Monday, April 6, 2009

The Truth Regarding The Drug War In Plain English

I'll get right to it.

The United States, according to public sources, spends $44 billion annually to "fight" the drug war.

If, however, drugs were legalized, it is posited that revenues from said drugs will net $33 billion annually.

So...since it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the "Drug War" is an abject failure, why is it being continued?

One word: PROFITS.

Two more words: WHO BENEFITS?

The $44 billion does not disappear into a black hole; these monies are shared between the officials "protecting" us from the scourge of narcotic drug usage, the drug traffickers colluding with said individuals, and our elected "representatives".

The pharmaceutical companies want everyone they can get their hands on to ingest their mind-numbing crap. Their chemical compounds inhibit critical thought; go see Dr. Strangelove if you haven't.

You may wonder why our usually-erudite Commander-In-Chief was tongue-tied over the prospect of legalizing's because his enablers stand to lose a ton of income.

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