment therein, but for goodness sake be a bit more discreet about it.”

YOU SAY: Or: “No problem with doing evil as long as you cover it up.”

MY RESPONSE: Evil is a life-style choice, Shant, exactly like abortion. A woman has a choice between having her child or killing it in her womb. Similarly, one has a choice between good and evil, and one must be free to choose the alternative that gives one more personal satisfaction. In the present climate of moral confusion, however, when evil is still regarded as politically incorrect, it is only diplomatic to express a preference for good — i.e., to pretend that there is something inherently wrong with evil as a life-style alternative.

3. Mirian K says: “That’s right, Shant, parade your antisemitism for all to see! Your comment demonstrates your naiveté, you poor little intellectual nincompoop!”

YOU SAY: Or: “When you cannot debate the facts, insult your opponent. Why not use the magic word anti-semitic?”

MY RESPONSE: Good point, Shant. But we Jews rely to a large extent on Talmudic logic for polemical purposes, i.e., on casuistic arguments. Since we are often in the wrong — something we freely admit among ourselves in private — we make extensive use of the ad hominem attack. We utilize ridicule and mockery because these work on the masses much more effectively than logic and sober reason.

4. Miriam K: “Wicked granny, stamping on the guard’s foot as he pushed her into the gas chamber!”

YOU SAY: Or: When you are accused of doing evil never take responsibility.

MY RESPONSE: You make the false assumption that evil is intrinsically inferior to good, whereas both are equally valid life-style choices. Why should one “take responsibility” for the evil one does? Do you take responsibility when you eat beef or chicken for dinner? Wouldn’t the cow or chicken you eat claim you are doing evil by eating it? You kill animals to eat: is that right? We kill Palestinians to survive. Is that wrong?

YOU SAY: Perhaps you should educate yourself of the horrible crimes of your people while you are enjoying the sunny Mediterranean country which was stolen by the terrorists and war criminals who are your current leaders!

MY RESPONSE: Israel is our country now. In 50 years time, who knows? Cling to Christ if you wish, Shant, and see where He leads you. As for us, let us go our way into the darkness where we belong. If there’s a God, let him stop us!

He never stopped the Holocaust. So why should He stop us now if we show Him we mean to do evil with a glad heart in order to spite Him?

— Yes, in order to spite the God that Failed and who Never Existed!

Now you've been given a peek into the thought processes of the "chosen people".

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Academic Correctness - John Thames

Having a bit of a tussle over at CounterKnowledge...I thought you might enjoy this cogent bit of material by John Thames.


Career academics, when confronted by the heresy of “Holocaust Denial”, invariably revert to the doctrine of “academic correctness”. Academic correctness is the doctrine that only university-trained historians are competent to pronounce on the truth of any supposedly settled historical controversy. This, of course, is the mentality of a priestly caste, self-appointed to pontificate to the people who lack their superior wisdom. It is not hard to puncture the illusions and pretensions of this pack of charlatans. In fact, it is ridiculously easy. These professional know-it-alls are constantly having to “revise” their findings on all kinds of subjects. This is a polite way of stating that they got it all wrong the first time. Naturally, they will not admit they got it wrong. Instead, they will argue that they were reasoning based on incomplete information and, naturally changed their minds when they got “fuller information”. The possibility that the hoax of the extermination of Europe’s Jews may have been hidden behind a fog of disinformation and that a hidden archive of “new information” may be awaiting them is, of course, too implausible to consider.

Now, as to the lengthy record of misinformation and deliberate lying achieved by these charlatans. I have already commented at length on the World War One and Pearl Harbor lies of these distinguished academics. Now I shall address another such example. For years now, the real history of the Zionist state has been hidden behind a propaganda legend of the “only democracy in the Middle East”. The average American remains abysmally ignorant of the real history of Zionism. Most Americans do not even know that the British were ever in control of Palestine between the two world wars. As for any knowledge of the British White Papers or Royal investigations during the 1920’s or 1930’s, one might as well speak Greek to the average American. The first major history to attempt to write the suppressed story for the benefit of an American audience was Dr. Robert John’s “The Palestine Diary” back in 1970. The publication of the book has a very interesting history. Dr. John submitted it to a great many university presses for publication. It was invariably rejected. The reasons for rejection had nothing to do either with the quality of the research or the writing, both of which were admittedly very good, but with fear of Zionist reprisal. Dr. John found that there was always at least one Zionist on the university review boards, who would immediately veto publication. Despite the fact that his book had the approval of, and a foreword by, world-renowned historian Arnold J. Toynbee, Dr. John was unable to find an academic publisher for the “Palestine Diary”. Eventually the “Palestine Diary” was published in Beirut by the Institute For Palestine Studies and in New York by New World Press. New World Press had its presses burned by unknown assailants and its entire run of copies destroyed. The publishers were themselves severely beaten with metal rods wrapped in rubber (a well-known Israeli torture technique). and their spines permanently injured. Dr. John, a consultant to American corporations on their legal obligations, was then driven from job to job as penalty for having published his book. The “lobby” had gotten him. Today, Dr. John’s book is regarded as a classic in its field. But in those days of historical cover up, the price of telling the truth was very high. De. John’s experience with the terrible power of Zionism parallels, in many ways, the ordeals of the Holocaust revisionists.

Now I shall review the lies and distortions of the historians of Zionism. For many decades the orthodox historians and media pundits have pretended that
: (1) there were never any Arabs in Palestine; (2) that if there were Arabs in Palestine they only arrived in response to the enormous prosperity the Jewish immigrants were supposedly creating (the Joan Peters “From Time Immemorial” nonsense); (3) that the Arabs voluntarily vacated Palestine in 1948 rather than being expelled by Zionist force; (4) that the Jews in the 1948 war were confronted by Arabs who had them outnumbered and outgunned; (5) that the Jews did not commit atrocities in the war to deliberately terrorize the Arab civilian population, etc. Those lies have been repeated endlessly by “reputable people” in the universities and media for decades. Only now are those lies starting to break down. The Israeli revisionist historians ( Sima Flaphan, Benny Morris, Ilan Pape, Avi Shlaim, etc. ) have proved conclusively that the histories of their forefathers were shame-faced lies. Had any student of the 1950’s dared to make the charges since corroborated by Morris,, he would have been denounced as a “conspiracy theorist” suffering from delusional right wing fantasies. It would be the same charge, in essence, as that leveled against the increasingly confirmed Pearl Harbor revisionists. In short, the decades old historiography of Zionism is as much a lie as the English saga of World War One, the myth of a German sneak attack on an innocent, unprovoked Russia, the myth of Roosevelt’s “surprise” at Pearl Harbor, the myth of Hitler’s hostility toward the British Empire, the myth of scientific socialism and the greatest myth of all, the so-called Holocaust.

Academic correctness is the cover for a priestly caste of intellectual prostitutes, courageous in their timidity, devoted to the vested interests which employ them and willing to attack any myth of the political underground while fleeing in terror at any exposure of the ethnic blanket that tucks them beneath the unpleasant facts they are paid to ignore.

I need to add this info here:

The JIDF Guide to Hostile Facebook Groups

(please disregard the date above, this happened in 2008...we move it around on the site since our enemies often link to it telling people to join the groups which still remain...)

Through the creation of 4 proactive Facebook groups, The JIDF initiated a 35 day campaign urging 5,000 people to report all the following groups. During that time, 106 groups were deleted, impacting 125,290 hate mongering, terror supporting antisemites. The list that follows are the groups which remain. Many more groups crop up daily. At this point, it is impossible for The JIDF to continue listing all the new groups. Significant funds need to be raised in order to effectively fight this problem. Also, Jewish Leadership must coordinate with the management of Facebook to help develop plans to fight this problem. Since Facebook has ignored the thousands of complaints, the media has to do its job to report the problem in order to pressure Facebook to do something and the government should be alerted as to possible terrorist recruiting and activity.


1) Click on the group in question
2) Scroll down to the very bottom left corner
3) Click "report group"
4) Complete, by explaining the "Reason" (ie. attacks individuals or groups, it is a terrorist group, this group promotes violence, this group promotes hatred, and/or this group is for the destruction of Israel, and the USA, etc.)
5) Send!

If you see Arabic and don't understand, or if you'd like to write messages in Arabic, try this tool:

Feel free to find more groups and post them to the discussion area (and please, ONLY IN THE DISCUSSION AREA) and they will be added.

If you click a link and it just goes to your facebook homepage, it means WE HAVE DONE OUR JOB and the group has been deleted!

-where you'll find a letter to copy and paste and a list of email addresss

One cannot "upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make available any content that we deem to be harmful, threatening, unlawful, defamatory, infringing, abusive, inflammatory, harassing, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable"

Also, one cannot "upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make available content that would constitute, encourage or provide instructions for a criminal offense, violate the rights of any party, or that would otherwise create liability or violate any local, state, national or international law;"

So why are these groups able to exist? They have each been reported many times, so Facebook is aware of the problem, but not doing enough.

-please note, this is a list of groups we feel have a significant amount of Jew hatred and/or pro-Terrorist sentiment in them. while sometimes it is glaringly obvious, it might also be a rather subjective thing. therefore, we advise you to visit the groups and make your own decision as to whether or you should report them.

-also, the ones at the top have been remaining the longest and the "new additions" are added to the bottom:

Shi'aa + Sunna = Destroying Israel
ZozZa Moi (Norway) (creator)
Samah Salameh (no network)
Lebanese Angel (Lebanon)
201 members
الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين
(The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine)
AmJad Murad (St. George's School) (creator)
Ghassan Halayka (St. George's School)
89 members
Yaser Arafat
(yes he WAS a terrorist:
Abdulrahman Abdulrahim (United Arab Emirates) (creator)
369 members
Khalid Kaleed Al-Khalilee (Akron) (creator)
290 Members
Yasser Arafat
MohannaD AhmaD (Palestine) (creator)
Owda Ismaill (no network)
Amer Faisal (Romania)
190 members
I love Saddam Hussein
Amina Mohamed (Pakistan) (creator)
Najm Al Arabe (no network)
Elham Moubarak (Lebanon)
Ward Al Baath (Iraq)
168 members
I Support An All Out War Against The Zionist Regime To Liberate Palestine!
Rahim Ibn Abbas (Boston, MA) (creator)
82 members
stop israel groups in FaceBook...We hate israel(countr of criminals) ..!..
Mohammad Mahairie (Jordan) (creator)
91 members
Eliminate Israel From Being - إزالة إسرائيل من الوجود
Abdulkarim Tohmaz (Lebanon) (creator)
2,863 Members
* Heba Hamdy Abo Sef (Egypt)
* Amr Elsayed Mohamed (Egypt)
7,163 members
Friends of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
* Sayed M. Al-Mousawi (BU)
* Greg Sowden (Wilfrid Laurier)
* Hamad Bahrouh (Oklahoma)
380 Members
Sayyid Qutb Appreciation Society :)
(Qutb's call for the destruction of jahili Muslim governments may have roused terrorist jihadis to attack Western countries)
Iman Abdel-Aal (University of Leeds)
126 members
Amjad Bandak (Jordan)
(filled w/ antisemitic rhetoric)
99 members
who ever thinks that israel sucks join this group
"a group to show how many people hate israel"
Ahmed Abu Alasrar (The British International School of Jeddah) (creator)
58 people
Abdallah Raouf (Egypt) (creator)
275 members
(interesting they say, "Our political differences, is our proud, Hamas, PFLP, Fateh" then go on to say something about "coexistence" - how twisted!
* Mahmoud Muna (Uni. Sussex) (creator)
* Iyad Odeh (Manchester Metropolitan University)
222 members
fuck israel its called palastine u retards
(chants of "death to israel, terrorist propaganda, etc)
* Moataz Al-Sabbagh (Manarat Al- Riyadh School)
* Saif El Deeb (Qatar)
2,285 members
Israel get the fuck out of all palastine,syria,lebanon
* Zaid Laham (Ryerson)
435 members
the army of palastine ...jeash al t7reer .. ya flas6enieen join the group
(terror supporting)
Jackson Curtar (no network) (creator)
45 members
palstine 4 ever
Laith Nayef (Palestine) (creator)
280 members
* Aydoğan Özdemir (Armenia)
* Onur E. Kalaniz (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
* Shah Iran (Iceland)
* Alain Aslan (no network)
* Osman Mehmet Gazi (Turkey)
* Gokhan Ismailoglu (Switzerland)
* Nefeli Demetrios (Montreal, QC)
* Radim Ibrahim (no network)
* Ahmed Zezo (Egypt)
237 members
بالروح بالدم نفديك يا فلسطين
"With soul and blood we support you Palestine"
* Roberta Davenport (Berkeley)
* Hend Elomari (Wayne State University)
* Yussuf Salah (UC Irvine)
* Rashad Hararah (UC Davis)
* Summer 'freePalestine' Hararah (UC Davis)
* Lamees Hamada (Orange County, CA)
* Mohammad Hararah (Berkeley)
425 members
PLO-Palestinian Liberation Organisation
* Wissam Abdallah (Australia) (creator)
* Walid A.H. (A. Y. Jackson Secondary School)
* Rajai Abou Khalil (Palestine)
145 members
Fuck Israel
Saad Mohammad (Harry Ainlay Senior High)
339 members
Coalition for the End of Israel
* Ellyn Vranicar (Nazareth Academy)
* Alex Ramirez (St. Benedict High School)
* Donald Gehres (Hillsboro)
162 members
Friends of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
* Sayed M. Al-Mousawi (BU)
* Greg Sowden (Wilfrid Laurier)
* Hamad Bahrouh (Oklahoma)
381 members
Anti Zionist- Pro Life
* Asma Al-Sherri (Oxford High School)
* Momkaa Y
200 members
*this group praises hitler and is in support of the IHR which denies the holocaust
this is a MIRROR of the site listed just before it
Imad Moussa (Italy) (creator)
133 members
Nazi Israel Must Go!
Jamil Anouti (Arizona)
325 members
...I hate Israel....انا بكره اسرائيل....
737 members
We bet we can find 1.000.000 person hate "Israel"
Ahmad H. Baajour (no network) (creator)
110 members
هــل انتــم مــع اســقــاط الـكيــان الصــهيوني ودولــة اسـرائيــل
(translated: Are you with topple the Zionist entity and the State of Israel?)
1,665 members
بدء تاريخ سقوط دولة إسرائيل
5,412 members
How Many People Hate Israel ?
7,882 members
we love islam ...... we hate israel
383 members
383 members
i hate israel
289 members
i hate israel
347 members
We hate israel
259 members
( I HATE ISRAEL ) when there is nothing you can do, at least say a word...
289 members
10 reasons to hate israel
196 members
We hate israel (Shabab Masroof)
197 members
179 members
just Palestinians sooo.. fuck isreal
457 members
74 members
fuck Israel and zionism!
53 members
Tribute to al-Aqsa Martyrs´Brigades
3 members
Petition to Revoke Independence of Rogue State Israel
42 members
I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who want israel to be replacedbyPalestine
46 members
The "Israeli Defence Forces (IDF)" are a TERRORIST organization
187 members
Death to Israel!!!!!!!!!
187 members
No to peace!No to compromise!Just death to Israel!!
179 members
death for israel
93 members
Death to Israel لا لاسرائيل
73 members
People for the Relocation of Israel
33 members
Support Palestine's War Against Terrorism
359 members
1,355 members
Based on the facts....There was no Holocaust
144 members
Jewish Genocide Is The BIGGEST LIE in the world
22 members
****Jewish Holocaust****
(this is another Holocaust denial group)
12 members
42 members
Fuck Zionists
12 members
[for the record, they only give 10 “reasons”]
641 members
Israel Invented Terror
23 members
Haifa Al Fatah - حيفا الفتاة
456 members
Fuck Israel And Their Holocaust Bullshit
10 members
Free Palestine (cause)
Sameer K. Kanal (Washington) (creator)
134,340 members
$5,800 donated
*demanding: West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, right of return, etc. (probably won't be able to get it deleted, but you should know that many of the members in the aforementioned groups for the full destruction of Israel are also in this cause)
i bet i can find 1,000,000 people who hates israel
4,795 members
Hussein Faour (Lebanon) (creator)
أنا بحب الاخوان يا أمن الدولة
"I love you Brotherhood State Security "
(a Muslim Brotherhood group:
Osama Dorra (no network) (creator)
Moaz Abd El-kareem (Egypt)
Israel doesn't exist
Omar Diab (United Arab Emirates)
Abed Alrhman Diab (United Arab Emirates)
1,389 members
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the man!
Syed M. A. Shah (UC Irvine)
373 members
The Muammar Al-Gaddafi Fanclub
Ahmed K Arafa (London) (creator)
67 members
If u Care About GAZA Join
Abdallah Khawaja (Saudi Arabia) (creator)
539 members
We All Die For You Palestine!
Mousa Palestine (Al Maarifa Intl. Private School) (creator)
521 members
Ernst Zundel: Thought Criminal
(Holocaust denial)
Jake Koch (Chicago, IL) (creator)
12 members
_____________________________________________ 4.11.08
If I can't have your land, then you're an anti-semite!! Mordechai Cohen (Israel) (creator)
18 members
United WORLDWIDE AGAINST israeli TERRORISM in Lebanon and Palestine Wissam Sammouri (no network) (creator)
Shadi Bahsoun (Switzerland)
Hiba Fouani (no network) 2,601 members _____________________________________________ 4.11.08 White Nationalism 128 members
Joseph De Maistre (France) (creator) _____________________________________________ 4.11.08
Saskatchewan Aryan Nations Jokull Madhorse (creator)
8 members
_____________________________________________ 4.11.08
Boycott Israeli Apartheid (cause) Hesham Fahim (Waterloo) (creator) United Palestinian Appeal Inc. 6,545 supporters _____________________________________________ 4.11.08
Jonathan Adams (London) (creator)
36 members
_____________________________________________ 4.11.08
Cupcake Lovers Against The Israeli Colonization of Palestine (cause)
The Rebuilding Alliance: A 501(c)3 nonprofit Nora Barrows-Friedman (East Bay, CA) (creator)
247 members _____________________________________________ 4.11.08 Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid (cause)
* Nick Gaines (American School of Paris) (creator)
* Wael Ruba (Uni. Tromsø)
Search for Common Ground: A 501(c)3 nonprofit
156 members _____________________________________________ 4.11.08
People Against The Israeli Apartheid Wall !!! (cause) Palestinians for Peace and Democracy: A 501(c)3 nonprofit
Fareed Kaloo (South Africa) (creator)
83 members
_____________________________________________ 4.11.08
Stop racism and discrimination on Facebook (cause)
Uri Even-Chen (no network) (creator)
41 members
_____________________________________________ 4.11.08 Hezbollah + Iran STAND STRONG (cause)
Ahmad Moussaoui (Detroit, MI) (creator)
1 member
_____________________________________________ 4.11.08
Hezbollah Supporters (cause)
Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation Inc A 501(c)3 nonprofit
**raising money for a terrorist organization on facebook!!!
Ahmad Moussaoui (Detroit, MI) (creator)
Rouba Kamaleddine
312 members
_____________________________________________ 4.13.08
I Don't Hate Jews , I Hate Israel Mohammad AbuZant (United Arab Emirates) (creator)
99 members
_____________________________________________ 4.13.08
I ((L0VE PaLaStInE)) AnD ((I HaTe isreal)).......... Alaa Almadhoun (Saudi Arabia) (creator)
60 members
_____________________________________________ The Castrating Zionists fan group Kesh Fakir (St. Albans High School) (creator)
Alex Coetzee (South Africa)
41 members
_____________________________________________ 4.13.08
For a world without Zionists Fernando Manzur (Chile) (creator)
210 members
_____________________________________________ 4.14.08
Zionism Crime Mohmmad Sehada Hmedat (Egypt) (creator)
7 members
_____________________________________________ 4.14.08
Israel takes up terrorism Mohmmad Sehada Hmedat (Egypt) (creator)
7 members
_____________________________________________ 4.15.08
The World Needs a Fascist Joe Fabiano (Montreal, QC) (creator)
Nando Musano (Montreal, QC)
77 members
4.15.08 White Pride (cause)
Frederic Delaunois (Ecole Européenne de Bruxelles) (creator) 147 members _____________________________________________ 4.15.08
Norton Sigismund (Los Angeles, CA) (creator)
Joseph De Maistre Joel Meyer (Vancouver, BC)
55 members _____________________________________________ 4.15.08
دافع عن العراق "for the Iraqi resistence" (cause)
Lina Mmhmc (Lebanon) (creator)
1,049 members _____________________________________________ 4.15.08
The Ultimate Muslim Warriors (featuring bloody swords!) Shakul Ali (creator)
Yasser Shousha (Egypt)
Jafrin Mumtaz Matin
Raisa Siddiqui (London)
Abu Ameenah
Roni Ahmed (Nike)
Tariq Hanif (Pakistan)
Sabbir Hossain (New York, NY)
HasaN Islam (London)
Ahmed Sammy Hegab (London)
Soheal Malik (Uni. Wolverhampton)
Omar Islam (Al Ain English Speaking School)
Azeem Uddin (London)
Ishaq 'Izzy' Ahmed
Lynn Pearly Wilson (Palestine)
Ahmed Abdelhafid (Monaco)
Asma Begum
Najiyah Beaton (Calgary, AB)
Rayyan AbdusSamad (Toronto, ON)
Saleh Abd' Allah (Bangladesh)
Kalam Mohammed (London)
Afzal Rahman (Bangladesh)
1,047 members _____________________________________________ 4.20.08
سل السيوف والحراب لصد عدوان العلمانية علي النقا
“Sharpening the swords for the Anti-nekab Seculars” ***this group I got from someone in Egypt and had it confirmed by a Jewish friend from Lebanon. It is a terrorist group that bluntly discuss decapitation of infidels, it has been reported many times, yet remains. A friend received a death threat on the wall of this group. * Abu Nour Eddine (Egypt) * Almasry Masry (Egypt) * Muntaha Ahmad (Palestine) * Yousef Adileh (Palestine) * MarYam Ahmed (Lycée Al Horreya) * Maged Hossam (Egypt) 254 members
_____________________________________________ 4.23.08
Attawheed “Islamic Unity Movement”
(a quote from the description: “Cooperation in order to unify efforts for activating jihadist”) Ahmad Min (Utica, NY) (creator)
Abudujana Albaghdadi (Lebanon)
42 members _____________________________________________ 4.23.08
الطلائع الطلاب "Vanguard student" pro-PLO group (PLO still calls for the destruction of Israel)
Al-Tala'e Al-Tollabeyya (Jordan) (creator)
159 members _____________________________________________ 4.23.08
هو الرئيس... عليا الطلاق هو الرئيس Is the President ... High divorce is President
(This group is about Yousef Shaker Mohammed Dahlan, one of the founders of Fatah Youth Movement ) Ahmed Dabbah (Palestine) (creator)
182 members
_____________________________________________ 4.23.08
مؤيدين حركة فتح Fatah supporters Abdallah Hatem (Palestine) (creator)
80 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08
القائد الرمز خليل الوزير -أبو جهاد Commander Khalil al-symbol - Abu Jihad (One of the founders of Fatah, a terrorist organization) Ahmad Alwazir (Palestine) (creator)
Kanan Sourani (Palestine)
Mohammed Alafranji (Palestine)
Yousef Alzaeem (Palestine)
Bassem El-Wazir (Palestine)
Nizar Al Wazir (UMass Dartmouth)
Nidal W (Ryerson)
268members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08 الزعيم الراحل صدام حسين رحمه الله The late leader Saddam Hussein, may God have mercy on him Ashraf Amareen (Jordan)
Zaid Madanat (Jordan)
836 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08 صوت العاصفة فتح "Voice of the storm opening" Rami Zeidan
296 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08 غــــــــزة فتحاوية Gaza containers God
(This group seems to be an argument about whether Fatah or Hamas (both terror organizations) is better for Gaza) Ahmed Hamdouna (Palestine) (creator)
Ihab Rada (Palestine)
Loai Abuaker (Palestine)
William Kareem (Palestine)
Neso Al Shawa Mohammed Hamdouna (Palestine)
102 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08 الاسد صدام حسين Assad Saddam Hussein
(The History of Saddam Hussein) Khadeja Mustafa (Syria)
Asma Al-Kubeisy (Jordan)
Rasha Salman Al-Dulaimi Fadi Khateeb Waleed Al-share (Jordan)
,053 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08
الإخوان المسلمون The Muslim Brotherhood (A terrorist organization)
64 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08
بالوثائق : سلطة فتح = مستنقع من الفساد والعمالة pro-al aqsa martyrs brigade group
13 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08
Ramzi Abu Dayya (Palestine) Alaa Jayousi
424 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08
الرئيس القائد الرمز المعلم الشهيد ياسر عرفات وفتح
President Mwalimu commander symbol and martyr Yasser Arafat's Fatah
32 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08 I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who think 9/11 was an inside job (plenty of antisemtism to be found here) Faisal Yar (Saudi Arabia) (creator) 1,412 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08 The Ultimate Muslim Warriors (celebrating the spread Islam through the sword) * Shakul Ali (creator) * Qaisar Khalil (Pakistan) * Moinul Hussain (London) * Yasser Shousha (Egypt) * Jafrin Mumtaz Matin * Abu Ameenah Roni Ahmed (Nike) * Tariq Hanif (Pakistan) * HasaN Islam (London) * Ahmed Sammy Hegab (London) * Soheal Malik (Uni. Wolverhampton) * Omar Islam (Al Ain English Speaking School) * Azeem Uddin (London) * Ishaq 'Izzy' Ahmed * Lynn Pearly Wilson (Palestine) * Ahmed Abdelhafid (Monaco) * Asma Begum * Najiyah Beaton (Calgary, AB) * Rayyan AbdusSamad (Kitchener, ON) * Saleh Abd' Allah (Bangladesh) * Kalam Mohammed (London) * Afzal Rahman (Bangladesh) 1,943 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08 La Yahood...Free Palestine "No Jews...Free Palestine" Muhammed Lodhi (United Arab Emirates) 44 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08 mujahideen (a group celebrating and advocating Jihad) Yasser Shousha (Egypt) (creator) 117 members _____________________________________________ 4.24.08 Cem Hakkoyu Numune Sabun Yapalım.. (nazi group) Ali Yiğit Yıldırım (Turkey) (creator) 10 members
_____________________________________________ 4.24.08 Israel: Terrorist State Zaid Derka Derka Khatib (Kent State) Mahmoud Khatib (Embry-Riddle) 982 members
_____________________________________________ 4.24.08 Yahudi ve Museviler Domuzdur... (an antisemitic group. need translation. this group praises hitler and is filling up quickly withwell known facebook Jew haters.) Ali Yiğit Yıldırım (Turkey) (creator)
36 members
_____________________________________________ 4.24.08 اســــرائيل هـــذه .... ســــتزول من الوجــــود حتــــماً "Israel .... Will be lost from the presence inevitably " (this group advocates the complete destruction of Israel) * AboAli Hodroj (creator) * Zainab A.leb (Kuwait) * AhmAd Kawtharani * Moe Liban (Lebanon) 889 members
_____________________________________________ 4.24.08 أنصار المهدي (عج) المنتظر "Ansar Al-Mahdi (accelerated) expected" this is a terrorist group in Iraq Jawad Jar (Lebanon) (creator) 266 members
مليون توقيع لإغلاق السفارة الإسرائيلية في ال
"Million signatures to close the Israeli embassy"
Abu Araab (Jordan)
9,241 members

A Norwegian Nazi group
ابو عمار
حركة التحرير الوطني الفلسطيني فتح-- رام الل

* Mayy Rahhal (Palestine)
* Hytham Ibrahem Aqel (Palestine)
* Loai Abuaker (Palestine)

الزعيم الراحل صدام حسين رحمه الله
منظمة الشبيبة الفتحاوية -رام الله
Fateh Youth Org
For a world without Zionists
ذكرى الرئيس الشهيد ياسر عرفات
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611 members
* Husam Othman (United Arab Emirates) (creator)
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(ok, maybe not "so bad", but notice the sword on the flag..that is how Islam has spread)
* Maged Medhat Salah El-din (creator)
* Maged Medhat
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Caucasion Power
Chris Hewitt (Indiana)
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have we heared about israeliz before 1948 ! jews and israel are not related
Mohamed Adnan Lozon (United Arab Emirates)
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Harman, AIPAC, NSA: What did I Know, and When Did I Know It?

Published on Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (
Harman, AIPAC, NSA: What did I Know, and When Did I Know It?

By Jeff Stein, CQ Politics, April 21, 2009

21 Apr 2009 // The tremendous interest [1] in my story [2] yesterday about a 2005 NSA wiretap picking up California Democratic Rep. Jane Harman [3] conversing with a suspected Israeli agent took me by surprise, frankly.

It's always gratifying to find so many people [4] paying attention to things like this when Carrie Prejean [5] is only a click away.

The first thing I want to dispel, though, is the apparently widespread notion that the timing of my story Monday was somehow related to: (1) the upcoming trial of former AIPAC [6] lobbyists Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman; (2) the raging debate over the NSA's warrantless wiretaps, (3) the Justice Department/CIA's torture memos; (4) anything else.

More on that later.

But first, The New York Times [7] weighed in Monday night, confirming my story in all important aspects and moving it forward a notch.

Here's the lede [8] from Neil A. Lewis and Mark Mazzetti:

"One of the leading House Democrats on intelligence matters was overheard on telephone calls intercepted by the National Security Agency agreeing to seek lenient treatment from the Bush administration for two pro-Israel lobbyists who were under investigation for espionage, current and former government officials say."

Note: That's their own sources they're referring to, I guess, not mine, since there's no reference to my own story -- yet.

And they go on, filling in the back story:

"The lawmaker, Representative Jane Harman of California, became the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee after the 2002 election and had ambitions to be its chairwoman when the party gained control of the House in 2006."

Here, it's important to remember that Harman absolutely denied every aspect of my story, calling it a "recycled canard" dredged up by people "who should be ashamed of themselves."

But then Lewis and Mazzetti dug around and found the same thing I did, tapes and all:

"One official who has seen transcripts of several wiretapped calls said she appeared to agree to intercede in exchange for help in persuading party leaders to give her the powerful post," they wrote.

"One of the very few members of Congress with broad access to the most sensitive intelligence information, including aspects of the Bush administration's wiretapping that were disclosed in December 2005, Ms. Harman was inadvertently swept up by N.S.A. eavesdroppers who were listening in on conversations during an investigation, three current or former senior officials said."

Here again, they add: "It is not clear exactly when the wiretaps occurred; they were first reported by Congressional Quarterly [9] on its Web site [10]."

True enough, but it muddies the issue of whether The Times found its own sources, or if it's alluding here to mine. But Lewis and Mazzetti seem to be saying they independently confirmed my reporting.

They reinforce that idea with this:

"The official with access to the transcripts said someone seeking help for the employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a prominent pro-Israel lobbying group, was recorded asking Ms. Harman, a longtime supporter of its efforts, to intervene with the Justice Department. She responded, the official recounted, by saying she would have more influence with a White House official she did not identify."

Now, the "White House official" was new to me. I'd reported that Harman said she would try to persuade lesser Justice Department officials to reduce the charges against Rosen and Weissman, scheduled for trial in June.

Read the rest of The Times story here. [11]

Now comes Foreign Policy's [12] daunting and extremely well-sourced Laura Rozen, who adds important confirmation [13] to a critical background detail in my story.

"A former intelligence official familiar with the matter told Foreign Policy on condition of anonymity Monday that Goss had been asked due to the unavailability of FBI director Robert Mueller to certify a FISA warrant that was seemingly triggered by a captured communication between Harman and someone who was already being surveilled by the U.S. government (presumably, the suspected 'Israeli agent'). Furthermore, the former intelligence official said, longstanding protocol involving the separation of powers required that when intelligence exists that includes a member of Congress, that the heads of the body in which that member sits, in this case, the top Republican and Democratic in the House of Representatives, then House speaker Denny Hastert (R-IL) and minority leader Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA) be informed."

"It's hard, at this point, to know what to make of the allegations," The National Interest's [14] Jacob Heilbrunn writes, understandably, at Huffington Post [15].

"That Harman, who did not become intelligence committee chair, would risk her reputation and career seems implausible. But wackier things have happened in Washington."

Yes indeed, it's been that way since Bill Clinton [16] took a bite of Monica Lewinsky's [17] pizza a dozen years ago.

Wired's Kim Zetter [18] really put her finger on what fascinated me about this story from the beginning.

"Those who have long felt there was a suspicious back story behind Congress's support of the Bush administration's warrantless wiretapping may feel their suspicions are closer to being confirmed this week."

But of the all aggregations of the exploding coverage, the best may belong to Glenn Greenwald [19], the gifted legal analyst over at [20], in my opinion. He and I have had our differences on some national security/civil liberties issues, but to me he's always articulate, thorough and thought-provoking -- one of the best on the Web at dissecting the Bush Justice Department's tortured memos on interrogation limits (or lack thereof), in my opinion.

In Monday's blog Greenwald offered [21] a useful reminder.

"Back in October, 2006, [Time's Tim Burger] reported [22] that the DOJ and FBI were investigating whether Harman and AIPAC 'violated the law in a scheme to get Harman reappointed as the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee' and 'the probe also involves whether, in exchange for the help from AIPAC, Harman agreed to help try to persuade the Administration to go lighter on the AIPAC officials caught up in the ongoing investigation.' So that part has been known since 2006."

He then offers this necessary context, which I only touched on:

"[A]s I've noted many times, Jane Harman, in the wake of the NSA scandal, became probably the most crucial defender of the Bush warrantless eavesdropping program, using her status as 'the ranking Democratic on the House intelligence committee' to repeatedly praise the NSA program as 'essential to U.S. national security' and 'both necessary and legal.' She even went on Meet the Press to defend the program along with GOP Sen. Pat Roberts and Rep. Pete Hoekstra, and she even strongly suggested that the whistleblowers who exposed the lawbreaking and perhaps even the New York Times (but not Bush officials) should be criminally investigated, saying she 'deplored the leak,' that 'it is tragic that a lot of our capability is now across the pages of the newspapers,' and that the whistleblowers were 'despicable.' And Eric Lichtblau himself described how Harman, in 2004, attempted very aggressively to convince him not to write about the NSA program."

In relation to that, The Plum Line's [23] Greg Sargent [24] claimed to find something for one nanosecond that "deals the story a blow."

Sargent called Times editor Bill Keller to ask whether, as I reported, Jane Harman had tried to kill the warrantless wiretapping story.

Good idea, actually.

"Ms. Harman," Keller told [25] Sargent through a spokeswoman, "did not influence my decision. I don't recall that she even spoke to me."

I direct Sargent to this passage [26] in the Times' own story [27] today:

"Bill Keller, the executive editor of The Times, said in a statement Monday that Ms. Harman called Philip Taubman, then the Washington bureau chief of The Times, in October or November of 2004. Mr. Keller said she spoke to Mr. Taubman -- apparently at the request of Gen. Michael V. Hayden, then the director of the National Security Agency -- and urged that The Times not publish the article. "She did not speak to me," Mr. Keller said, 'and I don't remember her being a significant factor in my decision.'

But then Lewis and Mazzetti add:

"Shortly before the article was published more than a year later, in December 2005, Mr. Taubman met with a group of Congressional leaders familiar with the eavesdropping program, including Ms. Harman. They all argued that The Times should not publish."

Meanwhile, there seemed to be as much interest in the timing of my story as the facts in it.

Some journalists poked through the entrails and came away certain that my story "surfaced" now to effect the upcoming Rosen-Weissman trial or, for Ron Kampeas at Capital J [28], Harman's dissent on waterboarding.


I was asked about it a couple of times during an online chat [29] Monday at CQ Politics [30].

Claire from Washington DC: Why are your sources coming forward now? There must be some reason why they have waited almost three years.


Thanks. I've seen a lot of speculation about that online. The fact is, there is no "timing" to any "leak." No sources "came forward," so to speak. I learned about this quite a while ago and was just recently able to turn my full attention to it. Total coincidence.

Sandy from Brooklyn: Why is all this stuff coming out now?

Me: No special reason. The story was not "planted" on me to influence any other events -- in particular the looming AIPAC trial or things related to the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program. I've known about it for some time but just not been able to pull it together until now for various reasons.

I also discussed this, and other background on my story, on Glenn Greenwald's Podcast [31].

Where does it go from here?

"I think it's safe to say that investigations will be underway shortly," blogger Ataru [32] ventured at the Blog for Democracy [33].

If he means a Justice Department or congressional investigation, I doubt it.

People: Jane Harman is a Democrat. Last time I checked, the White House and Congress were in the hands of the Democrats.

And tell me this: How will the Republicans reopen this can of worms when one of their own wriggling at the bottom is Alberto Gonzales?

They can't.

My CQ colleague David Corn [34] tried to tease something out of White House spokesman Robert Gibbs at Monday's daily feeding.

But alas, Corn wrote [35]:

"Gibbs did not choose me for a query today. Even so, he might have only reiterated some version of the time-to-look-ahead-not-behind mantra the White House has been making much use of lately. Here is yet one more reason--beyond the torture memos and the firings of the US attorneys--for the internal investigators of the Justice Department to focus their attention on the fellow who ran the department for George W. Bush."

But, this being Washington, fear not: Someone will investigate something somehow.

As Corn noted [36]:

"One DC watchdog is calling for an investigation. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington [37] on Monday afternoon requested a congressional ethics inquiry. CREW's [38] executive director, Melanie Sloan, told Mother Jones [39], 'She was willing to use a criminal investigation as a tool just to get a chairmanship. Obviously there's political gamesmanship on Capitol Hill, but it has to end before you get to the Grand Jury store. That's really beyond the pale.'"

CREW announced [40] it had "faxed a request to the Justice Department asking for an investigation of what happened with Gonzales and the initial Harman investigation."

Source URL


Basically, we have here a "representative" for a state in the United States of America who seems to be beholden to a foreign nation.

Does anyone else see a problem here

Friday, April 17, 2009

How Hemp Was Outlawed

Another gem from Travis Kelly:

How Hemp was outlawed

Before 1931, Harry Anslinger was Assistant Commissioner for Prohibition. He represented a large group of law-enforcement personnel facing lack of work after the Repeal. In 1931, he was appointed by Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon to Direct the new Federal Bureau of Narcotics. He also happened to be married to one of Mellon’s close relatives. Mellon also had another significant position -- he owned the Mellon Bank, one of the nation’s largest, with significant interest in the fortunes of DuPont, which held patents for cheap wood pulp-acid paper, and on the manufacture of artificial textile fibers from petroleum. Both paper and textile markets were controlled by products derived from Hemp...also known of course as marijuana.

Through the 1930’s, the force leading the fight to get marijuana controlled by the Bureau of Narcotics was the "yellow journalism" of the Hearst papers. When in 1937, Anslinger led the crusade against pot before Congress, his testimony was almost entirely made up of Hearst news releases which he read aloud in the emotionally-charged style typical of the exaggerated or contrived "news" of yellow journalism. He declared marijuana was the most powerful violence-inducing substance known to mankind, and implied its use (and not desire for social justice) was responsible for the well-known violent tendencies of the Negro and Latin, among whom it was widely consumed. The culmination of the attack was the film "Reefer Madness", which time and experience have revealed to be ludicrous. On the basis of that mentality, however, marijuana was outlawed. DuPont, Mellon, and Hearst in a single move wiped out HEMP, their major competitor in the paper, textiles, and paint industries.

Until then, about 80% of all paper, canvas, rope, and paint depended on hemp, which is still unexcelled for those purposes. (The Declaration of Independence, written on hemp linen, is in excellent condition; the anti-hemp laws, written on wood pulp-acid paper, are decaying on the shelves.) Hearst’s cheap newspapers were made possible by DuPont’s acid-rain-producing paper process. DuPont’s petroleum-based fibers and oils enabled them to take over the entire market which had been dominated by hemp. Mellon’s bank, and Anslinger’s tax-funded agency became more wealthy and powerful.

As for the "violence" on which Congress’ action was predicated: when in 1944, the New York City "LaGuardia Marijuana Report" refuted marijuana’s causing violence at all, Anslinger changed his tune. Before Congress in 1948, he said he no longer felt marijuana caused violence -- in fact, quite the opposite. Marijuana was even more dangerous than previously suspected because it caused users to become peaceful. Its growing abuse was a deliberate plot by the communists to weaken the resolve of American youth to fight for their country, turning them all into pacifists. The Committee didn't want to be brought before some other Committee for being soft on commies, so they voted to keep the law on the books.

More hemp for long-lasting paper can be grown on land in a given time than wood pulp trees. Hemp seed is excellent livestock feed. Hempseed oil is excellent paint base. Hemp is persecuted to raise the value of certain stocks and natural resource holdings. Let us end the persecution of Hemp; end dependence on petroleum for inferior non-biodegradable textiles; end the destruction of American forest for inferior acid-pulp newspaper. Re-legalize Hemp!

James Nathan Post

Travis Kelly Graphics

Editorial & History Cartoons

Cartoons on T-Shirts, Posters, Calendars, Mugs and more

Think about this, and recall our Commander-In-Chief's response to the question of legalization, and it will paint a disturbing picture.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alex Jones on Russian News

Reposted from Brian:

Added a new blog to my list: Let Liberty Ring.

Also, WRH has a LiveLeak video regarding a CVS Pharmacy that was being robbed. What's the big deal about this? The pharmacist had a gun, and the robber ran away with his tail between his legs.

And not one officer available.

Just remember this when the commercials paid for by current NYC mayor Michael R. Bloomberg go live in Virginia. The Second Amendment was designed for exactly this purpose...that you are not fodder for the scumbags and criminals infesting our society.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goodbye, Phil Spector!

I can't believe it.

Phil Spector was found guilty of second-degree murder today.

If you did not see the scenes of the horrific crime, please see this page. The page I linked to does not have the actual pictures presented to the jury...peruse the links at the bottom of the may be physically sickened by them.

At the end, the webmaster conducted a poll. There are some jarring comments, but you'll see that justice was not expected in this trial.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

WTC7 and the British Brainwashing Conspiracy - thanks to Debunking the Debunkers

See Debunking the Debunkers for some more fun.

I just convinced someone of the outrageousness of the claims that "nothing untoward" happened during the events on September 11th, 2001. Just read this entry from ActivistNYC from September 27, 2007.

I don't know what else I need to say to you, dear readers...the BBC and CNN both reported WTC collapsed nearly half an hour before it actually did collapse; there are reports of a simultaneous countdown concurrent with the collapse; many arms of our "Distraction Media" decided not even to report that there were actually THREE collapses that occurred...I simply ask this...DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and take the time to watch the video uncritically. Watch it more than once...but on the second watch...take the time to think about the questions posed that challenge the "official" explanations offered for the occurrences.

Did Barry Jennings LIE when he stated that he saw "dead bodies" within WTC7?

Who gave CNN and the BBC the press release that stated that WTC7 had collapsed almost a half an hour before it actually did? And why didn't the BBC explain that there had been an error?

Why did the BBC claim that it LOST THE MOST IMPORTANT FOOTAGE IN THE LAST DECADE? And why, when it was found last year, was it attributed to an IMPOSSIBLE FILING ERROR?!?

There are plenty more questions...but I'll leave you with this - the footage of the events of September 11th, 2001, when it was "recovered", was said to been have MISFILED in the archives for September 11th, 2002.

Let me say it once again...SEPTEMBER 11th, 2002.


See you soon, dear readers.

Found this, thanks to WRH:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1010WINS PsyOp; Where Is The Law That States WE THE PEOPLE Must Pay Taxes?

This morning, 1010WINS ran a story regarding the individual who piloted a Cessna over the US today...they made a huge point of indicating that the individual's nationality was Turkish.

This followed a story about the fellow who purportedly threatened the life of President Obama while on his World Tour...whoa! Not only did he have a fraudulent press pass from Al-Jazeera (thereby invoking a non-status upon its journalistic efforts), he was from TURKEY!

So...not so much, right? Well...this was then followed by an AIRLINE COMMERCIAL...shades of 9/11!

Let's face it...America's currency, the dollar, is in dire straits, and our administration (and more importantly, the scumbags behind the scenes) needs a distraction; Bill Clinton getting hummers just won't do anymore.

In other's tax time! Here's a posting regarding that subject:

From: Wake up America !
Date: Apr 7, 2009 12:39 PM
Subject: $50,000 for you, Just show the law that you must pay taxes...

For the last 2 months I have been trying to make one of my friends happy with $50,000, most people don't make that much in a year. The money is still available.

No shit - $50.000 dollar can be yours just for showing in the constitution, tax code or anywhere else, where it is written that citizens MUST pay taxes. Watch the video and she will tell how. First you must know this reward has been available for years and not one person has been able to prove it. Seems a relatively simple task to make a quick 50K ,doesn't it? Well, what the hell you waiting for? People are murdered these days over a 100 dollars, so imagine what the average person would do for 50k. What does this say for the fact the money has never been claimed?

I challenge you to go get the money!

show any law that makes the average American liable for the income tax, and the IRS cannot show us any law allowing it to take the fruits of our hard labor!!

FOR YEARS we’ve sat meekly by watching the IRS, its DOJ, cronies and sock-puppet courts and federal bureaucrats thumb their noses and chop away at our numbers, punishing any who dare to ask and gagging any who dare to tell the truth about the strict limitations!!

FOR YEARS We’ve seen the IRS grow more arrogant, aggressive and abusive while our elected representatives ignore our demands for true accountability of these public servants!!


Today, hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans have been asking and waiting for the answer and now it’s time for every American to demand that our public servants admit the TRUTH…

Of course, everyone knows there is an income tax, but now it’s time for us to let everyone know the TRUTH:

Making the average American liable for the income tax!

It’s time to stop asking and waiting and START TELLING every American the TRUTH!! America has the right to know it is being mugged by a ruthless and amoral band of lawless bureaucrats while those we have elected and those we have placed on our court benches to protect us merely look away.

It’s time to stop talking about it and START DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

It’s time to stop fearing our own government servants and to RESTORE THE RULE OF LAW!!

For the first time ever, the many groups of Patriots across the country are united into one huge force and for the first time ever their message is the same, ringing out the TRUTH:


Alone we are easy prey for the rogue federal government, but together we are INVINCIBLE and we can and will overwhelm and expose the IRS’s BIG LIE!






see more videos @

This was too good not to repost...

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Truth Regarding The Drug War In Plain English

I'll get right to it.

The United States, according to public sources, spends $44 billion annually to "fight" the drug war.

If, however, drugs were legalized, it is posited that revenues from said drugs will net $33 billion annually.

So...since it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the "Drug War" is an abject failure, why is it being continued?

One word: PROFITS.

Two more words: WHO BENEFITS?

The $44 billion does not disappear into a black hole; these monies are shared between the officials "protecting" us from the scourge of narcotic drug usage, the drug traffickers colluding with said individuals, and our elected "representatives".

The pharmaceutical companies want everyone they can get their hands on to ingest their mind-numbing crap. Their chemical compounds inhibit critical thought; go see Dr. Strangelove if you haven't.

You may wonder why our usually-erudite Commander-In-Chief was tongue-tied over the prospect of legalizing's because his enablers stand to lose a ton of income.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Samizdat (4/4/09) - thanks to Travis Kelly

9/11 Smoking Gun: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 WTC

Dr. Steven E. Jones, co-author of the paper formally published in the peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal writes:

"In short, the paper explodes the official story that “no evidence” exists for explosive/pyrotechnic materials in the WTC buildings." The red/gray chips are the "loaded gun" of 9-11.
What is high-tech explosive/pyrotechnic material in large quantities doing in the WTC dust? Who made tons of this stuff and why? Why have government investigators refused to look for explosive residues in the WTC aftermath?

The peer-review on this paper was grueling, with pages of comments by referees. The tough questions the reviewers raised led to months of further experiments. These studies added much to the paper, including observation and photographs of iron-aluminum rich spheres produced as the material is ignited in a Differential Scanning Calorimeter.

Thermite, and thermate, are compounds used to melt steel, commonly used in building demolitions.


Three new 9/11 Truth organizations launched

Joining other concerned citizens’ groups calling for a new investigation, including Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, and Veterans for 9/11 Truth, are:

Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth:
Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth:
Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth:

We are not alone in our concerns about the validity of the 9/11 Commission Report. A group of 25 senior U.S. intelligence services and law enforcement veterans sent a joint letter to the U.S. Congress expressing similar concerns and their desire for a new investigation. Several very senior CIA veterans have called the 9/11 Commission Report "a cover up" and "a joke" and have called for a new investigation. Several former Republican administration senior appointees have called for a new investigation. Several U.S. State Department veterans have called for a new investigation. And dozens of former senior U.S. military officers have also called for a new investigation.


Summers Received Hundreds Of Thousands In Speaking Fees From TARP Recipients

Barack Obama's chief economic adviser, Larry Summers, received hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees last year from firms that have direct financial interests before the government or are intimately involved in the White House's bank relief programs...

Among the firms that paid Summers large amounts in speaking fees include J.P. Morgan Chase. That bank offered the former Harvard president and Treasury Secretary $67,500 for a February 1, 2008 engagement. It has received $25 billion in government bailout funds.

Citigroup, which has received $50 billion in taxpayer help, paid Summers $45,000 for a speech in March 2008 and another $54,000 for a speech that May.

Goldman Sachs, which has received $10 million in bailout funds, paid Summers $135,000 for a speech on April 16, 2008 and another $67,500 for a speech on June 18, 2008...


Marijuana helps in battle against cancer: study

Friday, April 3, 2009

The main chemical in marijuana appears to aid in the destruction of brain cancer cells, offering hope for future anti-cancer therapies, researchers in Spain wrote in a study released Thursday.

The authors from the Complutense University in Madrid, working with scientists from other universities, found that the active component of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), causes cancer cells to undergo a process called autophagy -- the breakdown that occurs when the cell essentially self-digests....


Britain responds to the "rule of law" nuisance

by Glenn Greenwald

...That's because torture is illegal in Britain, as it is in the United States. But unlike the United States: Britain hasn't completely abandoned the idea that even political officials must be accountable when they commit crimes; their political discourse isn't dominated and infected by the subservient government-defending likes of David Ignatius, Ruth Marcus, David Broder and Stuart Taylor demanding that government officials be free to commit even serious war crimes with total impunity; and they don't have "opposition leaders" who are so afraid of their own shadows and/or so supportive of torture that they remain mute in the face of such allegations. To the contrary, demands for criminal investigations into these episodes of torture (including demands for war crimes investigations from conservatives) span the political spectrum in Britain...


Another ADL "anti-Semite"

The latest addition to the ADL's list of notorious "anti-Semites," joining such carpetfressers as Jimmy Carter and Bill Moyers, is the dean of American editorial cartoonists, Pat Oliphant, for this:

Travis Kelly Graphics

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