Monday, December 29, 2008

Talking to the Police - DON'T DO IT!!! - by Professor James Duane

Excellent video!

I found an interesting bit of info in regards to Gerald K. Smith:

There Could Have Been A Very Different World

Henry Ford would have financed Lindbergh for president, Gerald Smith's 'America First Party' would have ran his campaign, and he would have won. There never would have been a WW2. All Hitler wanted was to reunite the Sudetenland, a corridor to West Prussia, and stop the Communists.

In 1934 Smith was active in revealing the people behind the 1913 Federal Reserve act, and how its real rulers caused the Great Depression. In the 1936 election cycle Roosevelt wasn't that popular, and Huey Long was a great orator, people were mad, and ready to listen. Smith gave Americans a choice, the aristocratic Jew from New York, or an articulate self made reformer in Huey Long.

Long would have repealed the Federal Reserve, redistributed the wealth scammed in the 1929 depression, and let the Communist revolution in Europe stall.

It could have been a VERY DIFFERENT WORLD, indeed.

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