Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Norwegian State Television Presents 9/11 Truth (English subtitles) (updated)

Dear readers...you must see this video.

My comments as of this writing have yet to be moderated - this is the second of the comments submitted:

I got a chance to watch the video - excellent work by Dr. Harrit and Griffin.

For over eight and a half years, I have suffered fools attempting to convince me that the buildings came down due to jet impacts and office/jet fuel fires...the only problem with this is that I am a scientist. While other kids ran around outside, I was learning about the world. One thing I realized early about the world is that certain laws of physics are inviolate.

Jet fuel impacts did NOT bring down WTC buildings 1, 2 or 7

There were two impacts; those impacts had NO EFFECT upon WTC 7

The building s were NOT held together by trusses; the first 47 floors were composed of TONS of steel
The official explanation is absolute garbage, and it is an insult to any thinking human being to be fed that line of bull nuggets.

Regardless of the postings, the video is must-see viewing. I implore you, please read Norwegian State Television Presents - 9/11 Truth, featuring Dr. Niels Harrit and David Ray Griffin.

Adding World For 9/11 Truth to the blogroll - just thought you'd like to know..

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