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Ironclad, Incontrivertible Proof that President-To-Be Robert Francis Kennedy was MURDERED by Thane Eugene Caesar!

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Robert F. Kennedy

Robert Kennedy Remembered

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Now...let's get into a basic primer of the assassination/murder of Robert F. Kennedy. I was going to cut and paste from information already submitted, but I wish for you, dear readers, to understand the scope of research I have done to gain the understanding that I have regarding the event.

On November 22, 1963, the 35th President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was murdered. The "official" story contends that the killer was a nitwit named Lee Harvey Oswald, who himself was then murdered over the weekend. The "official" account contradicts the laws of physics and common sense; the most notable of which is Senator Arlen Spector's Magic Bullet Theory. But I digress.

This event set in motion the drive for JFK's younger brother, Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy, to next attempt to take the reins of the Presidency. But, unknown to RFK, the faction involved in the death of his brother in 1963 had the same courtesy extended to him: if he was able to obtain a rank in which he was able to request clandestine CIA papers that would prove their involvement in JFK's assassination/murder, RFK, too, would be marked for death.

In 1968, RFK easily secures the Democratic nomination - Camelot is risen again like a phoenix from the flames...alas, but not for long.

Enter Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a Palestinian of no renown. He is accompanied by a "pretty girl with a polka-dot dress".

There is a plan to move RFK through the Ambassador Hotel, but the plans were then abandoned, necessitating a new route through the hotel's labyrinthine halls. RFK and Mrs. Kennedy are attended by Karl Uecker, Rafer Johnson and Rosey Grier, among others. To the rear and right of RFK was a rent-a-guard named Thane Eugene Caesar.

As RFK passed through the pantry, a post-hypnotic keyword was administered to Sirhan. As RFK worked the crowd, Sirhan calmly got into position. All of a sudden, he was heard to exclaim, "Kennedy, you son of a bitch!", and unloaded his weapon, which was identified as an Iver & Johnson revolver, a firearm that holds eight shots on total. At the time of the murder, Jamie Scott Enyart was taking photographs of the event, not realizing the footnote in history he would become. Simutaneously, Thane Eugene Caesar took opportunity of the confusion to unload his .22 pistol into RFK, who then performed what should have been regarded as his ID'ing of his assailant, grabbing and ripping off Thane Eugene Caesar's tie as he lay dying.

Of course, the LAPD did the prudent thing; they never secured Thane Eugene Caesar's gun, which was the only other firearm noted to have been fired within the pantry; instead, they wrested the film from Scott Enyart.

Wishing not to undergo the scrutiny afforded the JFK assassination/murder, Operation: Special Unit Senator (SUS) was enacted.

Some of the things found:
There were too many bullets to account from one gun, so some of the bullets were made to perform physical impossibilities, such as ricocheting off of non-existent structures beyong ceiling tiles, doubling back through wooden partitions, and other feats worthy of the Amazing Randi.

The doorjambs themselves held proof that more than one firearm was used - at first, it was established that what looked to be bullet holes were actually repeated contacts with serving carts. Nice try, dopes - but apparently, even this lame-ass attempt in obfuscation was abandoned, because the doorjambs were then destroyed.

The photographs removed fom Scott Enyart's person were held as unused evidence for 20 years. Scott had to sue to gain the return of said items, but amazingly, a courier sent to return said photos, in inspecting a flat tire, left the windows open and the package containing the photos were removed from the nondescript vehicle.

The "Polka-Dot Girl" left the vicinity of the Ambassador Hotel, exhorting the claim, "We shot him!" to Sandra Serrano, and the Bernsteins. Paul Sharaga issued an APB that was uncharacteristically rescinded shortly after its issuance. The witnesses were then browbeaten by an ex-intelligence agent into recanting their accounts.

All in all, Special Unit: Senator was an abortive attempt to disregard basic physics, much like the "official" story of the occurrences of September 11th, 2001.

The rationale behind the RFK assassination, and its link to the JFK assassination. For the details on that, I recommend the book "Regicide: The Official Assassination of John F. Kennedy," by Gregory Douglas, published by Monte Sano Media (2002), ISBN 1591482976.

a. Key points:

i. JFK and RFK learned that the CIA and Joint Chiefs were planning to drag the U.S. into open hostilities with Cuba by staging false "Cuban aggressions" that would cause "collateral damage" both inside and outside the U.S. (just what we needed; September 11th, only 38 years early!)

ii. JFK opened his own channel of negotiations for a "peaceful coexistence" with the Soviets, and in the process bypassed all CIA, military, and State department channels. In so doing, JFK used RFK to pass selected secret CIA briefing papers to an official at the Soviet Embassy in Washington.

iii. These transactions were recorded by the CIA (of course, since the bloody embassy is bugged up the wazoo), and deemed treasonous by CIA Director John McCone, Deputy Director James Jesus Angleton, and Assistant Deputy Director Robert Trumbull Crowley (pot, kettle). Their reaction was to initiate an operation which removed JFK from office by assassination in 1963. Before implementing the operation, they also secured the approval of key military intelligence leaders and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, J. Edgar Hoover (the evil, cross-dressing bastard).

iv. The same group passed a death sentence on RFK, with the caveat that it would only be exercised if RFK were in position to have accessed to the same level of CIA briefing papers as he did in 1963. In other words, the death sentence would only become active if RFK himself were to become President, or if it looked like he was about to become so. When RFK announced his bid for the Presidency in 1968, the death sentence process was activated.


Avoiding the Cuban Missile Crisis was deemed TREASON. Imagine that.

Thanks, asshats.

Information submitted to WRH's letter's page:

Evidence that would have exonerated Sirhan Sirhan from the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy was available AT HIS TRIAL in 1968, but it was kept from the jury by both prosecutors and defense. This evidence is as follows-

1) ALL witnesses in the crowded kitchen pantry where RFK was shot testified that Sirhan never got within three to six feet of Kennedy and was always in front of the presidential candidate.

2) Sirhan got off TWO shots from his 22 caliber 8-shooter before being wrestled back onto a steam table by several men. The rest of the shots took random paths throughout the pantry as the men tried to dislodge the gun from Sirhan's hand.

3) Kennedy fell backwards, away from Sirhan, the moment the shooting started.

4) The official coroner's report by Thomas Naguchi clearly stipulates that Kennedy was shot FROM BEHIND AND AT POINT BLANK RANGE. The fatal wound was fired into Kennedy's brain from behind his right ear.

5) The only man in a position to inflict this wound was a security guard, Thane Eugene Cesar, who was not even questioned by LAPD. Cesar worked for Ace Security, which was contracted to guard the candidate. Secret Service protection for presidential candidates was not yet federal law(this murder brought it into law). There were no LAPD officers present before Kennedy was shot, also. Cesar reputedly had ties to mafia figures and was known to be a Kennedy hater. He also worked for security at Lockheed Aircraft, a big government contractor.

6) A man and a woman fled the scene after the shooting. Sandra Serrano, who was seated on a fire escape outside the Ambassador Hotel, saw three people(two men and a woman) enter the premises from the fire escape before the shooting. The woman had on a polka dot dress and one of the men she identified as Sirhan Sirhan. After the shooting she saw the other man and the "polka dot dress" woman excitedly exit from the same fire escape, saying that they had "shot him". When Serrano asked who they had shot, they said "Senator Kennedy".

7 The LAPD issued an All-Points Bulletin for these two individuals after talking to Serrano, but this was quickly and inexplicably cancelled as Sirhan was brought to headquarters for booking.

LAPD then proceeded to intimidate witnesses like Serrano into changing their testimony to conform to the official version that Sirhan was a "lone nut" assassin. The SUS(Special Unit Senator) investigative team has members in it with strong ties to the CIA and military intelligence. Physical evidence was also destroyed(panels and door frames with bullet holes in them, as well as hundreds of photos). LAPD called this destruction "routine".

Sirhan did not shoot Kennedy. He acted as a distraction while the real killer pumped bullets into Kennedy from behind. The evidence clearly shows this, but as many of us are aware today, Americans are always being asked to accept the improbable/impossible(like three steel-framed buildings collapsing from fire on 911) and deny the OBVIOUS!
Commentary/response from Michael Rivero from WRH: The tape of LAPD Officer Frank Hernandez trying to browbeat Serrano into changing her story is at This tape alone proves there was a cover-up. The LAPD security surrounding RFK (there was none at the moment of the shooting) and followup investigation were under the control of Daryl Gates, who later on was LAPD Chief of Police. This follows a pattern started during the John F. Kennedy assassination, in which the DPD officer in charge of security for both Kennedy and Oswald later became chief of police depsite losing both his protectees, while Roy Vaughn, the officer accused of allowing Jack Ruby into the basement to kill Oswald, later became chief of police in Midlothean, Texas, where JFK eyewitness Lee Bowers died in a single car accident. sum up:
RFK - dead
Thane Eugene Caesar - sipping Mai Tais in the Phillipines, when he should be someone's prison bitch in Texas
LBJ - spooning with his Secret Service Agents, especially the one who spooned back (Clyde Tolson got tired of J. Edgar wiping his mouth on a blue dress! Yes...I know that J.E. Hoover was the head of the F.B.I.)
Thomas Noguchi - had to sue for his job back, because "bullets do not travel in circles"
Daryl gates - Promoted (!) to Chief of the LAPD after destroying the door jambs that would have conclusively proven the presence of more than one shooter in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel
Sirhan Bishara Sirhan - Manchurian Candidate stupid enough to be tricked into lighting the fuse on himself

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