Monday, March 31, 2008

My Exclusive - The Sean Bell Trial

I have just realized that there's a missing component in the Sean Bell trial. This is the question I have to pose to the officers, if they were truly in fear for their lives:

"If you were truly in fear for your lives in regards to your investigation into the nightclub's possibly illicit activities, where is the police report on the individual who was purported to first have a gun, which precipitated the alleged rush for a gun by Sean Bell and his associates? Does this report exists, and if not, why was this individual not detaned, as Sean Bell and his associates were, when they did not physically possess a firearm, as this individual was purported to have?"

If there isn't a police report on this individual, their whole defense HAS NO MERIT.

I did write to the Queens DA on this very issue - I hope that this is brought up in the cross-examination...or I might get the idea that the prosecutor is attempting to LOSE the case for the People.

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