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Okay...let it be said that I am disappointed in regards to the three officers not being held accountable for their actions.

I have close personal friends that are law enforcement officers, so don't think I'm on some anti-cop rant - but as I mentioned before, the whole reason that was proferred to the public for their suspeting the trio had a gun, was that they were threatened by an "unknown individual" who threatened the trio with violence, prompting them to retrieve a gun that did not least, not at the scene.


If the report does not exist, then NEITHER DOES THE "UNKNOWN INDIVIDUAL".

I posit that this case was thrown, in order for riots to ensue, thereby giving a reason to enact MARTIAL LAW.

Too bad, scumbags...

Okay...a few more rants:

PEAK OIL is a HOAX; oil is produced ABIOTICALLY...or else you believe that there must have been dinosaurs on MARS, now that evidence of oil has been found.

GLOBAL WARMING...or, excuse me, CLIMATE CHANGE, is another bunch of hooey. Albert Gore, after throwing the eletion in 2000, should have the credibility of, hey, let's say, George Walker Bush, the Monkey King, the nitwit who stole two elections; the first with the help of his brother, Jeb, and Katherine "Tammy Faye the Second" Harris; the second with the assistance of Ken "Uncle Tom" Blackwell.


I found this posted in a comments section:
America's "war OF terror", 'al-qaeda', the CIA and the truth we refuse to see


I think there are some major misperceptions taking place in the world today. We really ought to be looking into the truth of the information rather than explicitly trusting politicians that are bought and paid for by their constituency, which is largely the same individuals that profit most from the continuation of war and foreign policy that is abrasive and caustic to long term goals of peace and cultural exchange in the societies of the world.

The information I am introducing is the result of painstaking research and dissecting disinformation and propaganda. When a government official makes a statement it should never be taken for granted that the individual has our best interests in mind or that he is going to be straightforward and forthcoming about the information he offers. As people that lay claim to 'the greatest democracy in the world' it ought to be an inherent trait to disprove and remove those men that deliberately decieve and cause harm to the 'democratic' underpinnings that have been handed down to us through our founding fathers. The opposite has become the norm.

This 'war OF terror' being waged by the militarist elements of the United States government (in proxy) on various countries around the world is a farce. It is a lie and construction of men that love money, especially the money war produces. It is the most lucrative market in human history. Let's look at some of the demographics first.

So far at least $500 BILLION dollars have been spent on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. These figures do not take into consideration the operations in Sudan, Pakistan, South Africa and other low key areas. $500 BILLION DOLLARS. That figures out to $275 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR FOR 5 YEARS! Can you even grasp the idiocy of that amount or the loss it represents? Figures released today put the number of 'al-qaeda' in Iraq between 2,000 to 6,000 members. That puts the spending per capita between $45,800 to as much as $137,500 DAILY! We are paying out $10,000 more than a teacher's annual salary daily to fight an imaginary enemy at the low end of the figure. The money represented here is just a fraction of what is actually spent. The budgets of other 'security' and clandestine operations groups such as Blackwater and Dyncorp are kept secret and are not even accounted for by our politicians so we can't even see the real figures.

Now let's look at the Iraqi deaths. Right now the conservative figure of 700,000 is offered. That figures out to 400 people PER DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR FOR FIVE YEARS! And this is 'acceptable' collatral damage? considering Saddam had NO WMD'S, he posed no threat to America, he WAS NOT seeking nuclear fissile material. 400 people per day are being slaughtered because of lies, distortions, and greed. What we are seeing is American energy policy in action, but it's more than that. Information for these statistics was drawn from here and here. If it is possible for God to weep I imagine we should be inundated any moment.

If we are going to get a right perspective about our nation's current conundrum we need to go back to the fall of Russia. Russia was fractured in the late 70's, early 80's in order to maximize the potential for petroleum extraction, and you were taught that it was all about the fall of 'communism'. How grossly naive. I have always wondered why, if communism was such a threat to America, didn't it enter into WWII on the side of Germany because it was Hitler not England that was fighting the spread of communism in Europe. Perhaps because it was NEVER about communism anyway. Back to the present. In the late 70's America was recruiting Muslims to fight against Russia to further its dissolution. When the states began to peel away from Russia they were areas around the Caspian Sea which had access to large reserves of petroleum. They were replaced by 'democracies' loyal to America petroleum companies just as was the case in petroleum extraction in South America. To this day an office of Baker Botts is located in Azerbaijan and deals exclusively with petroleum production legalities, where James Baker(ex-Chief of Staff, Sec of the Treasury, & Sec of State) sits on the Honorary Council of Advisors. He also served on the board of the Carlyle Group which is the largest military defense industries holder on the face of the earth and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Azerbaijan happens to be where one of the pipelines originated from on the west side of the Caspian Sea. A documentary called 'Extreme Oil' (circa 2004 via PBS) confronts a great deal of the actions of our government in foreign countries where petroleum is a prized resource. It also reveals the consequences of 'American intervention' by using military troops in the dual role of "training foreign troops and protecting the petroleum pipelines". THAT is what American troops are doing in Iraq right now. That and keeping the next progression into Iran near simmering.

The United States CIA is using 'al-qaeda' the same way they used the Contras in the 80's. The CIA from its earliest days has been used to import drugs into America and use those profits to further fund their clandestine operations. CIA DRUG LINK TRILLIONS of American taxpayer's dollars are spent each year supporting 'foreign policy' that is hazardous to other countries of the world and detrimental to the development of true democracies. Quite to the contrary American militarism has been single handedly the greatest threat to true representative democratic societies for the last 100 years. Here is one of the most revelatory films made in recent history that exposes the lie of 'al-qaeda' and the CIA's involvement with even its base structure. One of the important things that should be drawn from this film is that radical Islamists realized the failure of 'radical Islam' to incite the masses, therefore the proponents of the radical ideologies carried out are operating under the premise that it has become acceptable, which it still hasn't. The series called,"The Power of Nightmares" (produced by the BBC) explains a great deal about the tools and methods of the people that are the greatest threats to America and the world.

When you begin to understand the events and their importance you begin to see that Sept. 11, 2001 wasn't an 'attack on our freedoms' but an escalation of policy already in place. You might think that because you believe in America the 'feelings' are reciprocal. It couldn't be further from the truth. There is another 'event' not far down the road that will be used to solidify American 'resolve'(read imperialism) into hatred which will lead to its invasion of Iran.

Bad news #1

Bad news #2

Now this might not seem like the 'issue' it really is on the surface but there really is more to it. You see the recent article in Esquire magazine that covers the admiral's resignation was written by a very interesting figure. The author of the article was a Thomas P. Barnett. Mr. Barnett is a consultant and strategic planner for national security affairs, so what is he doing writing an article about the demise of a admiral that was heralded as the last great firewall preventing an attack on Iran? Well, Mr Barnett has harbored some obliquely fascist ideologies in a presentation he used to tour America on called, "Life After DoDth or: How the Evernet Changes Everything". He has authored a couple of rather interesting books while doing all of this 'consulting' 'strategic planning' 'stuff'. "The Pentagon's New Map-A Future Worth Creating" and "The Pentagon's New Map- War and Peace in the 21st Century" paint a clear picture of a governmental department transforming the militaristic outposts of the American Empire into training grounds for 'boots on the ground' in a global 'police force' using every technological advantage to ensure the protection of resources and power. Enter the National Applications Office and other erosions of America's right to privacy and sound leadership. If that doesn't sound like a 'terrorist training camp' I don't know what does. Mr. Barnett seems almost apologetic in his recent blog entry concerning the 'image' his article presented. It seems he is hesitant as to the sense of alarm he has created but I have to wonder if he was not genuinely aware of it while writing the material he has for so long embraced. The next step is going to drag America further into a war OF terror that it has created itself in order to justify Empire.

IF we as Americans chooses to remain ignorant and blind to the truth it will have severe detrimental effects on mankind as well as the continuity of our own civilization.

"If, in the dying light of the Bush administration, we go to war with Iran, it'll all come down to one man. If we do not go to war with Iran, it'll come down to the same man. He is that rarest of creatures in the Bush universe: the good cop on Iran, and a man of strategic brilliance."

It's no longer "if" but a matter of when. Before the end of the year?
Time is running out.

Hey - I'm back! I'm almost finished reading The Zebra-Striped Hearse, by Ross McDonald. I've also have been watching The Big Tease, starring Craig Ferguson - I can't stop watching it!

I think a "Hello, 'Frisco!" may be in order. What the heck...I don't care what you do in you personal long as it doesn't affect anyone else adversely.

That's the problem I have with hypocrites like Senators Larry Craig and Joey DiFatta - YOU GUYS ARE FAGS!

Be guys love grabbing a nice, hard hog whenever you can. I don't know a single one of my pals who thinks that they could hang out in a bathroom stall, grab some hog, and then protest that they aren't ghey?

I'd slap the reality into 'em real quick.

I'll end with a Secret Invasion discussion:


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