Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Moment Of Silence (For Nine Years)

I woke up this morning and turned on 1010WINS. The anchors were having a moment of silence to "commemorate" the "strikes" upon the two buildings that formerly held the title of the tallest building(s).

Why do I have the word "strikes" in quotes? I believe that the so-called airplane impacts "officially" noted as the reason for the collapse to WTC buildings 1 and 2 are absolute MISDIRECTION. My posit is that the buildings were razed by some method of controlled demolition, as noted by Van Romero on the very day (only to be half-heartedly recanted ten days later), and as posited by numerous individuals, such as Dr. Niels Harrit, Danny Jowenko, Kevin Ryan, Kevin Barrett, Richard Gage, and Steven Jones, among others; and if one takes it to the next logical step, and posit that the WHOLE of the "official" theory does not hold water, then one must dismiss EVERY FACET of said theory.

So...NO JET PLANE IMPACTS. That means no unnecessary discussion regarding whether jet fuel fires can, in fact, weaken industrial steel to the point of collapse...or, more to the point, ABSOLUTE DISINTEGRATION. That is what we all saw on the morning of September 11th, 2001, isn't it? That was followed by the inexplicable collapse/disintegration of the Saloman Brothers building, more commonly known as WTC 7. Within that building were two things of note: "America's Asshole" Rudolph Giuliani's command center, complete with its own supply of liquid fuel; and the records for numerous investigations highlighting malfeasance of the highest order - those investigations have come to an end, and the perpetrators are free to enjoy their ill-gotten gains.

Our news agencies were actually doing their jobs as human beings during the beginning of the events of September 11th, 2001; you'll note, if you paid attention to the wording of the initial broadcasts, that the word "explosion" was used to describe the events of the morning; William Rodriguez's and Barry Jennings' accounts make a compelling argument for pre-existing conditions within the WTC complex; yet, as the day went by, the word from up above (and by that, I mean the various heads of CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, CNN, BBC, etc.) was that the word "explosion" was NOT to be used to describe the events of the day.

We were regaled with the notion that a "former" CIA asset gone wrong, Tim Osman, had adopted "Islam" and is fomenting "Jihad" against the "Satan United States" as Osama bin Laden.

[Sidenote: I want to mention here that we aren't, I suppose, to reflect upon the fact that, as with the attempted "assassination" attempt upon President Ronald Reagan, where Vice-President George Herbert Walker Bush was having dinner with Hinckley's father, that his son, George Walker Bush was a business associate with the bin Laden family et. al. - nothing to see here...just move along...but I digress.]

Herewith, scant minutes after the beginning of the hugest clusterfuck to occur as of yet on our shores, George Tenet is absolutely convinced that this bin Laden guy is the mastermind of this event. Uh, Georgie...we haven't yet investigated this...oh, wait - you have a VIDEOTAPE? But that's a fat guy! I thought he was on dialysis! Trust you? Well, okay...why would you lie to us, right?

There's more? Four planes were hijacked from Logan Airport? All of the "security" was performed by ICTS? Isn't that an Israeli company? Why the heck are we not using an American company for that? All right, let's forget about that for now...WHAT? A WHAT hit the WHAT? The PENTAGON?!? The nerve center of America's defenses?!? Why does that NOT MAKE ANY BLOODY SENSE?!? Now what? You found some Middle Eastern guys in a white van with boxcutters, cash and explosive residue? YEAH!!! Let's hold those motherfuckers - we'll get some info outta th - wait...they're not the right kind of Middle Easterners? They were doing WHAT? High-fiving while the WTC buildings burned? Somebody get that fat-ass Sharon on the line - WHAT NOW? Netanyahu said WHAT?!? The attack was GOOD?; he meant that it was good for Israel. WTF does that fucking mean? Oh, well, they are the "only democracy in the Middle East", with their Apartheid Wall and all...WHAT NOW?!?! One of the buildings COLLAPSED?!? Geez. come the second one collapsed first? Am I missing something here? the second one? Well, at least we won't see any more of that...

...of course, until 5:20 PM.

I have come to the conclusion that our so-called media watchdogs have been naught but propagandists for the fifth columnists propagated within our government, our representatives and our businesses. I have christened them "Distraction Media", as their aim is to distract us with absolute and utter bullshit; case in point - reality TV. The idea that you can take some asshat, shove a camera in their face and make compelling drama has to be the sounding of the death knell of civilization.

The media went along with the obfuscation of the reasons behind World Wars 1 and 2;

didn't bat an eye when "lone nut assassins" went on to murder President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Robert Francis Kennedy;

went along with the utter lies involved in the attack upon the crew of the U.S.S. Liberty;

hid the truth of the October Surprise; covered up the Iran-Contra scandal, thereby allowing America's Black communities to be submerged in the CIA's newest invention, crack cocaine;

allowed former CIA Director and former Vice-President George H. W. Bush a term as President of the United States, only the very following day admitting that his son Neil Bush was on the Board of Directors of Silverado S & L, allowing Americans to be fleeced of their life savings;

assisted with the coverup of the deaths of Don Henry and Kevin Ives, who unwittingly discovered the drug running in Mena, Arkansas, which would have blown any chance of Arkansas Governor William Jefferson Clinton of gaining the Presidency;

let the obvious murder of Vincent Foster go unchallenged; gave the FBI a pass when they provided REAL EXPLOSIVES to a bunch of idiots who went on to damage the basements of the WTC in 1993; watched as the Weavers were murdered at Ruby Ridge;

applauded the ATF as they murdered women and children at the WACO massacre;

completely divorced yourselves from reality by going along with the retarded story of how Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah Building with a truck bomb, when unexploded devices were removed from the buildings, only to never be heard of again;

made a spectacle of then-President Clinton getting a hummer from a fat chick and blowing in excess of $40 MILLION DOLLARS on a porn shoot by Kenneth Starr, instead of dealing with the more ominous threat of a spy within the confines of the White House;

and enabled the stealing of the Presidency, not once, but TWICE.

And I have to mention the theft of Americans' savings, once again, with that circle-jerk known as the Enron scandal.

Need I go on?

To you utter scumbags: you have engaged in a "moment of silence" that has lasted for over NINE YEARS. You allowed FEMA to duck the question of why they were in New York City on September 10th, 2001; you allowed NIST to submit a report that doesn't even account for how and why WTC 7 collapsed; you allowed "America's Asshole" Rudolph Giuliani to ship the evidence that would have proven conclusively, if scientists had been given access to said materials, what caused the utter destruction of those buildings within the WTC complex; you allowed Larry "Two Sheds" Silverstein to recoup BILLIONS of dollars from an investment that should have lifted eyebrows from here to Timbuktu; you allowed Christie Todd Whitman to get away with stating that "the air was safe to breathe" in Lower Manhattan; in short, you joined in the collective rape of WE THE PEOPLE.

Are you proud of yourselves? Do you not yet understand that you have contributed to your own destruction? Don't you realize that you are losing jobs left and right because you decided to be lapdogs for scumbags, and ceased being the watchdogs for WE THE PEOPLE?

Now, the question remains...will you remain silent?

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