Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The American Idiot

Incredible video.

Dear readers, I had run across the story of the TSA harassment of a blogger, but the follow-up story is even more amazing: TSA Withdraws Subpoenas Against Bloggers. As you can see by one blogger's proper reaction to such scumbaggery, there is no percentage in caving in to scumbags. The blogger who did now has an unusable laptop. a computer technician, I can say that the TSA agent who "copied" Frischling's hard drive did a fucking piss-poor job of it. From some of the comments, it is implied that the copied hard drive is the one within the laptop, as there is evidence of the device having been opened.

Steven Frischling...take this advice from someone who knows: if you are using that machine for anything but playing Bubble Trouble by Ambrosia Software, you're setting yourself up for more harassment. That machine has been fitted with trackware and probably now has some sort of locator and microphone set for one purpose - to draw out your anonymous sources. I guarantee that if you brought that machine to an Apple Store, they'd find that the original hard drive is missing.

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