Friday, March 6, 2009

We're Paying This Tool's Health Care Costs?!?

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Diogenes said...

um, are you saying YOU are more than glad to pay for the healthcare of illegal aliens who don't pay any taxes?

the fact is that government healthcare will always be mismanaged, costly, rationed, corrupt, expensive, etc...

sure it's a good idea to "cover everyone" but they've tried that with Medicare and Medicaid which has racked up over several $$$ trillions in dollars that are unpayable. Listen to the former Comptroller General of the CBO and he'll tell you that medicare and medicaid are bankrupt and totally unaffordable

if healthcare is a right, why not insurance? Why not health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, injury insurance? those are "health" care too aren't they? So why not have government, "free" health insurance and car insurance and life insurance?

the market always does a better job than the government including healthcare

hANOVER fIST said...

You're kidding, right?

Why would I be for the ruination of services to AMERICANS?!?

If you're illegal, you get NOTHING.

I'd even advocate against dual-citizens gaining access to American resources.

When one commits fully to being an American, they can lay claim to its resources.

Diogenes said...

ok but the main point of the guy in the video was that government health care is more inefficient and more expensive than market healthcare. That is why your title "we're paying this Tool's healthcare costs" is also relevant because people will have choices to pay for health care. And in a more free-market conservative economy we wouldn't be paying these congress people 200 000$ a year

hANOVER fIST said...

Let's see...I've put some thought into this.

Why are WE THE PEOPLE subsidizing perks for our representatives?

If they would take public transportation just like us, there would be a better class of public transportation for all of us.

Why do we need to pay for chauffers?

Please tell me your salary schemes for our elected officials.

Diogenes said...

OBVIOUSLY a conservative free-market policy would not at all support subsidizing perks for representatives or even giving them pensions. They would merely get around 40k a year as a wage and that's it

in a true capitalist-anarchist society, there wouldn't be a coercive government that would take our property. Instead there would be mutual agreements and security would be hired