Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scumbags Behind AntiSpyware 2009 And Its Cousins!

I believe that I have found a page that leads to a malware infection of PCs; here is a link: [http://avi-beshvil-israel.org.il/showthread.php?f=62&s=56773] - obviously, I am not hyperlinking the page. However, it does open a dialogue box that indicates that an infection has been located on your PC; this is a LIE. Do NOT click OK, whatever you do. So, of course, you would click on the red X closing said dialogue box, but then, a window opens with what appears to be a scanner locating malware on your PC.

It is a sham.

I am reporting this link to Google, Yahoo and MSN. Let's see what occurs.

Google Malware Report


Destroy All Malware

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