Monday, March 15, 2010

Niels Harrit Versus A Troll

I had the comments section open to Liberal White Boy's Posting on Lucky Larry, when I noticed a couple of comments by this tard named Albury Smith.

Now it's a flame war, and I'm looking for a blowtorch.

Incidentally, he left a link in a number of his postings (apparently, he will repeat postings like a mental patient - I guess he hasn't read the definition of INSANITY) - this is where he attempts to "debate" Dr. Niels Harrit.

Read it here.

I've a meeting - I'll be back.

Okay...not sure if my comment was accepted - no loss.

I wanted to speak about the so-called "settlement" offered to the first responders who had to sue New York City for assuring them that "the air was safe to breathe" while they inhaled their fellow New Yorkers, dust and every bit of particulate matter permeating the air at Ground Zero. Those affected were offered a paltry $657 million to settle their suits...but I forgot - what about the lawyer's cut?!?

I was going to perform a rough calculation, but Judicial-Inc did it for me:

The Lawyer's Cut

A normal fee arrangement is 33% plus expenses (depositions, discovery, travel, meals, etc) on a $ 1,000,000,000.00 Settlement.

$330 million......... in fees

$ 10 million expenses


$340,000,000.00 is their cut. And it was probably just a negotiation between Kenneth Feinberg and Marc Bern.

So...let's do 33% of $657.000,000:

That gives us roughly $216,810,000 - throw in $65,700,000 (expenses, natch!), and we've got $282,510,000...for two lawyers.

That leaves...oh, about $374,490, divide between 10,000 clients. That's easy...just whack off the four zeros at the end of the original amount. That's right - a little over $35 grand for the people risking their own health, while the LAWYERS get away with the booty.

What's wrong with this story, dear readers?

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Albury Smith said...

For the record, I simply suggested to Dr. Harrit that he demonstrate that painting explosives on steel columns is a way to cut through them. I also asked LWB a number of questions about his claim that Larry Silverstein admitted to blowing up WTC 7. If you'd like to try answering them, go for it. LWB didn't have much luck.