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Why Isn't AIPAC Registered As A Foreign Lobby?

We The People were given ample warning...but our representatives did not listen...and now we are on the precipice of a third world war and the possible collapse of the United States as we know it.

You can thank those scumbags who allowed what is obviously a foreign power grab to become an American lobbying organization - though you would be hard-pressed to see any benefit whatsoever to American interests in the document transcribed below:


The Committee carries on a major part of its work through highly specialized subcommittees composed of professionals in specific areas of activity who volunteer their services to the American Zionist Council. It is the subcommittee chairmen who have been instrumental, for the most part, in mobilizing these experts to serve with them to help interpret Israel to the general American public. In addition, the AZC staff carries on a number of activities on its own without benefit of these volunteers.

The Committee plans to operate in the following areas during the 1962-63 budgetary year.

1. Magazines

Cultivation of editors.
Stimulation and placement of suitable articles in the major consumer magazines
Reprinting and distribution of favorable materials which appear in the above publications.
Stimulation of articles in trade and specialized journals.
Liaison with writers resident in Israel via a literary agent in New York for ideas and placement.

2. TV, Radio, Films

The Department arranges for talks and interviews on Radio and TV, and servicing of film requests.
It also cultivates leading personalities in these media.
It encourages networks and stations to create programs revolving around Israel.

3. Christian Religious Groups

Cultivation of key religious leaders and groups.
Setting up Seminars on Israel for Christian clergy.
Stimulating of positive articles in the Protestant and Catholic press.
Counteraction of hostile material in the press.
Reprints and distribution of favorable materials from the church press
Stimulation of suitable articles in the journals of the Jewish religious groups.

4. Academic Circles

Support of the American Association for Middle East Studies.
Support of the Inter-University Committees on Israel.
Cultivation of leaders in the academic community.
Stimulation of "Israel Day" on college campuses.
Cooperation with colleges and universities in setting up of Seminars on the Middle East.
Monitoring and counteraction of material in the campus press.
Stimulating of articles in academic journals.
Guidance to student Zionists and other Jewish students on Arab-Israel issues.
Counteraction of hostile faculty and Arab students.
Preparation of material for elementary and high school faculty.

5. Daily Press

Cultivation of editors.
Stimulation of positive material via syndicated writers, columnists, etc.
Counteraction of hostile material.
Reprinting and distribution of favorable materials.

6. Books

Assistance to publishers in the promotion of worthwhile books.
Promotion of reviews of favorable books.
Distribution of books to public and college libraries.

7. Speakers

The Speakers Bureau will continue to utilize Israelis, American Christians and American Jews on academics, religious, civic and other platforms around the country for positive presentations on Israel.

8. Liaisons with organizations, both on the national and local levels, especially those with an international relations program.
Special liaisons with Negro community.

9. Projects and Issues

Issuance of special material and guidance on controversial issues such as Arab refugees, Syrian-Israel situation, etc.
Programming for special occasions such as Yon Haatznaut, etc.

10. Visitors to Israel

Subsidization to individual public opinion molders to help provide them with an experience in Israel.
Inter-University Committee Study Tour to Israel..
Organize other tours in which public opinion molders will participate.
Provide suitable arrangements in Israel for handling of American visitors.

11. Counteracting the Opposition

The monitoring and counteraction of all activities carried out here by the Arabs, American Friends of the Middle East, and the American Council for Judaism.

12. Miscellaneous

Answering requests for information and providing suitable literature for the many thousands of requests annually received.

* * * *
 Thanks to Greg Bacon for making this document available.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Letter From Members Of Congress (with added translation)

Letter from members of Congress

Dear Secretary Clinton:

We are writing to reaffirm our commitment to the unbreakable bond that exists between our country and the State of Israel and to express to you our deep concern over recent tension. In every important relationship, there will be occasional misunderstandings and conflicts.
 (We are setting up our kneepads - I hope that there's some nice, hard, veiny schvantze coming our way...)
The announcement during Vice President Biden's visit was, as Israel's Prime Minister said in an apology to the United States, "a regrettable incident that was done in all innocence and was hurtful, and which certainly should not have occurred." We are reassured that Prime Minister Netanyahu's commitment to put in place new procedures will ensure that such surprises, however unintended, will not recur. 
(Thanks for the bitch-slapping you gave Joe - he needed some discipline..."all we have to offer is broken glass")
The United States and Israel are close allies whose people share a deep and abiding friendship based on a shared commitment to core values including democracy, human rights and freedom of the press and religion. Our two countries are partners in the fight against terrorism and share an important strategic relationship.
 (One for you, one for me...two for you, one, two for me...)
A strong Israel is an asset to the national security of the United States and brings stability to the Middle East. We are concerned that the highly publicized tensions in the relationship will not advance the interests the U.S. and Israel share. Above all, we must remain focused on the threat posed by the Iranian nuclear weapons program to Middle East peace and stability.

(What the hell is your frickin' problem? Shut your quisling mouths! Remember, those people are your problem...)

From the moment of Israel's creation, successive U.S. administrations have appreciated the special bond between the U.S. and Israel.
(From the moment of Israel's creation, successive whores have bellied up to the trough and bared their sphincters for a song...and they paid for it all! This is like going to New York Dolls and getting comped funny money for the full bang session! What a deal! (Let me state that I haven't any knowledge of any such things going on at New York Dolls - but one can hope.))

For decades, strong, bipartisan Congressional support for Israel, including security assistance and other important measures, have been eloquent testimony to our commitment to Israel's security, which remains unswerving.
(Don't twitch so much - I can't get balls deep if you keep doing that!)
It is the very strength of this relationship that has, in fact, made Arab-Israeli peace agreements possible, both because it convinced those who sought Israel's destruction to abandon any such hope and because it gave successive Israeli governments the confidence to take calculated risks for peace.
(We're gonna keep repeating that lie of "those people" seeking Israel's destruction like a retarded mantra - and how do you like the joke of "calculated risks for peace", while we use infants to detect mines? Hahahahahaha! Dumb Goyim!)

In its declaration of independence 62 years ago, Israel declared: "We extend our hand to all neighboring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighborliness, and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land."
(What's in the other hand I'm holding behind my back? Oh, don't concern your little brain with all that bother...oh, he's a strong young boy...he has a PhD? He'll make a fine ditchdigger...)
In the decades since, despite constantly having to defend itself from attack, Israel has repeatedly made good on that pledge by offering to undertake painful risks to reach peace with its neighbors.
(Despite us attacking each and every nation in our vicinity, and committing false-flags like a fat guy fills his plate at an all-you-can-eat buffet, you should understand that all we want is peace - a piece of Iran, a piece of Afghanistan, a piece of Egypt, etc...)

Our valuable bilateral relationship with Israel needs and deserves constant reinforcement. 
(Deeper, please - I can still breathe - where's Ron Jeremy with the baker's dozen when you need him?)
As the Vice-President said during his recent visit to Israel: "Progress occurs in the Middle East when everyone knows there is simply no space between the U.S. and Israel when it comes to security, none. No space." 

(Especially in my tuchis - but here...try some AstroGlide - I'm sure you can fit a couple more inches in there...ahhhh...)
Steadfast American backing has helped lead to Israeli peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. And American involvement continues to be critical to the effort to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians. 
(Hey, c'mon - somebody's kids need to chew the big one - why should they be ours?)

We recognize that, despite the extraordinary closeness between our country and Israel, there will be differences over issues both large and small. 
(We're gonna keep ramming it home, so just bend over and get used to it.)

Our view is that such differences are best resolved quietly, in trust and confidence, as befits longstanding strategic allies. We hope and expect that, with mutual effort and good faith, the United States and Israel will move beyond this disruption quickly, to the lasting benefit of both nations.

(We're gonna keep stealing land and building new settlements, so let's not hear any more about it.)

We believe, as President Obama said, that "Israel's security is paramount" in our Middle East policy and that "it is in U.S. national security interests to assure that Israel's security as an independent Jewish state is maintained." 
(Didn't we write that load of tripe for that uppity mulatto? I guess it's time to release the info nailing members of the U.S. Government who let the events of September 11th, 2001, occur - who'd would've believed that the American public would buy that load of bull nuggets about a CIA asset returning to his Muslim roots and planning the most amazing feat in circumventing the entire gamut of intelligence agencies in the U.S. and committing the largest false-flag attack ever performed in the U.S.?)

In that spirit, we look forward to working with you to achieve the common objectives of the U.S. and Israel, especially regional security and peace. 




(Or, better known as 327 scumbags who should be thrown out of the United States after being tarred, feathered and reamed.)

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How To Fix Congress - WRH Letters Page Submission

Sometimes the letters page at WRH is better than the main page - to wit:
READER: HOW TO FIX CONGRESS!!!! ! A friend sent this along to me. I can't think of a reason to disagree.
I am sending this to virtually everybody on my e-mail list and that includes conservatives, liberals, and everybody in between. Even though we disagree on a number of issues, I count all of you as friends.
My friend, and neighbor wants to promote a "Congressional Reform Act of 2010". It would contain eight provisions, all of which would probably be strongly endorsed by those who drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
I know many of you will say, "this is impossible". Let me remind you, Congress has the lowest approval of any entity in Government, now is the time when Americans will join together to reform Congress - the entity that represents us. We need to get a Senator to introduce this bill in the US Senate, and a Representative to introduce a similar bill in the US House. These people will become American hero's..
A Fellow American
************ ********* ********* *****
Congressional Reform Act of 2010
1. Term Limits: 12 years only, one of the possible options below.
A. Two Six year Senate terms
B. Six Two year House terms
C. One Six year Senate term and three Two Year House terms
Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.
2. No Tenure / No Pension: A congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.
Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.
3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security: All funds in the Congressional retirement fund moves to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, Congress participates with the American people.
Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.
4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan just as all Americans .
Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.
5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI, or 3%.
Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.
6. Congress looses their current health care system, and participates in the same health care system as the American people.
Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.
7. Congress must equally abide in all laws they impose on the American people.
Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.
8. All contracts with past and present congressmen are void effective 1/1/11 . The American people did not make this contract with congressmen, congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.
Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.
If you agree with the above, pass it on to all in your address list. If not, just delete.

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The LOBBY's 1962 Blueprint for Taking over America - Goon Squad

Greg Bacon put out a great posting...this is in answer to those who would call my compatriots and myself some silly names like "anti-Semites" or the like.

I don't believe that it's "anti-Semitic" to point out scumbaggery when I see it - and this posting is the height of scumbaggery. - The Lobby's 1962 Blueprint To Taking Over America.

I also implore you to read this post at Vineyard Of The Saker - Dr. Alan Sabrosky's Interview with Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth.

They Killed Rachel! You Bastards!

No more need be said - Rachel Corrie was MURDERED by a member of the IDF using a Caterpillar bulldozer who ran over her body not once, but twice. Her parents are in Israel attempting to gain justice - all the best to the Corries.

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Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Ex-Director Of Studies, US Army War College: Military Knows Israel/Mossad Staged 9/11 Inside Job With Local Traitors‏

Dear Ladies & Gents,

Please visit http://tinyurl.com/33c9yr  to keep up with some of the significant headlines, from a variety of sources, that are usually censored by the major media but do exist (take the red pill to wake up a la Matrix). We pray for the safet of those who dare to speak out against today's powerful criminal cabal.

Subject: The Military KNOWS Israel/Mossad with traitors within US pulled off 9/11 Attacks

Dr. Alan Sabrosky (partly Jewish himself), former director of studies at the US Army War College says that the military brass now know that Israel and those traitors within our nation committed the 9/11 attack.

One of the brightest minds on the planet, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, comes on board along with co-host Phil Tourney to discuss Dr. Sabrosky’s most recent article “The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism”.

SYNOPSIS - Alan Sabrosky considers the characteristics that differentiate Jewish nationalism from other nationalisms, highlighting in particular its intrinsic extremism, its xenophobia, racism and militarism, its undermining of civic loyalty among its adherents in other countries and its propensity to hatred and racial exclusivity.

The Mystery of Dyatlov Pass‏

I'm a sucker for cold case files and unsolved mysteries, and I've never encountered one more bizarre this -- the Dyatlov Pass incident in Russia, 1959. A group of 9 college students go on a hiking/skiing trip in the Urals -- all found dead in inexplicable circumstances.

SF Chronicle columnist Mark Morford wrote a brief article about it here:

How creepy do you want it?

The famously eerie tale of nine dead Russian hikers, with all the bizarre details you can handle (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2008/02/27/notes022708.DTL#ixzz0ilCDCA7B)

Here are the basic facts:

• The victims’ tent was “cut from the inside”.
• Five in the group exited the tent wearing little or no clothing. Four others were dressed normally.
• There were many internal injuries and broken bones, but little or no external damage was found.
• One person was missing her tongue.
• The victims had a “strange orange tan” and grey hair at their funeral.
• High levels of radiation were found at the scene of the accident and on the victims’ clothes.
• Some of the victims may have been blinded.
• There were “strange orange spheres” in the sky during the time of the Dyatlov pass accident.
This site (http://www.aquiziam.com/dyatlov_pass_answers.html) dispels much of the misinfo grown up around the case, and uses new sources and evidence to disprove the avalanche theory and the secret Soviet weapons testing theory -- the favorite explanations of so-called "skeptics," despite the total lack of evidence for such explanations. This site concludes:

However, these now broadly accepted facts do not diminish the mystery – in a strange way they enhance it. As we have repeatedly said throughout these pages ... Why did nine, experienced and sensible, ski-hikers abandon their tent in such a hurry and in weather conditions that were hostile and almost certain to lead to their deaths? What really happened that night?

For a laugh, and to demonstrate the absurd lengths to which purported "rationalists" will go to shoehorn the inexplicable into their comforting frame of reference, see this account:


The whole "debunking" screed is pretty well debunked by a commentator:


It’s very funny how people with zero knowledge about the living conditions in USSR at that time (almost 50 years ago) and the weather and terrain specifics of the northern Urals can make some assumptions and prove or disprove theories. I was born in Sverdlovsk and graduated from the same Urals Polytechnic College as all the nine from the Dyatlov’s group so IMHO can shed some light on the questionable facts.

The temperature on February 1, 1959 was minus 21 -25 C (about minus 10-12 F) with winds on the top of the mountain up to 15 m/s (45 ft/s). Nobody in the sound mind would venture to go outside undressed in this kind of weather expecting “to survive for a time outside the tent” … “if it was bearable”. They just acted in panic with no logical reasoning and no expectations, like people jumping down from the WTC didn’t really expect to stay alive.

There were no bruises and breaks in the skin of the injured except unremarkable cuts and scratches, but the injuries were massive: one girl had 12 (!!!) ribs broken on left and right sides. These injuries can’t be explained by a mere fall on the snow or even a force of explosion as there were no broken limbs and signs of hematomas. The girl with the missing tongue could not have “bitten it off due to the panic” since not only the tongue but the entire oral cavity lining was missing as it was torn off.

Even more hilarious for me was reading the comments. Darling Sarah H, they didn’t have Coleman-type gas lanterns with thorium mantles in Russia in 1959. They didn’t have any camping gas lanterns, period. They didn’t have sleeping bags, camping pads as well as other essential camping gear. The tent was self-made sewn from 2 old smaller tents. The Dyatlov’s slept on the empty rucksacks wrapped themselves in the wool blankets. They only had one flashlight and used it sparingly to save the battery. It was later found on the tent’s roof left in the switched-on position as if somebody tried to mark the tent’s location.

As for answering the question why the investigators even checked the radioactive contamination of the bodies in the first place one has to be in the state of mind of policemen in the midst of the cold war hysteria in Urals, where every city had secret weaponry manufactures.

The case is very similar to the famous Mary Celeste mystery (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Celeste), which I consider solved by a brilliant piece of sleuthing and deduction by author Brian Hicks (http://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Ship-Mysterious-Celeste-Missing/dp/0345466659/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1269131130&sr=8-2), without resort to any "paranormal" explanations. Dyatlov Pass, however, still defies any plausible explanation.

The party before the incident:
Memorial to the lost party in the Urals
For those interested in this most bizarre mystery, this page has a timeline of events and chart showing the victims' locations and determination of death (the most baffling element of the tragedy), along with a good narrative and exploration of the various theories on page 2.
This Fortean Times page also has a good narrative, with some additional information:
Many people gravitate toward "paranormal" explanations for such events that defy "normal" explanation. While I am convinced of the reality of much paranormal phenomena, those solutions should be excluded until all else fails. The Mary Celeste mystery is a case in point -- a much more mundane, though equally horrifying solution was proposed by author Brian Hicks -- one that accounts for ALL of the known evidence and anomalies, which any theory must do.
Mystery finally solved, at least to my satisfaction -- after over 100 years of troubled speculation.
In the Dyatlov case, many have pointed to the radiation contamination, and the eyewitness accounts of "glowing orbs" in the sky as evidence of a UFO event, prompting the "skeptics" to launch attacks and ride roughshod over facts construed as indicative of otherworldly agency.
Although "UFO" has become synonymous with "aliens in flying saucers" in popular parlance, it means only "Unidentified Flying Object," which could include many things, both natural (Earth Lights and ball lightning) and man-made. There is considerable evidence that some governments have been experimenting with novel propulsion systems in "deep black" projects since the end of WWII, when Nazi scientists first produced experimental saucer-shaped aircraft -- yes, "anti-gravity" craft, that might account for many UFO sightings.
Another factor proposed to explain the anomalous injuries, as well as the party's seeming disorientation and terror: infrasound, produced by both natural and artificial processes:

This site notes:
"Acoustic Bullets. High power, very low frequency waves emitted from one to two meter antenna dishes. Results in blunt object trauma from waves generated in front of the target. Effects range from discomfort to death. A Russian device that can propel a 10-hertz sonic bullet the size of a baseball hundreds of yards is thought to exist. Proposed fixed site defense. Also known as sonic bullets."
Families of the Dyatlov victims have established a foundation and are prodding the Russian government to re-investigate the case and release any documents that might still be classified.

Travis Kelly Graphics

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ObamaCare Has Passed; Why Did WE THE PEOPLE NOT Hear About This Flight On 9/11

So...ObamaCare was passed by a margin of three votes. Be assured that I will not vote for a single individual who was a part of passing this crap.

Please tell me why, if all flights were grounded at 9:45 Am on September 11th, 2001, this flight was allowed to occur.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Norwegian State Television Presents 9/11 Truth (English subtitles) (updated)

Dear readers...you must see this video.

My comments as of this writing have yet to be moderated - this is the second of the comments submitted:

I got a chance to watch the video - excellent work by Dr. Harrit and Griffin.

For over eight and a half years, I have suffered fools attempting to convince me that the buildings came down due to jet impacts and office/jet fuel fires...the only problem with this is that I am a scientist. While other kids ran around outside, I was learning about the world. One thing I realized early about the world is that certain laws of physics are inviolate.

Jet fuel impacts did NOT bring down WTC buildings 1, 2 or 7

There were two impacts; those impacts had NO EFFECT upon WTC 7

The building s were NOT held together by trusses; the first 47 floors were composed of TONS of steel
The official explanation is absolute garbage, and it is an insult to any thinking human being to be fed that line of bull nuggets.

Regardless of the postings, the video is must-see viewing. I implore you, please read Norwegian State Television Presents - 9/11 Truth, featuring Dr. Niels Harrit and David Ray Griffin.

Adding World For 9/11 Truth to the blogroll - just thought you'd like to know..

Stephen Gowan's Blog

Stephen Gowans is another author I've followed through the years. I just recently located his blog, and it's going into the blogroll.

Do yourself a favor and check out his writings.

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Niels Harrit Versus A Troll

I had the comments section open to Liberal White Boy's Posting on Lucky Larry, when I noticed a couple of comments by this tard named Albury Smith.

Now it's a flame war, and I'm looking for a blowtorch.

Incidentally, he left a link in a number of his postings (apparently, he will repeat postings like a mental patient - I guess he hasn't read the definition of INSANITY) - this is where he attempts to "debate" Dr. Niels Harrit.

Read it here.

I've a meeting - I'll be back.

Okay...not sure if my comment was accepted - no loss.

I wanted to speak about the so-called "settlement" offered to the first responders who had to sue New York City for assuring them that "the air was safe to breathe" while they inhaled their fellow New Yorkers, dust and every bit of particulate matter permeating the air at Ground Zero. Those affected were offered a paltry $657 million to settle their suits...but I forgot - what about the lawyer's cut?!?

I was going to perform a rough calculation, but Judicial-Inc did it for me:

The Lawyer's Cut

A normal fee arrangement is 33% plus expenses (depositions, discovery, travel, meals, etc) on a $ 1,000,000,000.00 Settlement.

$330 million......... in fees

$ 10 million .........in expenses


$340,000,000.00 is their cut. And it was probably just a negotiation between Kenneth Feinberg and Marc Bern.

So...let's do 33% of $657.000,000:

That gives us roughly $216,810,000 - throw in $65,700,000 (expenses, natch!), and we've got $282,510,000...for two lawyers.

That leaves...oh, about $374,490,000...to divide between 10,000 clients. That's easy...just whack off the four zeros at the end of the original amount. That's right - a little over $35 grand for the people risking their own health, while the LAWYERS get away with the booty.

What's wrong with this story, dear readers?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jesse Ventura Claims Government Involved In 9/11

I understand that this page disappeared from HuffPost - this could be interesting:

Find more videos like this on 12160.org

Former Minnesota governor says Bush administration tied to attacks
TODAY books
updated 9:04 a.m. ET, Tues., March. 9, 2010

In his new book, “American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That the Government Tells Us,” former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura begins an investigative journey to prove that there is more to our national history than the government wants us to know. In this excerpt, he writes about an alleged 9/11 cover-up.

Chapter 12: What really happened on September 11?

The incident: On September 11, 2001, four airplanes were hijacked on American soil and crashed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania.

The official word: The 19 hijackers were all fanatic Muslim terrorists linked to al-Qaeda and its ringleader, Osama bin Laden.

My take: Our government engaged in a massive cover-up of what really happened, including its own ties to the hijackers. Unanswered questions remain about how the towers were brought down, and whether a plane really struck the Pentagon. The Bush Administration either knew about the plan and allowed it to proceed, or they had a hand in it themselves.

I was in my third year as Minnesota’s governor on September 11, 2001. After the devastation of the Pentagon being hit and the Twin Towers falling, I put the National Guard on alert and secured some of our public buildings. The following Sunday morning, we were the first state to hold a memorial for the nearly 3,000 victims. More than 40,000 people showed up on the front lawn of the State Capitol, while a steady rain fell. I’ll never forget Native American shamans beating drums alongside honor guards who represented the police and firefighters and military.

It still chokes me up to think about it. Looking out on hundreds of flags fluttering in the breeze, I remember saying at the end of two hours: “We will promote good against evil. And finally, we will together restore our sense of freedom by conquering this enemy!”

I never wanted to believe anything different than what our government told us about that tragic day. But here is what John Farmer, a Senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission who drafted the original report, has to say in a new book: “At some level of the government, at some point in time ... there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened.”

What more do we need? Are we willing to live with another lie to go with the Warren Report, the Iran-Contra cover-up, and many other “official” stories?

I certainly never expected to think that elements of the Bush Administration were complicit with the enemy. Today, though, I am convinced that some people inside our government knew the attack was going to happen and allowed it to come to pass — because it furthered their political agenda.

I don’t necessarily believe that they orchestrated it themselves, although the door is definitely open to that. I say this after expending many hours researching things about the official story that don’t add up, and interviewing a number of witnesses with firsthand knowledge that contradicts what we were told. As a patriotic American, I say this with a heavy heart — and with an outrage that really knows no words. But it’s something we, as a nation, must come to terms with. Otherwise, it could happen again.

From day one, there was something that puzzled me. You had four airplanes being hijacked on the same morning. Maybe the first one snuck by the radar — but the next three? I’d been inside air traffic control, where you’ve got a dozen people watching every plane in their sector. They know what direction all the aircraft are supposed to be going, and here were four planes going directly opposite of their normal flight path. But we’re supposed to believe that no alarm bells went off anywhere, so no fighter jets got scrambled to intercept the planes. Was everybody asleep at the switch? How could the FAA and our air defenses experience such a miserable failure?

I want to tell you a short story about a guy named Charles Lewis, who my writing colleague Dick Russell interviewed recently in Southern California.

Until two months before September 11, Lewis had worked at LAX as the Quality Control Manager for Kiewit Pacific Construction on its Taxiway “C” project. A large part of his duties involved security in the Airport Operations Area, or AOA. There he got to know employees of various agencies — the LA World Airport Police, the LAPD, California Highway Patrol, the FBI, U.S. Customs, and others.

When the 9/11 attacks occurred, Lewis was a deputy inspector for the city of LA during a seismic retrofit of the LA Hilton Towers Hotel, only a few minutes from the airport by car. After making sure the hotel construction crew went home, Lewis rushed over to LAX’s Guard Post 2, because he was one of very few people who knew how to fix certain parts of the new security systems in case any problems developed.

Lewis estimates he arrived at about 6:35 AM (PT — 9:35 AM Eastern), not long after the second plane struck the World Trade Center. As on other days, there was “chatter” on LAX Security walkie-talkies and he could easily hear what they were saying, sometimes both sides of the conversation.

Lewis remembers: “The first thing I noticed was that the guards — and that day they were the LA World Airport Police and the FBI — were very upset and agitated because apparently no one [from FAA] had notified NORAD [North American Aerospace Defense Command]. They were making calls and demanding to know why not. Eventually word came back that NORAD had indeed been notified, but they had been ordered to stand down. Then LAX Security wanted to know who could have made that order. And word came back that it was from the highest level of the White House. Later on, watching television, I knew the order didn’t come from Bush because he was reading ‘My Pet Goat’ to the school kids in Florida, so the only other person it could be was Dick Cheney.”

It turns out there were some “war games” taking place that morning. September 11 was the second day of Vigilant Guardian, an exercise of the Joint Chiefs and NORAD that simulated planes being hijacked in the Northeastern United States. Another drill, called Northern Vigilance, had shifted some fighter jets to Canada and Alaska to monitor Russian MIGs flying training missions. This one put “phantoms” on military radar screens that would look real to the participants in the exercise. “We fought many phantoms that day,” Richard Myers of the Joint Chiefs later testified to Congress.

But could the attack have been scheduled intentionally to coincide with those war games? If so, this raises a couple of questions. Either there was a major intelligence leak, whereby the terrorists realized the war games would be a good cover for their operation. Or else some people in the administration knew of the attack ahead of time and let it proceed simultaneously, knowing the confusion this would cause.

Between September 2000 and June 2001, on 67 different occasions fighter jets were sent to intercept aircraft that had lost radio contact or their transponder signal or were flying off course, usually within ten minutes of any sign of a problem. (Contrary to what some people think, presidential approval wasn’t needed to intercept or even shoot down an aircraft.) Then, on June 1, 2001, the existing hijacking response procedures were changed to require approval by the secretary of defense before responding to a situation with lethal force. And when the call came into the Pentagon on 9/11, nobody answered the phone!

The stand-down order that Charles Lewis heard about was confirmed by none other than Norman Mineta, transportation secretary at the time. According to the 9/11 Commission, Cheney didn’t arrive underground at the PEOC (Presidential Emergency Operations Center) until almost 10 AM. Mineta, however, said the Vice President was already down there when he arrived at about 9:20 AM. Richard Clarke and Cheney’s photographer indicated the same thing. That was before the Pentagon had been hit, and Mineta recalled a young man coming into the PEOC three times to tell Cheney how far out the plane was from Washington. After the third report, according to Mineta, the young fellow asked, “Do the orders still stand?” and Cheney responded, “Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?” The 9/11 Commission chose to ignore Mineta’s testimony and went so far as to remove it from the video archive.

Video: Jesse Ventura tackles ‘American Conspiracies’
Instead, they had Cheney ordering, almost 45 minutes later than Mineta said, the inbound aircraft be shot down. Except, by then, all four planes had already gone down. That was cover-up number one by the 9/11 Commission. Now let’s look at whether it was actually those two planes that were responsible for the falling towers. I was amazed, watching the 2007 version of the documentary Loose Change (which I urge everyone to see), at the many firefighters and other eyewitnesses who talked about a whole series of explosions before and during the collapse of the buildings. All of this was reported on the news at the time. Before the South Tower collapsed, video footage clearly shows sizable amounts of white smoke starting to pour out of the base. There was described a “giant rolling ball of flame” that came up from street level; an elevator that exploded on the 65th floor as someone stood beside it; a woman on the 49th floor seeing people with burns and broken arms in the stairwells. “For every window in the lobby to be exploding ... it wasn’t from the jet fuel, no way,” according to one of the witnesses. And a whole lot more that did not jive with any plane striking the building. Barry Jennings, the city’s emergency coordinator, was at the scene before and after the building collapses. Jennings puts it out there plainly: “I know what I heard. I heard explosions.”

For my TV show, I interviewed a witness named William Rodriguez, a janitor who happened to have a master key and rescued many people and got honored at the White House as a national hero. He says that shortly before American Airlines Flight 11 struck the North Tower at 8:46 AM, an explosion simultaneously rocked the building so hard “it pushed us up.” Rodriguez later testified behind closed doors to the 9/11 Commission, but his name was never mentioned in the report. Rodriguez also gave the commission and the FBI a list of fourteen people who’d been with him, but not a single one was ever contacted. He produced his boss for us, who looked me right in the eye and in essence told me the same story. What’s happened to Rodriguez today? He’s on the no-fly list. A guy who went back in to save people, with no regard for his own life! When he goes somewhere, he’s pulled out of the line, interrogated, harassed. All because, I guess, he didn’t give the “proper testimony” they wanted.

Some people have argued that the twin towers went down, within a half hour of one another, because of the way they were constructed. Well, those 425,000 cubic yards of concrete and 200,000 tons of steel were designed to hold up against a Boeing 707, the largest plane built at the time the towers were completed in 1973. Analysis had shown that a 707 traveling at 600 miles an hour (and those had four engines) would not cause major damage. The twin-engine Boeing 757s that hit on 9/11 were going 440 and 550 miles an hour.

Still, we are told that a molten, highly intense fuel mixture from the planes brought down these two steel-framed skyscrapers. Keep in mind that no other such skyscraper in history had ever been known to collapse completely due to fire damage. So could it actually have been the result of a controlled demolition from inside the buildings? I don’t claim expertise about this, but I did work four years as part of the navy’s underwater demolition teams, where we were trained to blow things to hell and high water. And my staff talked at some length with a prominent physicist, Steven E. Jones, who says that a “gravity driven collapse” without demolition charges defies the laws of physics. These buildings fell, at nearly the rate of free-fall, straight down into their own footprint, in approximately ten seconds. An object dropped from the roof of the 110-story-tall towers would reach the ground in about 9.2 seconds. Then there’s the fact that steel beams that weighed as much as 200,000 pounds got tossed laterally as far as 500 feet.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) started its investigation on August 21, 2002. When their 10,000-page-long report came out three years later, the spokesman said there was no evidence to suggest a controlled demolition. But Steven E. Jones also says that molten metal found underground weeks later is proof that jet fuel couldn’t have been all that was responsible. I visited the site about three weeks after 9/11, with Governor Pataki and my wife, Terry. It didn’t mean anything to me at the time, but they had to suspend digging that day because they were running into heat pockets of huge temperatures. These fires kept burning for more than three months, the longest-burning structure blaze ever. And this was all due to jet fuel? We’re talking molten metal more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Probably the most conclusive evidence about a controlled demolition is a research paper (two years, nine authors) published in the peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal, in April 2009. In studying dust samples from the site, these scientists found chips of nano-thermite, which is a high-tech incendiary/explosive. Here’s what the paper’s lead author, Dr. Niels Harrit of the University of Copenhagen’s chemistry department, had to say about the explosive that he’s convinced brought down the Twin Towers and the nearby Building 7:

“Thermite itself dates back to 1893. It is a mixture of aluminum and rust-powder, which react to create intense heat. The reaction produces iron, heated to 2500 degrees Centigrade. This can be used to do welding.

It can also be used to melt other iron. So in nano-thermite, this powder from 1893 is reduced to tiny particles, perfectly mixed. When these react, the intense heat develops much more quickly. Nano-thermite can be mixed with additives to give off intense heat, or serve as a very effective explosive. It contains more energy than dynamite, and can be used as rocket fuel.”

Richard Gage is one of hundreds of credentialed architects and structural engineers who have put their careers on the line to point out the detailed anomalies and many implications of controlled demolition in the building collapses. As he puts it bluntly: “Once you get to the science, it’s indisputable.”

So what happened to the steel debris from the World Trade Center that might have backed this up? Well, for the most part it was shipped overseas. The removal by four companies contracted by the city was carefully controlled and monitored. The building assessment performance team wasn’t allowed to take samples. One firefighter I spoke with, who got dug out of the rubble on 9/11, said: “The one thing that always troubled me is, why were they in such a hurry to remove all the evidence? Why did they take away everything from the site as fast and expediently as possible?”

I tried to talk to someone from the 9/11 Commission, but got turned down multiple times. They simply said, we stand by our report. I also tried to speak with Mayor Giuliani, but he refused also. We recently learned, through the D.A. of Manhattan’s testimony in a court case, that the city of New York did nothing to investigate 9/11. That tells me Giuliani was nothing but a straw man. Why is he paraded around as this big hero when he really had nothing to do with it, other than be a figurehead?

Excerpted from “American Conspiracies” by Jesse Ventura. Copyright (c) 2010, reprinted with permission from Skyhorse Publishing.

© 2010 MSNBC Interactive

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fun Time, Or, Detriot Is The Short Road To Hell

I'm not serious twenty-four hours a day...I do know how to have fun. Now, to me, fun is seeing idiots choking on their own stupidity. I have my sources of entertainment, and if you're really interested, send a comment my way and I'll fill you in.

This link, however, I'm not going to keep a secret - Another symptom of the problem: Detroit school board President Otis Mathis can't write (seriously!) - I dare you to try and read this without suffering an aneurysm.

An Appeal to Firefighters, Present and Past from a retired FDNY Lieutenant - Fire Fighters For 9/11 Truth

I've been waiting for a firefighter to finally get their dander up and write this...so, without further ado...I present to you, dear readers, Fire Fighters For 9/11 Truth:

An Appeal to Firefighters, Present and Past from a retired FDNY Lieutenant

Fellow Firefighters, A great tragedy befell our community on September 11, 2001, an unprecedented 343 deaths in the line of duty. As horrible as that toll is, if there were a rational explanation for it, we could accept it and mourn. We all understood the risk we accepted when we took the oath of office, that chance might cut short our lives when we placed ourselves in harm’s way in the public’s service. This is what we are paid for and it is our honor. However, in short, the official explanation of the events of that day are not only insufficient, they are fantastic and cannot bear rational examination. We are asked to believe that on that day three structural steel buildings, which have never before in history collapsed because of fire, fell neatly into their basements at the speed of gravity, their concrete reduced to dust. We are asked to believe that jet fuel (kerosene) can melt steel. We are asked to believe that the most sophisticated air defense system in the world, that responded to sixty-eight emergencies in the year prior to 9-11 in less than twenty minutes allowed aircraft to wander about for up to an hour and a half. We are asked to believe that the steel and titanium components of an aircraft that supposedly hit the Pentagon “evaporated”. There is much, much more if anyone cares to look into it. Trade Tower #7 by itself is the “smoking gun”. Not hit by an aircraft, with only a few relatively small fires, it came down in a classic crimp and implosion, going straight into its basement, something only very precise demolition can accomplish, which takes days if not weeks to prepare. The 9-11 Commission didn’t even mention it, and F.E.M.A. actually stated they DIDN’T KNOW WHY IT COLLAPSED AND LEFT IT AT THAT. Brothers, I know that the implications of the above are hard, almost unthinkable, but the official explanation is utter nonsense, and three hundred and forty three murdered brothers are crying out for justice. Demand a genuine investigation into the events of September 11!

-Anton Vodvarka, Lt. FDNY (ret)

Lt. Vodvarka served on FDNY Ladder Co 26, Rescue Co. 3, Rescue Co. 1, Engine Co. 92, Ladder 82 and Ladder 101. He was awarded the Merit Class 1 award, the Prentice Medal.

Please go to the site to donate, to sign the petition or to assist with unearthing the truth behind the events of September 11th, 2001.

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A Challenge - "bet you cant de code my signature"

Urban Moving Systems - does that name ring a bell? If you are at all curious regarding the non-action that We The People have witnessed in regards to the events of September 11th, 2001, that name is etched in the forefront of your memory.

Under The Radar Media posted a terrific piece on the machinations of Dominick Suter and the handful of scumbags whose behaviour during the period in question was none too kosher. Suter, after being questioned by the FBI, absconded to Israel. Supposedly, he's back in the U.S., but I can't imagine that our intelligence agencies would allow a piece of sub-human garbage like Suter to go crawling around our country without facing repercussions, would they...?

So...my post at this page was unanswered for quite some time. This was the state of this posting...until today.

Anonymous said...

I have only one comment........
not enough money. 600 plus would not have suppiled the computers and software to permit micro sequence detonation ..plus cordinate the nano thermite ignition..plus pay some CIA contractor to build the detonator system...sorry ....cannot blame Mossad or Palastine....
condor6 last bird alive from OP40...bet you cant de code my signature..
March 8, 2010 11:27 AM

Let's give it a go, shall we?

Japanese Have Washington Post Running Scared Over 9/11 - David Martin

Dear readers...I present to you another gem from David Martin:

Japanese Have Washington Post Running Scared over 9/11

The issue, as framed by the U.S. ruling elite’s hometown house organ is very simple; a top insider in Japan’s new government has lost his marbles. The Washington Post’s apoplexy over the fact that Councilor Yukihisa Fujita isn’t buying the official version of what happened on September 11, 2001, is well reflected in the two headlines it gave to its March 8, 2010 editorial. First we have the print edition:

Poisonous Thinking in Japan

Has a conspiratorial view of 9/11 taken hold in the ruling party?

Then we have the even more hysterical headline in the electronic version:

A Leading Japanese Politician Espouses a 9/11 Fantasy

The two paragraphs below capture the flavor of The Post’s screed. I have provided some educational assistance for the reader by supplying useful links. Only the last of the six links was in The Post’s original online version.

Fujita's ideas about the attack on the World Trade Center, which he shared with us in a recent interview, are too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion. He questions whether it was really the work of terrorists; suggests that shadowy forces with advance knowledge of the plot played the stock market to profit from it; peddles the fantastic idea that eight of the 19 hijackers are alive and well; and hints that controlled demolition rather than fire or debris may be a more likely explanation for at least the collapse of the building at 7 World Trade Center, which was adjacent to the twin towers.

As with almost any calamity whose scale and scope assume historic proportions, the events of Sept. 11 have spawned a thriving subculture of conspiracy theorists at home and abroad. The only thing novel about Mr. Fujita is that a man so susceptible to the imaginings of the lunatic fringe happens to occupy a notable position in the governing apparatus of a nation that boasts the world's second-largest economy.

The giveaway as to how frantic The Post is over this matter is that they are editorializing before reporting. That Fujita, who as a graduate of Keio University is about as plugged in to Japan’s ruling “old boy” network as it is possible to be, has abandoned the 9/11 sinking ship was not previously even mentioned in The Post or anywhere else in the mainstream U.S. press, to my knowledge.

Now The Post tells us that they have interviewed him, and here we see them running out of the interview screaming like Chicken Little. So where is the interview itself? Shouldn’t we all raise a hue and cry for The Post to print the whole thing so we can decide for ourselves whether Fujita’s "ideas" (conclusions based upon an examination of the evidence?) really "are too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion." The Post can’t claim lack of print space. We’re in the Internet age now. We don’t really need the mainstream media to give us all our opinions pre-chewed and digested.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for The Post to print that interview, no matter how much we might clamor for it. It would be nice if Fujita taped it and publishes it himself.

David Martin
March 8, 2010

An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia

David Martin is a columnist I have followed in the years since my political awakening. He has a fantastic number of postings at his site.

He made me aware of his most recent posting - I recommend that you take some time and read about the horrible policy decisions made by our government. Dear readers, I present to you, An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Attorney Convicted of Voting Seeks Pardon

There are links throughout the article - I recommend that you go to the site to see them all. This is another site that will be added to the blogroll.

As you may have heard, things have not been going so well for New York Governor David Paterson, who has announced he will not run for another term. Another scandal has since come to light (although considering what the previous governor was up to, calling this a "scandal" may be a stretch), leading to speculation that Paterson may resign. Here's something decent he could do between now and then: pardon John O'Hara.

John O'Hara is a New York attorney and political activist who was disbarred in 1997 after he was convicted of voting in an election district in which he did not "reside." Apparently, civil challenges to residency under the state's Election Law are common, but criminal prosecutions are rare. Very rare. As in, there have only been three, ever, and one of those was Susan B. Anthony, prosecuted in 1873 for the heinous crime of Voting While Female. You might have thought there were enough serious crimes in any given borough every year to keep each district attorney fully employed, but the Brooklyn DA found time to put O'Hara on trial three separate times for voting from the wrong address.

If that seems a little odd to you, you are not alone. People who have investigated this prosecution -- including the author of this Harper's Magazine article, and the bar committee that recently recommended reinstating O'Hara's license, have concluded that it was politically motivated. One of the many fun facts about this is that the DA who prosecuted O'Hara, Charles Hynes, turned out to be violating the same law at the time. Somehow, he neglected to prosecute himself for that.

The law involved defines "residency" as "that place where a person maintains a fixed, permanent and principal home and to which he, wherever temporarily located, always intends to return." N.Y. Election Law § 1-104(22). But that hasn't been construed literally by courts, which have held that if someone has more than one "residence," he or she can pick one for voting purposes so long as they have "legitimate, significant and continuing attachments" to that location. Ferguson v. McNab, 60 N.Y.2d 598, 600 (1983). Even that has been pretty damn flexible. One civil case was dismissed although the voter in question could remember having visited his voting address maybe once in seven years.

By contrast, O'Hara had lived in the same neighborhood his whole life, had managed successful political campaigns there and had run for public office several times. And he didn't leave the district, the district left him, as a result of redistricting in 1992. He re-registered to vote using an address on 47th Street, which he said was a basement apartment in a building owned by his ex-girlfriend. He has never tried to conceal the fact that he did this so he could continue to work and run in campaigns in the district. And under the law, at least as interpreted by courts, he should have been entitled to do that.

I realize that if this were the opening scene of an episode of "Law and Order," you might click over to the History Channel and watch something about Nostradamus. There is no dead body at the end of this scene, but only because it's hard to draw chalk outlines around due process. So keep reading.

In 1996, O'Hara was suddenly indicted. Coincidentally, at the time he was challenging an incumbent politician linked to the DA. Although, again, there had been only two other prosecutions under this law, ever, O'Hara was charged with seven felonies and was tried three separate times (short history: trial, conviction, reversal, retrial, hung jury, retrial) for the heinous address violations described. Ultimately, he was convicted, and that was later upheld in a decision that prompted a strong dissent. People v. O'Hara, 96 N.Y.2d 378 (2001). Without getting into all the details, the third jury was given a confusing instruction on residency that included both legal standards, and it seems very likely that this was a prejudicial error. But the majority did not agree, or at least it found some arguments had been waived.

Even assuming that final decision was right for technical reasons, the question remains why O’Hara was prosecuted at all. In his article for Harper's, Christopher Ketcham wrote that he had little doubt it was politically motivated retaliation, and the bar committee that looked into the case in 2009 decided that was probably accurate. It voted 25-0 to recommend his license be reinstated, and a court agreed. So, after 12 years, O'Hara can now practice law again, but is still, technically, a felon.

Slick Rick in 2005_ Getty Images This is where Governor Paterson comes in, or ought to. O'Hara has filed a petition asking for a pardon, which is something that outgoing executives are known for granting, because they can. And now that Paterson may be outgoing sooner than expected, this seems like a good time to bring it up again. O'Hara has pointed out that Paterson has granted a full pardon to Ricky Walters (right), a.k.a "Slick Rick," a.k.a., Guy Who Shot Two People and spent six years in prison for attempted murder. If Slick Rick deserves a pardon, doesn't convicted voter John O'Hara? (Who, by the way, should get some extra credit for not going around wearing an eye patch.)

If you want to help out, you can go here to sign an e-petition supporting the pardon request. Go here to read a personal message of support from Chris Noth, who you all know from "Law and Order" and who 51% of you know from "Sex and the City." If you sign up, ladies, Chris will personally come over and rub your feet. No, he won’t, but you should sign anyway.

Link: Free John O'Hara
Link: NY Daily News (2009)
Link: NY Times (list of articles mentioning the case)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just How Many Closet Queers Do We Have In Government?

I don't read the daily newsrags as a rule; but sometimes, one will be let on a subway or bus seat, and if I'm bored, I'll pick it up. On page 14 of the Daily News, I found this article: Upstate Rep. Quits Race Amid Harass Rumors.

One of the ways our government has been subverted to the whims of foreign nations is by blackmail. You'll recall the case of former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey and Golan Cipel - McGreevey, a married man, carried on a tryst with Cipel, and granted innumerable favours to Cipel. There are many other cases of said behaviour occurring, and this is usually due to our representatives living secret lives while in public office; invariably, those secrets are unearthed, and the personage is compromised into acting against the best interests of those they purport to represent.

Eric Massa took the appropriate steps after his dual lifestyle was revealed...but how about people being true to themselves, and not being hypocrite scumbags? I'll bet that his voting record against alternative lifestyle initiatives displayed the usual "outrage" against such "abhorrent" lifestyle choices.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Family Of Gaza Protester Killed By Bulldozer Putting Israel On Trial

Family of Gaza protester killed by bulldozer putting Israel on trial

Posted on March 3, 2010 at 12:00 PM


OLYMPIA, Wash. - Seven long years after Evergreen College student Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israeli bulldozer, her family is finally getting their day in court.

Corrie was in Gaza protesting Israel's demolition of Palestinian settlements when she was run over by a bulldozer. Her parents, Craig and Cindy Corrie of Olympia, are leaving for Israel tonight in preparation for a trial later this month.

The Corries are pursuing a civil suit against the Israeli government, saying the soldier driving the bulldozer killed their daughter either intentionally or through negligence.

The couple has a human rights attorney from the Middle East, and the trial will be conducted almost entirely in Hebrew. The family does not know how long the trial will last, but they are hopeful justice will prevail for their daughter.

In 2005, the Corries unsuccessfully sued the maker of the bulldozer, Caterpillar, alleging the sale of the equipment to Israel was tantamount to selling a gun to a murderer.

If you'll look at the top of my page, you'll notice that there is a picture - it's not that easy to make out the image, but it is a picture of Rachel standing defiantly before the bulldozer that would eventually, and painfully, take her life.

Best of luck to the Corries.

Foxes To Guard Henhouse - Film At 11


Thursday, February 18th, 2010


by Brad Friedman
for HUSTLER MAGAZINE – March 2010

SIBEL EDMONDS, a former FBI translator, claims that the following government officials have committed what amount to acts of treason. They are lawmakers Dennis Hastert, Bob Livingston, Dan Burton, Roy Blunt, Stephen Solarz and Tom Lantos, as well as at least three members of George W. Bush’s inner circle: Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and Marc Grossman. But is Sibel Edmonds credible?

“Absolutely, she’s credible,” Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) told CBS’s 60 Minutes when he was asked about her in 2002. “The reason I feel she’s very credible is because people within the FBI have corroborated a lot of her story.” Edmonds’s remarkable allegations of bribery, blackmail, infiltration of the U.S. government and the theft of nuclear secrets by foreign allies and enemies alike rocked the Bush Administration. In fact, Bush and company actually prevented Edmonds from telling the American people what she knew—up until now.

John M. Cole, an 18-year veteran of the FBI’s Counterintelligence and Counterespionage departments, revealed the panic of upper-echelon officials when Edmonds originally started talking back in 2002. “Well, the Bureau is gonna have to try to work something out with Sibel,” Cole said an FBI executive assistant told him at the time, “because they don’t want this to go out and become public.”

But they couldn’t “work something out with Sibel” because, it seems, she wasn’t looking to make a deal. Edmonds says she was looking to expose what she believed to be the ugly truth about the infiltration of the U.S. government by foreign spies. They were enabled, Edmonds claimed, by high-ranking U.S. officials and insider moles planted at nuclear weapons facilities around the nation.

“Everybody at headquarters level at the Bureau knew what she was saying was extremely accurate,” Cole said recently. “They were trying to figure out ways of keeping this whole thing quiet because they didn’t want Sibel to come out.”

Her under-oath testimony for the Ohio Election Commission, given in a recent videotaped deposition, is both shocking and horrifying. (Edmonds was the star witness for Congressional candidate David Krikorian in connection with a formal complaint initiated by Representative Jean Schmidt [R-Ohio]. Challenging her in 2008, a Krikorian flyer had accused Schmidt of accepting “blood money” from Turkish interests to help block a House bill recognizing Turkey’s genocide of Armenians in 1915.) The deposition was allowed to proceed by the Obama Administration, which chose not to invoke the draconian and little-known “State Secrets Privilege” to gag her, as the previous administration had done, twice.

Edmonds testified that Congressman Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois), a former Speaker of the House, was involved in “several categories” of corruption on behalf of Turkish agents, according to information she claims to have heard while translating and analyzing FBI counterintelligence wiretaps recorded from 1996 through 2002. She mentioned his “acceptance of large sums of bribery in forms of cash or laundered cash” coupled with the ability “to do certain favors…make certain things happen for… [the] Turkish government’s interest.”

Edmonds also alleged, on the public record, Hastert’s use of a “townhouse that was not his residence for certain not very morally accepted activities” and said that “foreign entities knew about this. In fact, they sometimes participated in some of those…activities in that particular townhouse.”

The allegations against Hastert include accepting some half-million dollars in bribes. While several FBI sources have corroborated Edmonds’s account, the best Hastert’s attorneys could do was offer a nondenial denial to the charges. But the proof, as they say, may be in the post-Congressional pudding. As Edmonds had predicted years earlier, Hastert—who left Congress in 2007—now makes $35,000 a month lobbying his old colleagues as a registered foreign agent for the Turkish government.

Former Congressman Bob Livingston (RLouisiana), who was set to become Speaker prior to Hastert until evidence of a sexual affair was revealed by Larry Flynt, was described in Edmonds’s deposition as having participated in “not very legal activities on behalf of foreign interests” before leaving office in 1999. Afterward, she said, Livingston acted “as a conduit to…further foreign interests, both overtly and covertly,” and also became both a lobbyist and “an operative” representing Turkish interests.

According to Edmonds, Representative Roy Blunt (R-Missouri)—likely to run for a U.S. Senate seat in 2010—was “the recipient of both legally and illegally raised…campaign donations from…Turkish entities.” Edmonds also claimed that hard-right Representative Dan Burton (R-Indiana), who was instrumental in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, carried out “extremely illegal activities” and covert operations that were “against the United States citizens” and “against the United States’ interests.”

Edmonds named allegedly traitorous Democrats too. She said that former New York Congressman Stephen Solarz, now also a lobbyist, “acted as conduit to deliver or launder contributions and other bribe[s, including blackmail] to certain members of Congress.” And, according to Edmonds, the late Congressman Tom Lantos (D-California) was said to have been involved in “not only…bribe[ry], but also…disclosing [the] highest level protected U.S. intelligence and weapons technology information both to Israel and to Turkey [and] other very serious criminal conduct.”

The most overtly salacious of the allegations involved Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois), who is “married with…grown children, but she is bisexual,” according to Edmonds. The FBI whistleblower described how Schakowsky was “hooked” by Turkish agents into having a lesbian “sexual relationship with one of their spies,” and “the entire episodes of their sexual conduct was being filmed because the entire house…was bugged…to be used for certain things that they wanted to request.”

Edmonds noted, however, that she didn’t “know if she [Schakowsky] did anything illegal afterwards” since Edmonds was fired by the FBI before learning what came of that particular setup. The Turks, she said, intended to get at Schakowsky’s husband, lobbyist Robert Creamer, who in April 2006 began serving five months in prison (and 11 months of house arrest) for check-kiting and failing to collect withholding tax.

Schakowsky’s office has vehemently denied the allegations. As head of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation, Schakowsky might be expected to hold hearings on any of the former FBI employee’s revelations but she has not. She has also refused Edmonds’s challenge to take a polygraph test and has not yet sued her for libel, as the whistleblower has challenged her to do.

Edmonds’s most disturbing allegations, however, may be against high-ranking appointed officials in the Bush Administration. Elaborating on testimony she laid out in her sworn deposition, Edmonds told American Conservative magazine’s Phil Giraldi—a 17-year CIA counterterrorism officer—very specific details of alleged traitorous schemes perpetrated by top State and Defense Department officials. As already noted, these included Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and, perhaps most notably, former Deputy Undersecretary of State Marc Grossman, the third-highest-ranking official in the Bush State Department.

Edmonds said that Feith and Wolfowitz were involved in plans to break Iraq into U.S. and British protectorates months prior to 9/11. She also claimed that the duo shared information with Grossman on how to blackmail various officials and that Grossman had accepted cash to help procure and sell nuclear weapons technology to Israel and Turkey—and, from there, on to the foreign black market. There the technology would be purchased by the highest bidder, such as Pakistan, Iran, Libya, North Korea or possibly even al-Qaeda.

Additionally, Edmonds claimed that Grossman, the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey before taking his State Department post, had tipped off Turkish diplomats to the true identity of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson’s front company, Brewster Jennings & Associates, a full three years prior to their being publicly outed by columnist Robert Novak. That in itself, according to George H.W. Bush, would be an act of treason carried out by “the most insidious of traitors.”

Former CIA counterterrorism officer Giraldi summed up Edmonds’s disclosures to me in blunt terms: “This was a massive coordinated espionage effort directed against United States nuclear secrets engineered by foreign agents who successfully corrupted senior government officials and legislators in our Congress. It’s that simple.”

According to a declassified version of a 2005 Department of Justice Inspector General’s report, Sibel Edmonds’s allegations are “credible,” “serious” and “warrant a thorough and careful review by the FBI.”
Perhaps more damningly, the FBI’s John Cole recently confirmed a key element of Edmonds’s claims when he revealed the existence of “the FBI’s decade-long investigation” of the State Department’s Grossman. Edmonds claimed that Grossman was perhaps the top U.S. ringleader for the entire foreign espionage scheme. The probe, Cole added, “ultimately was buried and covered up.”

Cole, who now works as an intelligence contractor for the Air Force, not only finds Edmonds “very credible,” but also confirms the “ongoing and detailed effort by Turkey to develop influence in the United States” through a number of illegal means.

“Turkish individuals would ask for favors—ya know, ‘You help me out, and I’ll help you out’—and basically what would happen is the elected official would either receive money or some kind of gift,” Cole explained. “Or, if it was a government employee, I’ve seen it where after they retired, they get these very lucrative positions with a Turkish company, or whatever the country may be.”

As noted, Hastert now works for Turkey, and Grossman now works for a Turkish company and as a lobbyist—no doubt raking in a pretty penny from both. Hastert and Grossman repeatedly ignored requests to comment on these charges.

The mainstream U.S. media, however, apparently remain uninterested in investigating any of it. Not even after Cole himself called for a “Special Counsel” to investigate and prosecute. So what the hell is going on here?
Giraldi believes that, as with companies such as AIG and GM becoming “too big to fail,” the size and success of this massive national security espionage scandal has simply become too big to bust.

He told me, “You have to look at Marc Grossman being part of a much bigger operation in terms of the Israelis and the Turks obtaining influence over our legislators and over a number of senior government officials at the Pentagon and State Department. Because this thing was so big, and it affected both Democrats and Republicans, I think the U.S. government is terrified of opening up this Pandora’s box.”

Giraldi added, “The people in Congress and in the Justice Department who should be investigating this…and also in the media—because the media is tied hand and foot to government—this is all part of one big, you know, conspiracy, if you want to look at it this way. And, essentially, this is a story that they don’t want to get out.”

So why, exactly, isn’t the media covering Sibel Edmonds, whom the ACLU once described as “the most gagged person in the history of the U.S.,” now that she is finally able to tell her story? It’s a story, after all, that the legendary 1970s whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg has deemed “far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers.”

“If we had an effective mainstream media that was going after this story, that would make it come out,” Giraldi noted. “But we don’t have an effective media.” He then pointed out one more reason for the media’s reluctance to dig into this story: “According to Sibel, Grossman actually bragged that he would get from the Turks the information that they wanted to appear in an article. He would write it up, and he would fax it over to the New York Times, and they would print it just as he had written it under somebody else’s byline.”

Guess we won’t expect any coverage of this scandal from the New York Times, “the paper of record,” any time soon. And if a story isn’t covered by the Times, and thereafter picked up by everybody else, did it really happen? Given the complicity of the media with regard to Sibel Edmonds, it would appear the government never even needed to invoke the “State Secrets Privilege” in the first place.

As of this writing, HUSTLER stands to be the largest, most “corporate” U.S. outlet in which these startling, now-public, on-the-record disclosures have been reported. The moral: Pull off a large enough crime, and it becomes too big to do anything about.

Israeli Mossad Spy Ring - Recovered!

Good day, dear readers!

Remember when I made a posting regarding the MOSSAD? Oopsie...looks like that link got ORWELLIZED. Now...I didn't really think that something would happen to this page, but I had a feeling that this page hit way too close to the mark. So...I backed up the page. So, when I attempted to read the page at a future date, I was greeted with, "Sorry, Charlie - your pagey gone!"

I was prepared. So, without further ado...here is the data from the page, without the images. I may go back and insert them, but they're really just window dressing - the meat is here, dear readers. At the very end are headlines to links - just copy the text and perform a Google search - you'll find the stories if you wish.

Israeli Mossad Spy Ring

This article outlines the presence of a massive Israeli spy ring operating inside the United States, known as the MOSSAD (Hebrew: "HaMossad LeModein Ve Tafkidim Meyuhadim" - translated into English - "Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks").

Their official motto is "By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War."

The Mossad consists of approximately 1,500 to 2,000 personnel, of which 500 are officers. Activities are divided into 8 departments:

1. Operational Planning and Coordination
2. Collection
3. Political Action and Liaison
4. Manpower, Finance, Logistics and Security
5. Training
6. Research
7. Technical Operations
8. Technology

The Mossad has most of its agents here in the United States, where they serve an important role in directing US Middle-Eastern policy. Mossad activity is diverse and it varies from silent operations, like monitoring individuals and organizations, to manipulating journalists, politicians and organizations, to the kidnapping and killing of individuals. Their own more sophisticated version of our NSA and CIA combined!

This is a reprehensible form of gratitude from a minuscule Middle Eastern nation that obtains approximately *10%* of its annual budget from American taxpayers! That translates into well over 'THREE BILLION DOLLARS' PER YEAR! We must end this abuse!

Hard working American taxpayers have been unwittingly sending Israel more than FOUR times what the U. S. space program invested to reach the Moon!! We must stop any further extortion!

What the tiny nation of Israel has done as an expression of their "appreciation" was set up government subsidized telecommunications companies that operate here, in the United States. One of these companies is Amdocs - which ** provides billing and directory assistance for '90%' of the phone companies in the USA!! ** Amdocs' main computer center for billing is actually in Israel and allows those with access to do what intelligence agencies call "traffic analysis" - create a 'picture' of someone's activities based on a pattern of *who* they are calling and *when* they are calling. This intrusive spying is a primary example of privacy invasiveness to the extreme!

Since these criminals have no regard whatsoever for Americans, by eavesdropping on our private conversations, using sophisticated equipment that **WE HAVE PAID FOR**, I have taken the liberty to disclose a little of 'their' personal information, by listing company names, addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, etc., of the main offenders, for Americans to peruse, as a small token of MY *gratitude*, for Israel's disrespectful treatment of our people. I will continue to add to this list, as research uncovers even more about the heinous crimes that they have committed.

OrgName: Amdocs, Inc.
1390 Timberlake Manor Parkway

AdminHandle: INTER18-ARIN
AdminName: Internet Infrastructure
AdminPhone: +972-9-7765555
AdminEmail: inframaster@amdocs.com

TechHandle: YSH3-ARIN
TechName: Shriqui-Meles, Yafit
TechPhone: +972-9-7765117
TechEmail: yafit.shriqui@amdocs.com

Name: Shriqui-Meles, Yafit
Handle: YSH3-ARIN
Company: Amdocs Inc.
Address: Amdocs Israel
Address: Hapnina 8
City: Raanana
StateProv: Israel
PostalCode: 43000
Country: IL
RegDate: 2003-06-17
Updated: 2003-06-17
Phone: +972-9-7765117 (Office)
Phone: +972-9-7762700 (Fax)
Email: yafit.shriqui@amdocs.com

TechHandle: INTER18-ARIN
TechName: Internet Infrastructure
TechPhone: +972-9-7765555
TechEmail: inframaster@amdocs.com

Record expires on 01-May-2010.
Record created on 30-Apr-1995.
Database last updated on 23-Jan-2006 15:24:39 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:


Another Israeli telecom company is Comverse Infosys (now known as Verint Systems Inc.), subcontracts the installation of *AUTOMATIC TAPPING EQUIPMENT WHICH IS BUILT INTO EVERY PHONE SYSTEM IN AMERICA!!* Comverse maintains its own connections to ALL of this phone tapping equipment, insisting that it is "for maintenance purposes only". However, Comverse has been named as the most likely source for leaked information regarding telephone calls by law enforcement that derailed several investigations into not only espionage, but also drug running.

OrgName: Comverse, Inc.
Address: Comverse
Address: 100 Quannapowitt Parkway
City: Wakefield
StateProv: MA
PostalCode: 01880
Country: US

RegDate: 2004-06-18
Updated: 2004-06-18

AbuseHandle: TH754-ARIN
AbuseName: Healey, Tom
AbusePhone: +1-781-224-8313
AbuseEmail: thomas.healey@comverse.com

AbuseHandle: LJG-ARIN
AbuseName: Gardino, Leonard john
AbusePhone: +1-781-224-8312
AbuseEmail: lenny.gardino@comverse.com

AdminHandle: LJG-ARIN
AdminName: Gardino, Leonard john
AdminPhone: +1-781-224-8312
AdminEmail: lenny.gardino@comverse.com

TechHandle: TH754-ARIN
TechName: Healey, Tom
TechPhone: +1-781-224-8313
TechEmail: thomas.healey@comverse.com

TechHandle: LJG-ARIN
TechName: Gardino, Leonard john
TechPhone: +1-781-224-8312
TechEmail: lenny.gardino@comverse.com

Verint Systems Inc.
Shai Lavie
330 South Service Road
Melville, NY 11747
Email: shai.lavie@verintsystems.com

Registrar Name....: REGISTER.COM, INC.
Registrar Whois...: whois.register.com
Registrar Homepage: www.register.com

Domain Name: cominfosys.com

Created on..............: Thu, Dec 17, 1998
Expires on..............: Mon, Dec 17, 2007
Record last updated on..: Fri, Dec 16, 2005

Administrative Contact:
Verint Systems Inc.
Shai Lavie
330 South Service Road
Melville, NY 11747
Phone: 001-631-9629494
Email: shai.lavie@verintsystems.com

Technical Contact:
Verint Systems Inc.
Shai Lavie
330 South Service Road
Melville, NY 11747
Phone: 001-631-9629494
Email: shai.lavie@verintsystems.com

Yet another Israeli telecom company is Odigo - which provides the core message passing system for *ALL Instant Messaging Services*. Two hours before the attacks on the World Trade Towers, Odigo employees received a warning to vacate. Odigo has an office that just happens to be located *two blocks* from the former location of the World Trade Towers!

Domain ID: D7337550-LROR
Domain Name: ODIGO.ORG
Created On: 18-Jun-1999 16:52:04 UTC
Last Updated On: 09-Jan-2006 13:38:31 UTC
Expiration Date: 18-Jun-2008 16:52:43 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar: Network Solutions LLC (R63-LROR)

Registrant ID: 26331511-NSI
Registrant Name: Odigo, Inc
Registrant Organization: Odigo, Inc
Registrant Street1: 11 Broadway, Suite 365
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City: New York City
Registrant State/Province: NY
Registrant Postal Code: 10004
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.21280920
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email: coreye@ODIGO.COM

Admin ID: 26331513-NSI
Admin Name: Ellis Corey
Admin Street1: 11 Broadway suite 365
Admin Street2:
Admin Street3:
Admin City:New York
Admin State/Province: NY
Admin Postal Code: 10004
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.21280920
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Admin Email: coreye@ODIGO.COM

Administrative Contact:
Buchnik, Lavi
11 Broadway Ste 365
11 Broadway, Suite 365
New York, NY 10004
fax: 12128092092

Tech ID: 26331513-NSI
Tech Name: Ellis Corey
Tech Street1: 11 Broadway suite 365
Tech Street2:
Tech Street3:
Tech City: New York
Tech State/Province: NY
Tech Postal Code: 10004
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.21280920
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:
Tech FAX Ext.:
Tech Email: coreye@ODIGO.COM

Technical Contact:
Network Solutions, LLC.
13200 Woodland Park Drive
Herndon, VA 20171-3025
fax: 571-434-4620

Domain servers in listed order:



Record expires on 18-Jun-2006.
Record created on 18-Jun-1999.
Database last updated on 25-Jan-2006 18:11:08 EST.

Now, in a chilling real life version of the plotline from "The Net", it turns out that the majority of the firewalls on US corporate and government computer systems are provided by just one company, Checkpoint Systems, which like Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, and Odigo, is headquartered in Israel.

About Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Check Point Software Technologies
5 Ha’Solelim Street
Tel Aviv 67897, Israel
Tel: +972-3-753 4555

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is the global network security software market share leader and inventor of the patented "Stateful Inspection" technology. Its products are sold worldwide through OEM partners, distributors, VRS, systems and network integrators and Internet Service Providers. The company has its U.S. headquarters in Redwood City, California and international headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

With a market cap of $16.2 billion, Check Point is Israel's biggest company. It is bigger than the country's airline and largest bank combined. In a word, it is Israel's version of Microsoft.

Someone from the 'Israeli Government Network' recently paid a visit to this site. Perhaps they are becoming increasingly concerned that the word is spreading about the deplorable bullying tactics that they are using on innocent American people?

April 16th 2006 09:24:43 PM
IP Address -
Country - Israel
Region - Yerushalayim (jerusalem)
City - Jerusalem
ISP - Israeli Government Network

Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
netname: IL-GOVT-NET descr: Israeli Government Network
country: IL
admin-c: AT979-RIPE
tech-c: TT441-RIPE
mnt-by: GOV-IL-DNS
mnt-lower: GOV-IL-DNS
mnt-routes: AS8867-MNT { ANY }
mnt-routes: AS9116-MNT {^24-24 }
source: RIPE # Filtered

person: Admin Tehila
address: Israel Ministry Of Finance
address: 1 Kaplan st.
address: Jerusalem Israel
phone: +972 2 5317890
fax-no: +972 2 5317801
e-mail: nicadmin@tehila.gov.il

remarks: For ABUSE and security issues please contact
remarks: email: abuse@tehila.gov.il
remarks: or contact CERT.gov.il at report@CERT.gov.il
remarks: phone: +972-2-5317890 (emergencies - Gadi Evron)

nic-hdl: AT979-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered

person: Tech Tehila
address: Israeli Ministry of Finance
address: 1 Kaplan St. , Jerusalem 91008, Israel
phone: +972 2 5317890
fax-no: +972 2 5317801
e-mail: tech@tehila.gov.il

remarks: For ABUSE and security issues please contact
remarks: email: abuse@tehila.gov.il
remarks: or contact CERT.gov.il at report@CERT.gov.il
remarks: phone: +972-2-5317890 (emergencies - Gadi Evron)

nic-hdl: TT441-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered

Information related to ''

origin: AS8867
mnt-by: AS8867-MNT
mnt-routes: AS8867-MNT { ANY }
mnt-routes: AS9116-MNT {^24-24 } source: RIPE # Filtered

There is nothing benign about Israel spying on the United States. When Jonathan Pollard stole our nuclear secrets (which your taxes paid to develop) and sent them to Israel, this soulless nation did not hesitate to trade those secrets to the USSR in exchange for increased emigration quotas.

Billions of our tax dollars have been given to Israel and have paid for a complex telephone tracking and wiretapping system that is capable of eavesdroping on *ANY* telephone call in the US; while impoverished men, women and children continue to sleep in America's alleys and eat out of trash bins!

Even the White House's telephones are subjected to invasive monitoring and eavesdropping, while government officials are "encouraged" to garner expeditious approval for covert Israeli agendas directed by the Mossad.

The Ken Starr report on Whitewater describes how former President Bill Clinton informed Monica Lewinsky that their phone sex conversations had been recorded. At the same time, President Clinton ordered the FBI to stop looking for an Israeli mole known to be *operating inside the White House* itself! What a coincidence!

So here we have this tiny rogue foreign nation with the capability of listening in on any phone calls at will, using sophisticated listening devices which cannot be found, because *they are built into the phone systems themselves*, and using information gleaned from those calls to blackmail Americans into any desired course of action! This is what Ariel Sharon meant when he stated that "We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."

That the information extracted from these phone taps is being used to coerce the behavior of key individuals within the US Government and media is illustrated by the manner in which the government and the media have handled this scandal of the largest spy ring ever uncovered inside the United States, and of phone taps on all of our telephones. They are downplaying it. Actually, burying it is a better word.

Fox News, of all the media whore presstitutes, actually ran the story as a four-part broadcast, and put the story up on its web site. Then, without explanation, Fox News erased the story from their web site and have never mentioned it again. CNN followed by "Orwellizing" their report of the two hour advance warning of the WTC attacks sent to Odigo employees. But far more telling is the admission made by a US Official in part one of the Fox News report that *hard evidence existed* linking the events of 9/11 not to Arab Muslims, but to some of the more than 200 Israeli spies arrested both before and after 9/11, but that this evidence had since become "CLASSIFIED".

Since then, any and all mention of the Israeli spy ring and phone tapping scandal has resulted in a barrage of shrill screams of "hate" and "anti-Semitism" - two of the over-used psychological control devices to attempt to silence discussion on any topic unfavorable to the Middle Eastern nation which runs the spy ring in question!

The story of the uncovering of the largest spy ring ever discovered inside the United States should be the story of the century. That this spy ring helped drug smugglers evade investigators should be a major scandal. That it includes companies able to track and tap into any phone in America, including the White House, should be a cause for celebration, if indeed the US media is looking out for the best interests of the American people. But they are not.

The media is trying to bury this story. They are erasing it from their web sites in a chilling real-life Orwellian re-writing of history. The actions of the filthy US media are those of trying to protect this spy ring and those that the spy ring worked for.

The actions of the US media are those of traitors to the American people.

All 9/11 Airports Serviced By *One* Israeli-Owned Company!

A private security company called ICTS (now known as "I-SEC Technologies B.V.") is owned by an Israeli, Ezra Harel, and is registered in the Netherlands. This company was employed at Charles de Gaulle airport to screen passengers boarding US planes. Most of its personnel are ex-Shin Bet officers. The company covers security at Boston’s Logan airport, where the American Airlines plane came down after flight attendants and passengers overpowered Reid.

The point of the article was that ICTS knew Reid was dangerous, but allowed him on board a flight from Tel Aviv to Paris. Maybe they did and maybe they didn't. But the idea that an Israeli-owned company had inside access to the airport used to launch an abortive terror attack brought to mind the strange message Odigo Systems, another Israeli-owned company, with offices near the World Trade Towers, received that warned of the impending attacks before the hijacked planes had even left the ground.

So, I went back to another story that had surfaced briefly, Hijacker shot passenger on Flight 11, about how at least one hijacker had smuggled a GUN aboard one of the hijacked planes. Even prior to 9-11, getting a gun on board a passenger plane represented a serious lapse of security. I wondered why this story of a gun was being concealed behind talk of box cutters and screwdrivers.

Then I went back to the first article and its mention that ICTS handled security at Logan International Airport, from which two of the 9-11 hijacked planes had departed.

Sure enough, a visit to the ICTS web site confirms that ICTS is in fact an Israeli-owned company and that it sells services to every airport from which the hijacked planes operated, including security, sometimes through wholly owned subsidiaries like Huntleigh USA Corporation.

inetnum: -
netname: Interspace
descr: Interspace Ltd.
country: IL
admin-c: IN26-RIPE
tech-c: EG60-RIPE
mnt-by: EG-INTER
mnt-lower: EG-INTER
mnt-routes: EG-INTER

person: Itzik Nosatzki
address: Rehov Yad Harutzim 19 Netanya
address: Israel
phone: +972 9 8850480
e-mail: i@interspace.net
nic-hdl: IN26-RIPE
mnt-by: EG-INTER

person: Elliot Goldstein
address: Rehov Yad Harutzim 19 Netanya
address: Israel
phone: +972 9 8850480
e-mail: elliot@interspace.net
nic-hdl: EG60-RIPE
mnt-by: EG-INTER

Information related to ''

descr: Interspace
origin: AS21350
mnt-by: EG-INTER
source: RIPE # Filtered


Golan, Ron
17 Naamat Street
Haifa 34670

Domain Name: ICTS.COM

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:

Golan, Ron
17 Naamat Street
Haifa 34670
fax: null

Record expires on 03-Aug-2006.
Record created on 03-Aug-1998.
Database last updated on 19-Feb-2006 15:52:50 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:


It has been suggested that the incredible feat of hijacking four aircraft without a single arrest at the gate would require the resources of a nation-state. This is even more true with the revelation that at least one gun had managed to be aboard a hijacked plane. One company had automatic inside access to all of the airports from which hijacked planes departed on 9-11, and to the airports used by Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. An Israeli company. One that Mossad agents could easily find employment with without the management knowing who they were or what their purpose really was ... but one thing was clear.

By virtue of the Odigo warning, someone knew enough about the planned attacks to warn Odigo *before* the planes had even departed from the airport terminal in Boston - yet they did not call ICTS (the Israeli-owned company responsible for *security* at the airports), which could have stopped the flights from leaving in the first place?!

Think about that one for a while.

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