Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Events Of September 11, 2001, Are A PSY-OP From Beginning To End

It's been over fifteen years since the events of September 11, 2001; yet, we haven't yet seen any possibility of bringing those whom perpetrated the event to least, until NOW. That's a hell of a claim to make.

I can back it up.

I was going to do this in video form, but as a one-man operation, it could be messy, and not look at all professional. Feel free to take this information and make a goo video out of it - just be sure to credit hANOVER fIST when you do. we go.

Not many people were aware of the "collapse" of the Salomon Brothers Building n that day; some people are still only aware of the WTC Buildings 1 and 2, even to this day. The Salomon Brothers Building is more popularly known as WTC Building Seven, or WTC7. This building housed former NYC Mayor Rudolph "America's Asshole" Giuliani's Emergency Preparedness Center, recommended by Jerome Hauer. It IS the smoking gun of the events of September 11.

Here's why: The script followed every mass casualty event since: the event begins; seeds are planted as to whom the perps are; the event continues; crisis actors establish pre-planned storylines; the event concludes; perps are identified/caught/murdered. Have I missed anything? So far, I haven't said anything that you haven't read on any site worth its pixels. Here's the thinking that went outside the box. The planners weren't American, because of Greenwich Mean Time.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

The appearance of Flight 93 at the site of WTC7 fell through, but the planners quickly regained their wits, and set up their back-up plan. WTC7 was ALWAYS meant to go belly-up, consdering the hardware that had to be removed from sight. Barry Jennings was also a loose cannon who had to be liquidated. So, plans were set to "pull" WTC7 later in the day, after everything seemed to be at its end. So the script set forward, "WTC7 to go at 4:20 PM". I thought about this for a while. 4:20 is a reference to marijuana, and being able to align the reference to arijuana to a catastrophic event such as a building collapse would fuck with the brains of stoners from here until time immemorial.

Sheer luck screwed that up for them; that, and someone whom couldn't correctly translate GMT into Eastern without using two hands, their feet and a calculator.

Witness, first, Jane Standley from BBC:

Next, Aaron Bron from CNN:

Just think about this for a second.

If they weren't on auto-pilot, how could they have possibly made the mistake in TWO NEWS ORGANIZATIONS OCEANS APART?

This is where the investigaton needs to start, and this is where we can finally obtain justice for the Americans murdered, and for the hapless Middle Eastern people whose lives were wasted in a masquerade of a NEW PEARL HARBOR.

You can thank PNAC for that.