Saturday, November 28, 2009

Okay, Okay...I'll Send Some More Grunts To Needless Deaths...I Get The Point

The above is what you DIDN'T hear President Barack Hussein Obama say, after the White House Thanksgiving dinner was crashed by the Salahis.

I mean, you're fucking kidding me, right?

No one heard about this the next day, so I mentioned the story to them. "Oh, that's impossible", they all stated. Well, apparently NOT, I grinned in response. Simultaneously, it's mentioned that he's decided on the number to troops to send to Afghanistan next week.

Does it need to be said?


You heard it here first, dear readers.

Update: I think I did a disservice to the latter part of this posting, so it has been posted separately. Enjoy. Oh...on December 9th, this letter appeared at WRH's Letters Page:

READER: When Obama was campaigning a year or so ago, one of his promises was to bring the troops home from Afghanistan ASAP. A few weeks ago, some Generals asked Obama to send more troops. Obama was hesitating, and considering his options.

Up until a few weeks ago, India was hesitating to introduce carbon emissions reductions.

The Salahi's crashed the official State Dinner, breaching security. Obama's and the Indian PM's personal security, was severely compromised. No guns, but what about biological threats?

Last week, Obama promised 30,000 more troops for Afghanistan. India agreed to carbon emissions reduction, at least in principle. Were the Salahis sent to send a veiled message? Play ball, or your personal safety cannot be guarenteed? An offer that you can't refuse?

Just remember, dear readers - you heard it here first.

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