Monday, January 4, 2010

A Quick Start In 2010

Happy New Year, dear readers!

WattsUpWithThat has posted a letter from Lord Monckton - enjoy.

This from Freedom Is Truth In Action:

Some douche bag was making fun of Jesse Ventura mainly the global warming episode. After i schooled him on here the whole bulletin disappeared so i guess ill explain it again. #1 The earths overall temp. is dependent on solar winds and solar flares.#2 CO2 is not a major green house gas 90%of the all green house gases is water vapor. #3 the largest contributor of CO2 is not humans its the ocean all animals breath out CO2 the ocean is most of the Earth and animals inhabit it 3 dimensionally. #4 taxes {the reason they perpetrate the lie} don't solve problems they collect money. The Republicans and Democrats are 2 wings of the same bird and they are not on the peoples side. Do your research.

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