Sunday, February 22, 2009

Imagine If THIS GUY Were Our Commander-In-Chief!

This is the kind of leadership WE THE PEOPLE need!

What...we should accept reductions in our wages like we're a bunch of goddamn coolies? Screw that Mayor Bernero's time to share the love, Wall Street.

So...I have been posting the link of a certain 9/11 "debunker" site...but NO MORE.

Why is this?


Some tool wrote as his signoff statement, "The good guys won".

So...he's written this line of horse nuggets a number of times, but it really got my balls up in a I responded with (this is an approximation, as the actual post was deleted by these ball-less wonders):

Oh, yeah, I see the good guys really won:

I then posted four links displaying how Americans have NOT won; indeed, the hard times are coming hot and heavy...and then, in answer to a completely baseless accusation of harboring anti-Semitic prejudices, I explained how former New Yorker Governor Eliot Spitzer was safeguarding New York City from the predations of the scumbags on Wall Street, and how they had a circle-jerk when the Emporer's Club scandal emerged...something that a hard-core Jew Hater would be loathe to admit, yes?

I'll bet you're all thinking twice about how great a job current Governor David Paterson's doing now, huh? If Howard Stern's Channel 9 TV show were still running, we'd have a great skit to watch, much like his Clarence Thomas, do I miss those...but I digress.

So...I checked the page roughly twenty hours later, only to see this text adorning my posting:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.


I should have seen this coming...those asshats REMOVED my posting...and then on to high-five themselves after their mutual self-hummer sessions, followed by a messy snowballing from each other's anal cavities. Hmm...maybe we should refer to that as a Dirty Snowballing. Who knows...I just hope that I can do a Web Archive search and find an instance of that page so I can show these "doops", as they're called, for the moral cowards that they are. I will post this in the morning, if so.

Here's some linkage to some guys who are NOT moral cowards - kudos to these guys!

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