Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Commemorate PNAC!‏ Buy Stuff!

All the NeoCONS got rich -- where's my take?

Celebrate the enduring genius of the "Plan For A New American Century"
with these affordable posters!

• Will probably become family heirloom, as your spawn pay off the debts racked up by the PNAC goons!
• Can be used as dartboard or voodoo fetish!
(you'll want more than one, as they're sure to wear out fast)!
• Two sizes: 16"x20" and 17"x11"
• All your favorite Neocons: Rumsfeld, Frum, Feith, Wolfowitz, Cheney,
Rove, Kristol, Wurmser, Bolton, Rice, Bush, Ledeen, Perle, Coulter!
• Support your starving Cartoonist – Forward, forward, forward!
(hey, it's the "new economy," I gotta hustle! These free-market ideologues owe me!)

• ORDER here from CafePress:

16"x20" Small Poster -- $18.99 plus $5.00 shipping
View larger image here: http://www.traviskelly.com/cafe/PNAC_small.html

And don't forget to sign the petition - Free John O'Hara!

PNAC to me is "Poor Neutered Ass Clowns".

Here's the real legacy of PNAC:

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