Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Pedophocracy - David McGowan

I found one of my old documents and saw a name in the document that chilled me to the bone. I'm not gonna keep it a secret, dear readers...that name is Rudolph Giuliani.

Check out Chapter Three in The Pedophocracy - you will bear witness to the perfidy committed by this personage. This is the same personage who assisted in the destruction of a crime scene; namely, he allowed the steel that comprised the superstructure of the WTC buildings to be shipped off to China.

You'll like Chapter Three - It's titled, "Uncle Sam Wants Your Children"...and not for campfires and S'Mores, either.

I just finished the entire document...and it is my opinion that there are TONS of pedophiles entrenched in our government, our military and our day care facilities. I caution you, parents - be wary of where you leave your children, and with whom you entrust their care and well-being.

I understand that Sir Rudy is entertaining a run for the governorship of New York. Don't do it, asshat - if I even get wind of such a thing, I will post EVERY DAY highlighting some act of perfidy that involves your person until you run with your stupid lisp tucked between your stupid gums.


How about the girl from Hofstra making up an incident of rape? That's not going to go well for the next true rape victim.

Found a new blog to add to the list - JCN Did 9/11.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Going to take a look at this article. If you want to work on the topic of pedophilia in the White House, I have more links than you can believe. Very happy to pass them along. Names are named, and in one case the witness had a senate hearing, the whole works, and she named big names. I have the formal government text if you want it.

No one has EVER tried to shut her up in public or taken her to court for slander ~ Busch Daddy, Cheney, Byrd, Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Kris Kristofferson, Boxcar Willie, Trudeau, Mulroney, Kissinger, Reagan, the Clintons, esp Hilary, and the list goes on. If I remember correctly the only Pres who got a clean bill of health was Nixon and I think Carter.

JonBenet Ramsay was being trained for the same fate of this I am certain and something went wrong during a session. Look up The Franklin Case on line and watch the movie, if you can find it.

For the upper levels like this they only long term train the most beautiful and intelligent ~ and strongest psychologically to have survived what they are put through to make them "special". Training, as in the case of this woman, began at birth. But it can begin at any young age actually.

As for Rudy, of course he is such a degenerate. In his case, I have a site that specializes in professional, high level psychiatric analysis of various high level politicians. He is a scary man. Hair trigger anger, intolerant, arrogant, dismissive, liar, although it does not mention his transexual or transvestite leanings at all.

Their work on Hilary was pretty easy on her considering what we know of the Clintons.

Also in my first months of blogging in 2007 I did a piece called MK ULTRA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL IN THE WHITE HOUSE which is chock full of links. It is worth a read.

The reason this topic is important because it is far more than just sex with children. It is much deeper. It is because MK ULTRA is pulled into it. That is the same form of mind control that is now applied on an national scale to North America. When you watch the day of 911, every goddam element you see, is pure MK Ultra. The same formula used on these victims of pedophilia. Actually, internationally since this work comes from ancient Egypt and came to North America after WW2 with the German scientists and psychologists brought in under Operation Paperclip.

hANOVER fIST said...

Thanks much - I'm going to print this out and read it on the way home tonight.

I wish that we could get Conspiracy of Silence on TV somehow. I guarantee that the response would be insane. A lot of people are willing to put their children out there for short-term gain, but if they really knew what they were subjecting their children to, they'd run the scumbags out of town on a rail.

Please feel free to send anything and everything my way.

I want to warn you...reading certain parts of this story will upset you.