Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doops Are Like Dope Fiends - They're Only Concerned With The Hit

Oh, no...what's he talking about now?!?

Well, on the page of fools, CounterKnowledge, there exists a four-star moron bt the name of Ronald Wieck, who stated:

Ronald Wieck said
on 17 December 2008

It’s amazing that conspiracy liars are still trying to pretend that demolition professionals acknowledge “pull it” as industry slang for “bring down the building with explosives.” They don’t. I have contacted over two dozen demolition companies (the liars have never bothered to contact any) and not one of them recognizes the phrase, except when referring to the specific technique of attaching cables to a relatively small structure to literally pull it off its center of gravity.
Firefighters, by contrast, do talk about “pulling” a contingent of rescue workers out of a dangerous environemnt. Larry Silverstein was talking to a firefighter. His use of firefighter jargon was natural. Had he asked the FDNY to blow up his building, he would have sounded insane, almost as insane as the loons who continually distort his meaning.
This ain’t rocket science: the fire chief stated that operations at WTC 7 were being suspended and Silverstein agreed that, in view of the great loss of life that day, pulling the men out of harm’s way was probably the best idea.

Okay...that having been said...I am friends with a REAL FIREFIGHTER...and I asked him, simply, if the term "pull it" was ever used as firefighter jargon, as this moron insists.

It is NOT.

This puts the absolute lie to the idea that Larry "Two Sheds" Silverstein was engaged in normal conversation with some unnamed firefighter, and was just using "firefighter jargon" in said conversation. It was intimated that this personage was Fire Chief Daniel Nigro, but Nigro emphatically denied being this personage.

My friend also confirmed that this term is relegated to being a demolition term...that being said, I will no longer waste time posting at this page, as I have now been termed a Holocau$t Denier.

Oh, horrors!

I simply stated that I was in agreement with Bishop Richard Williamson, in that the gas chambers were constructed after World War 2; that Zyklon B was used as a delousing agent and nothing more; that the so-called gas chambers show no evidence of cyanide residue, as do the delousing chambers; and that THERE ARE NO MASS GRAVES!


But let's not have facts get in the way of name-calling, now...

Let's talk about the address to Congress last night - fantastic, was it not?

No more tax credits to corporations who offshore jobs away from Americans!

No more no-bid contracts! Halliburton...are you listening?

No more Guantanamo!

No more torture!

No more unaccountability of taxpayer funds!

And that little girl...does it get any better than that?

So...let's see if President Obama keeps his word to WE THE PEOPLE...if so, we will have entered into a new era - an era where WE THE PEOPLE can be PROUD TO BE AMERICANS once again!'s a last bit of mirth:

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