Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Great Zionist Cover-Up - Edwin M. Wright we are - it's 2009, and we've just passed the 60th anniversary of the usurpation of a nation.

In 1948, the "state" of Israel was created, to the detriment of the indigent population.

I imagine that posting this will open quite a can of worms, but here it is: the truth of the situation.

In answer to those who would state that I am posting "ridiculous conspiracy theories", or engaging in "anti-Semitic" rants...poppycock, I say! Below, dear readers, I present to you a document written by an individual who was maligned for his efforts. As I read it, I did not see an individual who inherently hated all things Jewish; rather, I read about someone who regularly went to lunches with Jewish individuals; who felt that the United States should take an even-handed approach to foreign relations regarding the Middle East, and rightly felt that any preferences would bring about catastrophic consequences.

I believe that he was correct in his presumptions. You be the judge.

The Great Zionist Cover-Up, by Edwin M. Wright - I eagerly await your comments. I do hope, however, that any comments forthcoming deal with the actual facts of the postings, and not with any perceived anti-Semitism.

Found a new page today - Oath Keepers (thanks to Greg Bacon).

Be sure to read this post and watch the video.

Justin Raimondo has a new posting up regarding the absolute chutzpah of the officials in Israel.

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