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1 month before JFK was murdered, he told the LOBBY to register as agents of a foreign government - Goon Squad

I'm going to begin with two words: CUI BONO?

The two words are Latin for "who benefits". I have stated a number of times before, that to solve a majority of crimes committed, you "follow the money". In other words, find out what benefit was derived from the crime, and most likely, you have narrowed down the field of culprits to either: those with motive to benefit from said crime, or those who manifest benefit from said crime.

Remember in GoodFellas, when the boys successfully pull off the Lufthansa heist, but are then warned not to engage in spending habits outside of their normal patterns? Eventually, Jimmy Conway is moved to murder his former colleagues, when each of them defies his wishes and engages in needless opulence?

Israel...consider this your warning from Jimmy.

Greg Bacon says it much better than I do. Read his highly-explosive posting today, "1 month before JFK was murdered, he told the LOBBY to register as agents of a foreign government", and then take a second...and really think about the timing...JFK's refusal to allow Israel nuclear weapons...Executive Order 11110...Jacob [Rubenstein] Ruby's easy access to the basement of the Dallas Police Department holding captive the purported murderer of the President of The United States...and tell me, with conviction, that all of this is just an "unfortunate confluence of events that may or may not implicate Israel and/or J[ewish]I[sraeli]Z[ionist] sympathizers in an act of treason against the United States".

I dare you.

Found this at The Ugly Truth - too good not to share:

Miriam K to Shant Norashkarian:

You are a worthy opponent and it gives me pleasure to enter into dialogue with you because of your obvious intelligence. However, you will derive small satisfaction from my point-by-point refutation of your arguments.

1. Mirian K says: “First, anyone has a “right” to a land if they can grab it. The one who grabs the deckchair has the right to sit on it!”

YOU SAY: Or: “We believe in the law of the jungle, might is right”.

MY RESPONSE: Precisely, Shant. Except we call it “the survival of the fittest” and refer to “natural selection”. Ever heard of Darwin? Winner takes all.

2. Mirian K. says: “By all means choose evil if you find fulfillment therein, but for goodness sake be a bit more discreet about it.”

YOU SAY: Or: “No problem with doing evil as long as you cover it up.”

MY RESPONSE: Evil is a life-style choice, Shant, exactly like abortion. A woman has a choice between having her child or killing it in her womb. Similarly, one has a choice between good and evil, and one must be free to choose the alternative that gives one more personal satisfaction. In the present climate of moral confusion, however, when evil is still regarded as politically incorrect, it is only diplomatic to express a preference for good — i.e., to pretend that there is something inherently wrong with evil as a life-style alternative.

3. Mirian K says: “That’s right, Shant, parade your antisemitism for all to see! Your comment demonstrates your naiveté, you poor little intellectual nincompoop!”

YOU SAY: Or: “When you cannot debate the facts, insult your opponent. Why not use the magic word anti-semitic?”

MY RESPONSE: Good point, Shant. But we Jews rely to a large extent on Talmudic logic for polemical purposes, i.e., on casuistic arguments. Since we are often in the wrong — something we freely admit among ourselves in private — we make extensive use of the ad hominem attack. We utilize ridicule and mockery because these work on the masses much more effectively than logic and sober reason.

4. Miriam K: “Wicked granny, stamping on the guard’s foot as he pushed her into the gas chamber!”

YOU SAY: Or: When you are accused of doing evil never take responsibility.

MY RESPONSE: You make the false assumption that evil is intrinsically inferior to good, whereas both are equally valid life-style choices. Why should one “take responsibility” for the evil one does? Do you take responsibility when you eat beef or chicken for dinner? Wouldn’t the cow or chicken you eat claim you are doing evil by eating it? You kill animals to eat: is that right? We kill Palestinians to survive. Is that wrong?

YOU SAY: Perhaps you should educate yourself of the horrible crimes of your people while you are enjoying the sunny Mediterranean country which was stolen by the terrorists and war criminals who are your current leaders!

MY RESPONSE: Israel is our country now. In 50 years time, who knows? Cling to Christ if you wish, Shant, and see where He leads you. As for us, let us go our way into the darkness where we belong. If there’s a God, let him stop us!

He never stopped the Holocaust. So why should He stop us now if we show Him we mean to do evil with a glad heart in order to spite Him?

— Yes, in order to spite the God that Failed and who Never Existed!

Now you've been given a peek into the thought processes of the "chosen people".

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