Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks

Good morning, dear readers - just a couple of days away from my national holiday! I understand that the title of this page may not necessarily correlate with every posting herein, but everything does tie together.

Scumbags are responsible for the scumbaggery that they perform, and one of the biggest loads of scumbaggery were the attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001.

Over seven and a half years later, we are seeing items like the following appearing in articles: Mossad linked to 9/11 attacks: Report.

You have to take a lot of the information on faith, if you do not believe in the confluence of events:

$2.3 TRILLION "misplaced" by the Pentagon, under the auspices of Dov Zackheim, not to mention the fact of his being aligned with a company that specializes in remote controlling aircraft

$2.5 BILLION in (heretofore) unclaimed profits from put options on the affected airlines

Zim Shipping walking out on their WTC lease a week before the events of 9/11

Urban Moving Systems' involvement in both the Israelis traveling in a white van along with undocumented funds and miscellaneous items ascribed as being the possessions of the purported "hijackers", and having traces of anthrax found at the Weehauken location - and let's not forget the matter of the over half a MILLION dollars afforded to Dominik Suter

The unresolved question of the Odigo instant message sent two hours before the events of 9/11

The question of the feasibility of phone calls from the doomed passengers

The question of what caused the impact at the Pentagon

The question of the disposition of Flight 93

The (in)actions of pResident George Walker Bush, and the odd performances of vice pResident Richard Bruce Cheney

The comments of Larry "Two Sheds" Silverstein (the term "pull it" has been verified by my firefighter buddy as having jack-all to do with firefighting, but having everything to do with controlled demolition...and, may I add, that CD does not necessarily denote that EXPLOSIONS are solely involved - incendiaries such as thermite and thermate do not produce a sound commensurate with their effects); not to mention the odd coincidence of being able to collect from an insurance policy six weeks after its application

The Israeli Spy Ring and CALEA

As bad as all of this is...the worst thing has been the engaging in debate with clueless nitwits who insist that OPEN-AIR FIRES CAN MELT STEEL TO THE RESULT OF BUILDINGS NOT JUST COLLAPSING, BUT ACTUALLY DISINTEGRATING.

It's appalling to know that these unwitting quislings are assisting the scumbags with their bringing upon the world their so-called NEW WORLD ORDER.

Folks...if you wish to gauge how this New World Order will function...look no farther than Argentina.

The IMF owns them, lock, stock and barrel. The people of Argentina may as well walk around holding on to their ankles, since their "representatives" sold them all out. The "elite" don't appreciate having to work for their buggery, after all, so don't clench - just allow them their way with you, and it'll all go better.

With any luck, WE THE PEOPLE will take a look at past history, and if their is a huge collapse of our economy, we can take a lesson from Russia, and not suffer overlong.

I'll say this...I won't end up on line looking for toilet paper.

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