Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Ongoing Battle Against Scumbaggery Continues

I have encountered a new voice of illogic on CounterKnowledge, who goes by the nom de plume of GeekEngineer. His first visit to the page was to take me to task for my posting "Open-Air Fires CANNOT Melt Steel". I noticed something that I didn't immediately pounce upon, but now I'm going to. I am reposting my response to a tirade by one of the regular retards, which follows:

If John Thames has a “striking penis fixation”, as you assert, it may be because he has borne witness to our whore representatives sucking on so much cock, it makes him sick to his stomach. All of that uncircumsized tiny schvantze (Ron Jeremy notwithstanding) eagerly taken in the mouths of Pelosi, Hoyer, etc. - herpes and all.

GeekEngineer…I hoped for the best…ah, well. Let’s go back to your first posting here, in reference to my blog posting, - you mumbled something along the lines of, and here I directly quote: “Blah blah blah… “BOMBS or similar methods”… blah blah blah… JEWS… blah blah blah…”

Hmmm…I’m just wondering…where did you find the word “JEWS” in the entirety of that posting?

I did a word find with the web browser, just in case my “hatred” was blinding me; alas, I was unable to find A SINGLE REFERENCE to “JEWS” in that posting.

Could it be that you came here with some preconceptions? I’d say so.

moRON - the one thing you’re refusing to accept is that the assassination of JFK and the attack upon Pearl Harbor are both FALSE-FLAG ATTACKS, regardless of whatever tripe is offered up by the various networks as “research”.

GeekEngineer - you’ll notice that I haven’t yet made fun of your nom de plume…but that is contingent upon your next response to me. If the best you can do is to ignore the fact that you COMPLETELY MADE UP AN ARGUMENT WITH WHICH YOU USED TO TAKE FAULT WITH MY POSTING, you will find said nom de plume mangled, as befits all scumbags.

And do yourself a favor - don’t cite NIST as an expert in anything, except maybe in inserting their collective cranial cavities into the anus of Larry “Two Sheds” Silverstein and everyone else who assisted with the murder of over 3,000 Americans. Those nitwits couldn’t even come up with a convincing lie to explain why WTC 7 collapsed.

I'm well practiced in dealing with the reality-challenged, as you can witness here in my nearly five-month ping-pong with some maniac named Ben Plonie at the God Blog - some back-and-forth between Ben Plonie and I...I'll provide just a snippit:
“Songbird” McCain will do nothing but bring about the end of Israel as we all know it - don’t think of him as a friend…he will say what he thinks will appease his audience.

Remember…he made propaganda videos for the Viet Cong to receive preferential medical treatment, while his fellow soldiers sat in pain, but divulged no information with which the United States could be harmed.

I don’t begrudge Israel’s existence, but I do begrudge the actions taken against the indigenous population therein. Please understand that “never again” means that for EVERYONE.

Comment by hANOVER fIST on 6/02/08 at 10:54 am

I cannot believe that an entity called the Jewish Journal would host the comments of anti Israel, anti-Zionist, antisemitic cockroaches like the posters above. McCain has provided the only moral clarity in this discussion and has fired a shot across the bow of the upcoming election. The democrats will be reduced to “homina-homina-homina” in the face of this statement of support for Israel.

Obama would throw Israel under the bus faster than his white grandmother. Many, many Jews will die if Obama becomes President. And many, many Arabs will die if Obama becomes President.

The USS Liberty? Are you kidding? This has been debunked many times. Either it was a mistake (based on the boat being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or a legitimate hit on a vessal coopted by the NSA to pass on Israeli troop movements to the Egyptians. [comment from hf - Phil Tourney, James Ennes, you may wish to state to the contrary to this assertion...]

Israel is as close to a US state as it is possible for another country to be. As McCain said, our shared values make it so. America was founded in the first place by people inspired by the freedom of the ancient Israelites from tyranny.

And let hanover learn the true meaning of ‘indigenous’. Jews are indigenous to Palestine/Israel, not Arabs. Period. Learn some true history.

Comment by Ben Plonie on 6/02/08 at 5:47 pm

You can read the rest of this scintillating exchange at The God Blog.

As always, I await your comments.

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