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Orwell's Optimism The Deep State, Self-Deception, 9/11, and the Legend of "FBI Maverick" John O'Neill - Essay by Allan Weisbecker

Former FBI Agent and head of security at the WTC Complex John O'Neill was NO HERO. Read this essay - I have only posted the last page:

Orwell's Optimism
The Deep State, Self-Deception, 9/11, and the Legend of
"FBI Maverick" John O'Neill

Essay by Allan Weisbecker

There’s Something About Johnnie (a summation)

As I say at the outset, this essay is meant to do multiple duty. In doing so, however, the practical points made in my deconstruction of the John O’Neill Legend may get lost in the philosophical (might I say 'Orwellian’) shuffle or in my debunking of the false methodologies of inquiry that have led to the dissemination of misinformation. So here is a summation of the evidence/logic presented, and which I believe puts the lie to the misdirection of the John O’Neill Legend:

1. O’Neill’s active participation in the TWA 800 cover up -- the second most horrendous mass murder in U.S. history -- which was likewise second only to the 9/11 cover up in its blatant mendacity and historical implications. Not only is O’Neill’s role prima facie proof positive that he was not 'the real thing’ (however you define it) but it also indicates the degree to which he is ('is’ not 'was’) capable of toeing the deep state line. (I urge the reader to do his/her own research into the TWA 800 affair – a good starting point is Jack Cashill’s film, Silenced. Were it not for 9/11, TWA 800 would still be a deep state misdeeds issue today.)

2. The utter nonsensicalness of the notion that the a non-colluder would be given the opportunity to discover the pre-existing demolition equipment with which the WTC was packed in the three weeks prior to the attacks; it’s also likely that final prep work had to be done and therefore overseen by a colluder. (It’s an oft-made point made by the Truth movement that a Bush sat on the board of the company overseeing WTC security in the years prior to 2001; the idea that the plotters would go from that sort of control – or whatever total control they obviously had -- to the diametric opposite at the last minute is absurd.)

3. The notion that the perpetrators would try to silence O’Neill by assuming he would die in the attacks is equally absurd. A surviving John O’Neill as 'the real thing,’ having witnessed the horror and also obviously having been an intended victim, would have become the first and most fervent 'Truther.’

4. The lack of real intel/information coming from John O’Neill. Unlike true whistleblowers like Cowleen Rowley, Sibel Edmonds, Able Danger’s Anthony Shaffer, and others, in the end O’Neill only dispersed the (non-specific) bin Laden-as-existential-threat misinformation that we now know to be false, and which is an essential tenet of the official story.

5. The lack of evidence that O’Neill carried out the duties he should have on that day, i.e., the evacuation of the complex, helicopter rescue attempts, and so forth.

Murray Weiss, in his kowtow to the Legend, The Man Who Warned America, lists these as the known O’Neill phone calls between the first plane hit and the first tower collapse:

O’Neill called his son J.P. to say that he was okay. According to Weiss,this was the first call O’Neill made from his South Tower office when Flight 11 hit the North Tower.

O’Neill then (at 8:50, likely the next call) took a call from his estranged wife, Christine, assuring her that he was okay. That he took the call and was speaking to her five minutes after the attack had begun tells us that he was not making other calls, or contacting security people, or, for that matter, trying to make a P.A. announcement that everyone should evacuate the WTC complex.

O’Neill called an FBI buddy named Pat Paterson (O’Neill left a message), who figures O’Neill called to say 'I told you so’ – meaning that O’Neill was right in predicting an attack on the WTC. In any event, Paterson could not have helped in O’Neill’s duties that day, so the call was personal.

O’Neill called his girlfriend Valerie James. James says that O’Neill called at 9:17 and expressed concern that he might lose his job. He took the time to describe the carnage he was witnessing

Anna DiBattista, one of O’Neill’s other girlfriends, called O’Neill at 9:29. He took the call and 'could not have sounded calmer’ as he again took the time to describe the carnage he was witnessing. (One can assume that he still wasn’t all that busy.)

O’Neill called an FBI girlfriend named Fran Townsend to tell her he was okay. (That Ms Townsend was still another of O’Neill’s paramours is in subtext in Weiss’s book.

Six calls. All personal. All indicating that O’Neill was not busy doing the things that I would have done, had I been in his circumstances that day.

6. Then there’s good old ex-FBI Agent Mark Rossini (ejected from the Bureau essentially for being a sleazebag), whose words ring in my ear to this day: 'John is a great guy.’

7. A final thought, and this comes under the heading of both instinct and my own experiences with sociopathic personalities: When O’Neill took the WTC security job, he told a good half dozen people words to the effect that bin Laden/al Qaeda would likely strike the towers, and soon.

I believe that John O’Neill was laying groundwork for his status as Legend. As sociopaths are wont to do, he was already reveling in the idea of fooling the world.

It’s our job to set the world straight, and at the very least frustrate that objective . (Hence my anger at the likes of Anti-Iluminati and Jonathon Elinoff, who to this day persist in publicly championing O’Neill misinformation even after I’ve pointed out its nonsensicalness.)

As this essay comes to a close (and assuming you've hung in from the beginning) I try to imagine your state of mind ('you', the personal you)...



Boredom (God forbid)?


My hope is that some percentage of you (the general 'you') will come away with the realization that we are all subject to the same sort of self-deception that Orwell describes as 'doublethink', and that the only defense against it is self-reflection.


Many thanks for your time and attention, the two most valuable things you have to give.

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