Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanks, Woodrow Wilson!

Mike Rivero wrote, in response to this news story, Obama: Debt Could Fuel 'Double-Dip Recession', "The two previous central banks nearly destroyed the USA. Why did our government authorize a third one?"

Now, let's just be clear..."our government" never authorized a third bank...this was a clandestine maneuver conducted by some quisling representatives, signed off on by then-President Woodrow Wilson. Mike has, authored by some other personage, the whole history of the establishment of central banks, and their dissolution by persons with integrity and the need to right the wrongs perpetrated against our august nation.

Ron Paul has called for an audit of the Federal Reserve, a move I feel is long overdue; of course, the "powers-that-be" are resisting such efforts. Now, think about that, and also, ponder the stories you're hearing about gold-plated bars of tungsten being found in our gold supply...and you should be more than a little disturbed in regards to what is going on in the background. Read America's Journey's latest entry to see the problem WE THE PEOPLE are experiencing since the various bits of scumbaggery perpetrated against us.

Do you want to see a day when our economy is equal to Mexico's? I do NOT. mission is this: vote out ANYONE and EVERYONE who does not have the best interests of America as their 1st, 2nd and LAST priorities.

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Jack Rabbit said...

We are being sold out to a one world government - presently suffering under an Orwellian terrorist regime, sliding into a Huxley-like "scientific dictatorship."

Alan Watt has done much to expose the CFR and globalist UN agenda.

How to awaken the masses, the 80% from their hypnosis - is the question.