Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Isn't AIPAC Registered As A Foreign Lobby?

We The People were given ample warning...but our representatives did not listen...and now we are on the precipice of a third world war and the possible collapse of the United States as we know it.

You can thank those scumbags who allowed what is obviously a foreign power grab to become an American lobbying organization - though you would be hard-pressed to see any benefit whatsoever to American interests in the document transcribed below:


The Committee carries on a major part of its work through highly specialized subcommittees composed of professionals in specific areas of activity who volunteer their services to the American Zionist Council. It is the subcommittee chairmen who have been instrumental, for the most part, in mobilizing these experts to serve with them to help interpret Israel to the general American public. In addition, the AZC staff carries on a number of activities on its own without benefit of these volunteers.

The Committee plans to operate in the following areas during the 1962-63 budgetary year.

1. Magazines

Cultivation of editors.
Stimulation and placement of suitable articles in the major consumer magazines
Reprinting and distribution of favorable materials which appear in the above publications.
Stimulation of articles in trade and specialized journals.
Liaison with writers resident in Israel via a literary agent in New York for ideas and placement.

2. TV, Radio, Films

The Department arranges for talks and interviews on Radio and TV, and servicing of film requests.
It also cultivates leading personalities in these media.
It encourages networks and stations to create programs revolving around Israel.

3. Christian Religious Groups

Cultivation of key religious leaders and groups.
Setting up Seminars on Israel for Christian clergy.
Stimulating of positive articles in the Protestant and Catholic press.
Counteraction of hostile material in the press.
Reprints and distribution of favorable materials from the church press
Stimulation of suitable articles in the journals of the Jewish religious groups.

4. Academic Circles

Support of the American Association for Middle East Studies.
Support of the Inter-University Committees on Israel.
Cultivation of leaders in the academic community.
Stimulation of "Israel Day" on college campuses.
Cooperation with colleges and universities in setting up of Seminars on the Middle East.
Monitoring and counteraction of material in the campus press.
Stimulating of articles in academic journals.
Guidance to student Zionists and other Jewish students on Arab-Israel issues.
Counteraction of hostile faculty and Arab students.
Preparation of material for elementary and high school faculty.

5. Daily Press

Cultivation of editors.
Stimulation of positive material via syndicated writers, columnists, etc.
Counteraction of hostile material.
Reprinting and distribution of favorable materials.

6. Books

Assistance to publishers in the promotion of worthwhile books.
Promotion of reviews of favorable books.
Distribution of books to public and college libraries.

7. Speakers

The Speakers Bureau will continue to utilize Israelis, American Christians and American Jews on academics, religious, civic and other platforms around the country for positive presentations on Israel.

8. Liaisons with organizations, both on the national and local levels, especially those with an international relations program.
Special liaisons with Negro community.

9. Projects and Issues

Issuance of special material and guidance on controversial issues such as Arab refugees, Syrian-Israel situation, etc.
Programming for special occasions such as Yon Haatznaut, etc.

10. Visitors to Israel

Subsidization to individual public opinion molders to help provide them with an experience in Israel.
Inter-University Committee Study Tour to Israel..
Organize other tours in which public opinion molders will participate.
Provide suitable arrangements in Israel for handling of American visitors.

11. Counteracting the Opposition

The monitoring and counteraction of all activities carried out here by the Arabs, American Friends of the Middle East, and the American Council for Judaism.

12. Miscellaneous

Answering requests for information and providing suitable literature for the many thousands of requests annually received.

* * * *
 Thanks to Greg Bacon for making this document available.

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