Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I want to respond to the fucktard who says I need psychotherapy from the Jewish Ritual Murder posting.

Asshole...keep your shitty shock therapy to yourself and your raisin-sized balls. The "Catholic Church" absolves you? Who cares? I see you haven't named any rabbis who decry such evil. What...are they all too busy sucking on bloody baby penis to wave it off? You can eat me, fuckwit. Here's the news: despite over nine years of obfuscation, the truth is coming out, and you fuckers had better start paddling your Neanderthal asses to Israel, or get ready to stretch that neck from the nearest lamppost.

If it was good enough for Mark's good enough for you bastards. By the's clear that he was murdered by one of you bastards. how's this - why not go out on a high note: get some Korans, dressed up as sand niggers, go to some strip clubs, whoop it up...then meet me at Logan Airport. I'll be sure to tell the TSA rapists to leave the K-Y off of the plungers.

We'll have a good old time.

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