Friday, June 5, 2009

Daniel James Murray = Lee Harvey Oswald?

So...these ungrateful scumbags are insulting him, yet we're supposed to worry about this guy:

Man charged with threat against Obama in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY – Federal prosecutors have charged a man with making threats against President Barack Obama after he allegedly told a bank employee in Utah he was on a mission to kill the president.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported on its Web site Thursday that Daniel James Murray allegedly made the remark to a teller at a bank in St. George on May 27 as he withdrew $13,000 from an account.

Murray's whereabouts are unknown. A court affidavit says Murray is from New York and has recently been in California, Utah, Georgia, Oklahoma and possibly Texas.

The U.S. Secret Service says Murray has at least eight registered firearms, the Tribune reported.

Malcolm Wiley, a spokesman for the Secret Service in Washington, told The Associated Press he had no comment Thursday.

I was listening to 1010WINS all bloody night and all morning before work today...and EVERY TEN MINUTES, the announcement of this "threat" to President Obama was played, with new details each time...though no mention of a motive.

I think that his insistence upon a "Palestinian State" is the initiating statement that will result in an attack on his person, much like JFK and his attempts to save the dollar by removing the powers bestowed to the Federal Reserve by the quislings who should have been hung back in 1913.

I do hope that I am wrong, because all of the non-thinking individuals will act as they have been programmed to do, and the scumbags will have the initiating event for martial law.

Let us see what occurs.

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