Tuesday, April 15, 2008

But seriously, folks...

Well..I did it.

I am now officially a tax protester.

What do I mean?

I am, for stuff that does not benefit me, a procrastinator. I'll wait until the last picosecond, and then attempt the impossible.

For the most part, it works out. I work 35 hours a week, but I waste at least 15 hours that selfsame week traveling back and forth to my occupation. so...that's at least 50 hours out of the 168 hours within a week's time. Then, of course, there's sleep.

Whack off at least another 28 hours...unless I've been imbibing.

So...the rest of that time is precious to me, and I wouldn't wish to waste it staring at some dopey-ass HD images on TV.

"Ooh...look at how realistic the astroturf is!"


When I was 12, I got a TV RADIO for my birthday.

The picture only turns your brain, which is a marvelous device that no computer has come close to emulating, into a fucking TOASTER.

Now, don't get me wrong...it's not like I've NEVER watched TV...but I just think the importance some people have put into watching TV has gone beyond the pale.

And then, of course, there's the blatant propaganda prevalent on TV.

Here's my most recent example.

First, you will have to be a denizen of New York City and a rider of the transit system. The MTA has taken to placing linked ads on either side of the trains. The ad that I've noticed recently is a recruitment poster of sorts for Child Protective Services.

Are you BOLD enough?

Are you SMART enough?

Are you TOUGH enough?

Are you COOL enough?

And on and on...and, of course, that in and of itself should not be anything weird...but along with this, there is the curious timing of a show I've added to my repetoire...WITHOUT A TRACE, starring Anthony LaPaglia as Jack Malone, and with a rather decent cast (I LOVE Poppy Montgomery's lip gloss...her lips are to die for!).

So...I was watching the second episode to air last night...and it involved...


So...what's the big deal, you say? Well...the usual premise of the show is that someone in the beginning of the show disappears, and the agents (FBI) uncover every thread to determine the fate of the missing individual.

Usually, the individual is found to be deceased, ans their secret lives uncovered. But not this episode - the CPS agent is shown to be a overly-moral individual, who cares WAAAY too much about doing his job, and is sorta like Jesus beset by the Romans (by the way, to my bud JS...the Jews of old did NOT kill Jesus...it's actually a no-brainer!); his colleagues and supervisors are lacking in conviction, and unwilling to understand the enormous pressure the occupation brings to bear.

Well...I know it's a shitty job. But, it's not the ONLY shitty job out there.

At any rate...my point here is that now there seems to be a push to promote the good that CPS performs. You know...like removing kids from homes because of ill-informed determinations, all so that the child can suffer at the hands of some hard-bitten foster child with NO HOPE of adoption or placement.

If I do watch TV, it's only the few shows I do watch, or it's one of the news propaganda channels. My favorite right now is CNN (the CIA News Network). I giggle at these wholly compromised anchors blithely selling lies to the general public as informed wisdom.

Once you whores have sold yourselves to the point that you're unnecessary...what do you think will happen?

What happens when a child is bored with a toy?

They discard them.

They break them.


You whores think you've some sort of "in" with the so-called "elite"? You better do some Kegel exercises with your sphincters and keep 'em airtight...because the first time you're not really tight like they're used to your tuchis being...YOU'RE DONE.

Man, oh, Manischewitz...that was an evil rant...but it needed to be said.

Back to my tax protesting stance...so, I saved it for tonight. I was filling out the forms...when I found the 1913 tax form on WRH's letters page.


1913 was the beginning of the end of the United States of America.

The corporations and lawyers saddled WE THE PEOPLE with THEIR GODDAMN tax burden.

There is NO tax on WAGES.

There IS a tax on INCOME.

WAGES are what one uses to support their families; build and maintain a place to live love and prosper. WAGES are traded for blood, sweat, tears and YOUR TIME.

INCOME is what is referred to as gains not from labor. Lottery winnings are considered INCOME. Corporation profits are considered INCOME.

Are you getting it yet?

Within some of my earlier postings, I refer to a Thirteenth Amendment that NO ONE has heard of.

Check the date of the current Thirteenth Amendment...then we'll talk some more...for now, enjoy Jesse "The MIND" Ventura 0wn1ng Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes. Hannity is a bitch-ass, and Colmes is a DINO (Democrat In Name Only).

Enjoy - I'm going to go pickle the liver...

H & C get own3d



In 1996, Congress - in a middle-of-the-night backroom deal - reversed nearly eighty years of tax law. They stripped whistleblowers (along with all other victims of civil rights violations) of their right to be "made whole" after suffering emotional distress or loss of reputation. Attorneys for the National Whistleblower Center, in Murphy v. IRS , fought the constitutionality of this law all the way to the Supreme Court. This week, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, so now -- 12 years later -- we must turn back to Congress and ask them to pass the Civil Rights Tax Relief Act of 2007.

Take Action for Victims! Click Here to Email your Representatives!

This 1996 law allows the IRS to tax victims who are being compensated for mental, emotional, and/or reputational damages. This is especially troublesome considering that the IRS is not allowed to tax compensation for physical injury. Congress' mindset in this instance was mean-spirited, cruel, and defied years of medical research, which shows unequivocally that mental distress is every bit as harmful as physical injury. Ever since this amendment was passed, according to the IRS, if a whistleblower suffers a heart attack (which some have) as a result of the stress from a wrongful discharge - their court awarded compensation is taxable because the IRS considers it to be an emotional, not a physical injury.

President Clinton realized the nefarious nature of the amendment when he signed the 1996 bill (a minimum wage increase), saying:

"Such damages are paid to compensate for injury, whether physical or not, and are designed to make victims whole, not to enrich them. These damages should not be considered a source of taxable income."

Take Action for Victims! Click Here to Email your Representatives!

We are asking for your help to see that Congress passes the Civil Rights Tax Relief Act of 2007 this term! The law, which was introduced in both the House (HR.1540) and Senate (S.1689) last year, would in essence repeal the 1996 amendment that destroyed the ability of whistleblowers to be made "whole."

Email Your Congressional Representatives Today!


NWC Staff

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