Monday, September 14, 2009

The Scumbags Are Running Wild - We CAN Stop The New World Order!

Check out the gesticulations between Sean Hannity and Dick Morris - looks like spastics losing control.

They are grasping at straws; these losers are besides themselves at the prospect of losing their grip upon the lives of WE THE PEOPLE.



Chimp said...

I don't agree with the religious connotation but completely agree with the fact thyat we are slowly but shurely moving towards a chip being implanted in all of us that will provide our monetary interaction plus will tell the poiwers that be who we are.

This has already been done in a smaller scale for the past 20 years by chipos implanted in credit cards.

hANOVER fIST said...

Indeed - but I will not willingly go along with that trend.

That way lies the end of humanity.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

The chip can also be used to channel and alter thoughts as well as emotional states. It is FAR MORE than just a carrier of data. I have seen films of it used on animals. An angry bull stop in the middle of a charge and just start to eat the grass, a calm cat suddenly going psycho on its companion.

David Icke has some good material on this. The scientific sites I had were removed from YouTube alas.

Anything that interferes with my spirit and the chip is just such a thing, is off limits. Also there have been quite a few people take the chip and their cancer rates have sky rocketed.

Now, about China and money. We know that the satanically motivated Khazars led by the Rothschilds are behind this whole NWO drive. The history of the Jews has been to instill themselves into a booming culture and over the decades kill all that is wholesome and bleed it dry. Then they perform some final betrayal and move on to another host in booming conditions. They take all their gold with them and the economy of the previous place sinks. They have done this again and again and again. Certainly by the time they did it to Egypt, it was already an artform to them.

Now America is the dying carcass. There is a lot more bleeding to be done and it ain't gonna be pretty. However, they have also been investing and insinuating themselves into China for a decade or so now. If you look into some of the big investors there, you will find old family Jewish names along with their buddies like the Rockefellers.

This is only my suppositions. I have little to back it up but it is from many little things that I have come to this conclusion. It is THEIR publications that began to announce a few decades ago that this century would be the century of China. I remember that on the cover of Time.

They much admire China and the wonderful job Mao did in bringing about the communist state.Also China and the Jews have an ancient relationship not terribly publicized in the West.

When you are faced with the chip decision you will be asked this question. Or something along this line. Do you reject Jesus? The Chabad Lubavitch HATE him... they are behind a lot of the machinations between countries.

If you accept the chip you are, accepting Satan. If you say yes, you are taken in and chipped, the lowest order or rank of slave to the NWO. That is the biggie warned of in the bible. If you refuse the chip, I don't know what the alternative is beyond not being able to purchase a thing.

Oh btw, some good stuff here. You are now blogrolled. Be nice if you did the same. If you feel the urge of course.

hANOVER fIST said...

Just have to figure out how and where to add the blogrolling gadget!

I appreciate your sentiments. We need to rid the world of these soulless malcontents.