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The Blinders Are Coming Off

Happy Monday, dear readers! It looks as if the blinders are coming off of the world's collective eyes:

UK trade unions overwhelmingly pass boycott vote on Israel:

Press release, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 17 September 2009

In a landmark decision, Britain's trade unions have voted
overwhelmingly to commit to build a mass boycott movement,
disinvestment and sanctions on Israel for a negotiated settlement based
on justice for Palestinians.

The motion was passed at the 2009 TUC Annual Congress in Liverpool
today (17 September), by unions representing 6.5 million workers across
the UK

The curtain is falling away from the pristine image of Israel as "the only democracy in the Middle East". Check out the links below, and tell me that Israel is taking the high road in all manners of diplomacy:

In other news...check out this asshattery by Telegraph "reporter" Michael Deacon. Boy...those kneepads might be in need of is your jism-catcher. Actually, one poster impressed me with his analysis, and I'm going to repost it here, attributing full credit to said poster. Nick2k9, take it away:

Michael Deacon, you are a fool. Just another big headed, ill informed journalist out of his depth.

It’s clear from this pathetic article that not only are you earning above your talent with a job at The Telegraph, with your lackluster writing skills. But you haven’t properly looked into 9/11 at all.

Foolishly lumping in not only all 9/11 theories but doing the cliche’ turd-move of attaching a genuinely ridiculous theory (the moon fakery) to the mention of 9/11 theories to try and automatically make the very suggestion absurd. Very poor.

The theory that all three buildings were brought down by controlled demolition is in no way confused and the evidence is overwhealming. Why don’t you take your head out of your ass and go take a look at

The official site of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. Now over 800 building professionals and scientists who all universally agree that all three WTC buildings came down by controlled demolition.

All the evidence is nicely comprised and compiled in American convinience-stylee so your minute brain should have no problem gobbling it up. But I’ll also lay out just a little bit of it here.

First - Three buildings fell.
Not only did a freak occurance happen on 9/11 but three freak occurances happened on 9/11. No high-rise building EVER (that’s right Michael… EVER) has fell from fire damage yet on 9/11 three of the most solidly comprised constructs in New York collapsed head to toe.

Note the sub-heading, three buildings. Why are most people under the impression that only the Towers fell? Because after day one major news outlets worldwide were told not to show footage of WTC 7 collapsing for unknown reasons.

But a very probable reason is because it was not hit by a plane and every journalist with half a brain was not only commenting on how the collapse looked very very similar to a controlled demolition, almost identical some said but that it wasn’t hit by a plane. They were questioning it. The words explosion and demolition were used… A lot.

Seems very clear it was too obvious a demolition, nobody seriously thought that building came down from such absolutely minimal fire damage from excess debri off the Towers which were about an American football yard away from WTC 7.

Second - Molten iron.
Okay, office fires don’t half have the temperature required to melt steel which is exactly what happened on 9/11. In fact, the steel wasn’t just melted it was turned into Molten Iron.

Molten Iron is the by-product of high-temperature explosions, normally only found in? That’s right Mike, controlled demoltions.

There is absolutely NO WAY even with jet fuel, that the fire alone created molten iron. Pools of molten iron running through the streets reported by hundreds of eye-witnesses including fireman, policeman, by-standers and survivors. Also, lots of pictorial evidence.

What normally happens after a disaster, especially of such a gigantic scale? Every inch of anything in site is examined. Yet on 9/11 the Bush Administration IMMEDIATELY shipped off nearly every scrap of steel left in the debri. Hmm, why’s that.

Thirdly - Nano-thermite in the dust.
Nano-thermite Michael, is an extremely sophisticated, extremely violent, carefully made element than is used to literally cut through steel like a hot butter through knife.

It’s created in defense labs and used by the military. The chances of Al-Queda not only having access to this material or being able to make it in the caves of Afghanistan or get this, plant it throughout the steel constructs of all three buildings are not only unlikely… It’s actually laughable to suggest.

But isit laughable to suggest the Government could do this. Absolutely not in fact it’s pretty much the only theory that fits. The FACT is, we know nano-thermite which still hasn’t been officially accounted for WAS in those buildings.

We have the absolute 100% chemical evidence to prove this. Hundreds of independent and high-profile social engineers that have examined the dust and the steel have all found and confirmed it’s existence and we also have video evidence of hot lava molten iron (by product of thermite) running all over the place. Even video evidence of it running down the building right before it collapses.

So this. We know. What we do not know as fact is who put it there. But who had access to the buildings? The Government. Who else? Nobody.

And - One more - Symmetrical near free-fall collapses.
This Mike, defies physics.
Not only did three high-rise steel constructs collapse from minimal fire damage on 9/11. A first in history. But all three collapsed an an absolutely indentical fashion to a controlled demolition. Which is comprised of these features:

> Near free-fall speed. This happens in demolitions as they’re taking out the columns AS the building is collapsing so that the falling building meets no resistance. You don’t get EXACT free-fall speed because obviously there is still the explosions going off and slightly delayed collapsing. But near free-fall is exactly what happened on 9/11, with all three buildings.

> Mushroom clouds of smoke. This happens, obviously, because of the violent, hyper-reactive explosions going off so what you get is a huggge mushroom effect from the cumilative energy. Which is exactly what we saw.

> Outward ejection of building material. We can see from all of the video evidence, tons of steel being literally pulverized and shot feircly OUTWARD at measured speeds of up to 75mph. Normal collapses don’t produce enough energy to crush thousands of tons of steel into dust nevermind shoot it horizontally at high speeds. Explosives do though.

> Top structure failure. What you’ll typically see in a demolition is the top of the building slightly fall in on itself just before the building collapses. This is done so the building falls in on itself and doesn’t damage anything around it. And this is exactly what we see in the videos of all three collapses. Especially WTC 7, it’s very very clear indeed. I’m surprised an apparently intelligent man such as yourself doesn’t at least find it ‘odd’ that all three buildings fell neatly in on themselves from top to bottom in seconds and damaged nothing around them. Despite very random, minimal fire damage.

The symmetrical collapses are the true smoking gun though. Notice on one of the Towers, a plane hits the one side of the tower. So this is non-symmetrical damage yet seconds later, the top collapses inwards and we see a very fast SYMMETRICAL collapse. Then the building proceeds very quickly to meet the ground.

If these were normal collapses, even if part of the buildings collapse inwards, you would see resistance. These collapses saw NO resistance. They fell at near free-fall speed. The only way that can happen is if you take the columns out as the building is coming down. That’s how you get the increased speed of the collapse to make a nice neat little pile of rubble at the end of it.

All of this is just the icing on the cake.

So lets look at what we have here. We have LOTS and LOTS of evidence which 100% supports the controlled demolition theory. Visual collapses mimmicing the very nature to a tee, increased collapse speeds, mushroom clouds of smoke, rumbling grounds pre-collapse, eye-witness and SURVIVOR testimony of explosion-like gun-banging going around the towers as it’s coming down and of course, the smoking gun - Chemical proof of nano-thermite, an explosive used by the military, found in the dust and steel of all three buildings.

I’d say that’s pretty focused, unconfused, non-nutty, factually driven, logical evidence.

And I’m assuming you believe the official account? So what evidence do we have for that… Hmm… Erm… You may have to help me here. Oh yeah, some fuzzy CCTV footage that the victim’s families had to take the FBI to court over to get hold of which vaguely shows some foreign men boarding some planes. This is apparently proof the hijackers got onboard that day. And… Some PERFECTLY in tact passports found conviniently in the aftermath rubble.

So the attacks killed 2.6k people, destroyed two jumbo-jets, brought down three gigantic, steel-constructed buildings and pulverized every thing in them… Yet left some paper / cardboard passports in perfect harmony? Okay yeah, I can see that must be convincing for you.

I think we need to re-point the camera with 9/11 and see who the real fools are. I have lots and lots of facts and proof supporting my theory, I don’t need to resort to belittling people to reinforce my few, I can shit evidence out all day. Where as you believe 19 amateur terrorist pilots with knives and boxcutters hijacked four planes and successfully hit 75% of their targets killing 2.6k American citizens with no military interference what so ever. Because they were told to stand down… Which was apparently over confusion as they just happened to be training that very day for? The event of planes crashing into high-rise buildings. Convinient indeed.

Sure, I’m the nutty, confused one. Maybe you’ll wake up and think for yourself one day instead of being spoon-fed your life by people around you and believing everything you hear on TV. Don’t insult my intelligence by stereotyping me when you haven’t even looked into the matter objectively. You fucking moron.

Stick to writing film reviews because your debate skills lack one key aspect. Logic

Well said.

Considering all of the postings that I have done on the subject, you'd think that I would've committed a similar posting...but I have to admit this: my blood boils at the thought of the constant scumbaggery that has taken place in America since 1913, and what we're experiencing now is a direct result of said scumbaggery. That being said, when I'm writing about the events of September 11th, 2001, I see RED.

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