Friday, July 29, 2011

The Truth About 9/11 - Rev. Dr. Matthew F. Hale

The Truth about 9-11: How Jewish Manipulation Killed Thousands - Book now completely free here - in one downloadable PDF file

This is now available online in PDF format. You can choose from one of two files. Both formats are roughly 5.4 MB:

This version of the book has one page per sheet (8.5 x 11-inch), and is useful for printing or reading in normal view. Click here to see in normal view in PDF format:

And this version is useful for printing out in booklet format, with two pages per sheet. (For printing out in booklet format at somewhere like Kinkos Copies, you'd tape one set of two side-by-side pages to the back of another, then select the print option for both sides.) Click here to see in booklet-view in PDF format:

Read below for more about this book, or to view in HTML, one-page at a time, linked one after another, which can be found at the bottom of this article.


Not too long before Rev. Dr. Matthew F. Hale was arrested on contrived charges, he had published a book that told the inner-details of what occurred on September 11, 2001. Some feel that Rev. Dr. Hale was actually arrested for writing this book. Certainly, the charges against him were entrapment at best. (A government agent, Tony Evola, said that he [Evola] wanted to commit a grand crime, to which Rev. Dr. Hale responded that he wanted nothing to do with it. This was the sole reason for Rev. Dr. Hale's imprisonment.)

Convicted under the Patriot Act, an act designed to punish American patriots for daring to put America's best interests before Israel, Rev. Dr. Hale has been denied proper legal representation and has not been allowed to adequately defend himself in court. This is Big Brother's way of hiding His crimes: arresting people on bogus charges and not allowing them to properly fight the charges.

This book--now here in HTML format--tells the entire truth: The terrorists attacked America because of its support for Israel, and Israel knew of the terrorists' plans but did not inform America so that America might become more entangled in the Mid-East conflict and side with Israel. Further, there is credible evidence to suggest that Israel not only allowed this to occur but might have possibly assisted said terrorists with this entire process simply to ensure that the ensuing hatred against the Arab states would be created by a successful mission.

Big Brother does not want you to read this book. It cannot be refuted, and proves beyond the shadow of a doubt its claims: that Israel knew about 9-11 beforehand, that Israel allowed 9-11 to occur with the hope of getting America involved in its wars (such as Iraq, though the Israelis want Iran next), and that Israel might have been involved in the entire nefarious ordeal.

These claims are not idle chatter but easily verified facts within this highly detailed and footnoted expose'. Doubt if you may; but if you dare to read this book, you will discover it is indeed true without question. The facts are there; the facts are publicly available. And now you can see the facts for yourself in this well-researched and footnoted book. NO BOOK ON THE INTERNET OR ELSEWHERE PROVES THIS ARGUMENT BETTER THAN REV. DR. MATT HALE'S BOOK.

If you like this book, please consider making a donation to Matt's father to assist with Rev. Dr. Hale's ongoing legal fees:

Russell Hale
217 Randolph St.
East Peoria, Illinois 61611

Russell Hale has no part in this website, and did not ask for a donation. But he needs your help. He has already mortgaged his home. Again, he needs your help. And so does his son. Don't let the Patriot Act get away with silencing one more American Patriot: Free Rev. Dr. Matthew Hale!

CLICK HERE - - to begin the journey if you'd like to view the HTML version; use your "Favorite Places" to bookmark where you left off. Of course, if you start reading this, you will find it very difficult to stop, because what you uncover will shock you.

80 pages of the most informative book you will ever read.

Once you start reading this, you'll want to finish it, as it tells the chilling story of what truly occurred on that fateful day.

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