Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Make Your Voice Heard - VOTE!

Before I begin, I implore you to peruse my web pages of interest - many of the sites presented have provided me either directly or indirectly with valuable information which has guided me politically and wisely since 1998.

I wish to add a new site to the list: PardonPower.

My buddy John Kennedy O'Hara has survived his decade-long sentence, and, with the completion of a few requirements, will once again be able to earn a living doing what he does best.

"Whatever doesn't kill one, makes one stronger" - I'm paraphrasing, but the message stands intact. I can't wait to see the powerhouse return to the ring...it's like watching "Iron" Mike Tyson in his prime, without all of the stupidity, the ear chewing, the bad marriage, the excess.


Don't forget...you need to not only vote for the deserved candidates today...you need to REMOVE those candidates who defied your will, in regards to voting for the American taxpayer rape referred to as a "bailout", and also to those members of the City Council who subverted the will of the people and voted for the term limits extension last night.

Let's see the will of We The People prevail today.

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