Monday, December 15, 2008

Take That, Monkey Boy!

Now there's a guy with a wheelbarrow full!

Excellent stuff, guy!

In other news...SNL is COMPLETELY UNWATCHABLE. Now, let me tell you about something you don't already frickin' know:

Three Chinese Herbs could Put an End to Statin Drugs

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 by: Christopher Gussa, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) The statin drug pushing scam is going for the throat with its all time lowest assault! It is becoming more and more evident that people of all ages are being lied to day after day by doctors as a way to push the deadly protocol of Big Pharma. If you believe all the hype about statins from pharma reps and TV commercials then you will believe that the whole reason our livers make cholesterol is simply to give us a heart attack sometime down the road! That is just about exactly what they tell you.

LDL or so called "bad cholesterol" is not a type of cholesterol at all. It is in fact a protein. Low density lipoprotein to be exact. LDL is a binding protein that is necessary to carry this cholesterol to the body as needed. (Because the waxy cholesterol is not soluble in our watery blood)

HDL is another (high density) protein designed to help carry the used-up cholesterol back to the liver (Not to "get rid of" cholesterol as the pharma-medical system would have you believe but to recycle it so we can re-use it) The simple facts are we need all three! Cholesterol, LDL protein and HDL protein are all essential to good health.

The truth is cholesterol is just cholesterol. (A fatty, waxy chemical created in the liver used in the construction of cells) In fact new cells cannot be made without it. There is now evidence that Alzheimer's and many other diseases are linked to the popular use of statin drugs over the last 30 years due to lack of cholesrerol.

The only "bad" cholesterol is cholesterol that has become oxidized and the only way to undo this oxidation is by feeding our bodies with anti-oxidant rich foods and herbs. See Video: Exposing the Cholesterol Myth with Dr. Ron Rosedale.

Now when extra help (Beyond food) is required to balance cholesterol a formula of three Chinese herbs has been shown to take care of the situation masterfully. Two herbs in the formula that help move and thin blood without stopping the clotting factor are Tien Qi and Dan Shen. These two herbs are remarkable for blood behavior and heart balance. These herbs are then combined with another amazing herb called Jiao Gu Lan that will get rid of blood-fat and plaque as well as prevent and stop oxidation of cholesterol. (An article on Jiao Gu Lan at Natural News can be seen here: )The combination of these three herbs (In equal parts by weight) becomes a formula which is called "Low Chol" and it is truly a remarkable combination.

If you want to bring the "LDL numbers" and "cholesterol numbers" down to satisfy the drug-pushing doctors (A very stupid reason when all you have to do is say, "no") or if you need the numbers down to pass a job physical or something, then there is a built in "safety valve". The fact is this formula will actually bring these numbers down. However it is not the actual cholesterol you are bringing down. (Thank God) but it does get the doctors and insurance companies "off your back" while you are doing a world of good for your blood health.

Cholesterol and LDL that have become rancid, oxidized, or otherwise corrupt causes the particles to become smaller (So they tend to get stuck together and clog things up) This causes inflammation. (which is dangerous as far as heart atacks are concerned) Also when the particles are unhealthy and small this causes a higher number reading in blood tests. When they are healthy and large the numbers will be smaller even if you have lots of cholesterol!

Now if you were actually bringing down cholesterol itself (Like statin drugs do) you would be doing major harm to your cellular reproduction factors. This unfortunately goes on daily and the drug pushing doctors say they have "saved lives" when in fact they have taken thousands of lives.

This form of deception has ruined and shortened the lives of hundreds of thousands of people seeking better health through the medical system. It is one of the saddest things the author thought he would ever see. Then, like a one-two punch came the FDA's announcement that melamine in small amounts was just fine for babies. How low can they go? Does one dare ask where it will end? Well, all one can do in this war that has been raged on our health is take on one thing at a time.

So for those with unhealthy blood cholesterol, the author would strongly recommend the right healthy antioxidant rich foods, (Mike Adams has a tremendous list of these) taking herbal formulas like "Low Chol" and most importantly of all, if you ever see a doctor, please learn to say the words, "No, It is my health not yours".

Christopher Gussa, Is a TCM practitioner and Certified Master / Clinical Herbalist for 25 years. He is certified in both Western Herbal Therapy and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine with over 25 years experience. Chris founded Plant Cures Inc. which handcrafts over 150 Serious Herbal Medicine Products for Specific Disorders all created through clinical application. Their products are for Serious Disease and also Powerful Tonic Health. Please visit Plant Cures at WWW.PLANTCURES.COM or call them at 1-800 979 2027

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