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How the DM (Distraction Media) Picks YOUR candidates for President!

The DM

Hear Tim Robbins' take on the media.

Back to the subject of this blog - the BLOODY IMPLAUSIBILITY of the occurrences of September 11th, 2001. Here's a few examples...

I HATE referring to the events of that day using the cutesy contraction 9/11 - though it's obviously easier as a URL.


The Head Chimp was able to almost manufacture his version of the Schutz-Staffel using our militia against us.

Truman was prescient in understanding that the newly-created intelligence agencies should NOT be given policing powers.

Here, I quote Lord Acton: "Power tends to corrupt;and absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY."

Now, I quote the Monkey King: "This would be easier if this were a long as I'm the dictator."

Heh, heh...this idiot chuckled at the thought. He probably got a chubby, too.

Let's note a trend, shall we?

Abraham Lincoln - assassinated.

Why was he murdered? Was it because he freed the slaves?


He was going to cost the bankers their il-gotten gains, and so he had to be removed. He had his own slaves, and if you delve into some of his not-so-promoted speeches, you'll find that he was an advocate of shipping "dem nigras" back to the dark land that spawned them.

Harry Truman - not assassinated.

Truman was responsible for the unnecessary deaths of the ground zero populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Are there really no Japanese with their balls in a dander, like if you shoved a whole bamboo rod under his fingernails, one splinter at a time? No problem here.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy - MURDERED.

JFK seemed to have rubbed a lot of guys the wrong way. Was it that he refused Israel nuclear weapons? They obtained them, regardless - our "pals", alright.

Was it that he actively target the Mafia after using their resources to gain the Presidency? It's feasible, if not ridiculous...if the Secret Service were performing their functions adequately.

Was it the CIA? If you'll remember, after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, JFK threatened to disband the agency. As I stated once before - did we need the events of September 11th to occur 46 years early? Don't you think that these idiots would've bungled that op, just as they did September 11th?

I KNOW it wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald...and in your heart of hearts, YOU KNOW AS WELL.

Hey - maybe it was someone who was outraged that Marilyn Monroe was getting fingercuffed in the Oval Office by JFK and Bobby...why not?


I covered a lot of this in a previous blog. I practically copied Mike Rivero's MLK page here on MLK's birthday, and I will eventually replace his information with some of my own verbiage and interpretation of the events...but I did spend an inordinate amount of time copying the picture links, so I may retain a good number of those pic links. But I digress - he actually worked to keep the masses in line with his non-violence stance...which, of course, did not save his ass in the end. And think about this...who called him out on the balcony that day? Jesse "Mumblemouth" Jackson...yes, the same Jesse Jackson who obtained quite a nice bit of change from Texaco, after the infamous "black jellybeans stuck to the bottom of the bag" debacle.

Robert Francis Kennedy - MURDERED!!!

Damn...if there's any case that actually gives me the shits, it's this one. The LAPD did EVERYTHING IN THEIR GODDAMN POWER to cover up the obvious-to-Ray-Charles-on-horse events of the day.

Stevie Wonder would've done a better investigation than these fucking morons.

"Look - the presidential nominee was just shot! Whoa...I heard more gunshots than could possibly come from the gun that wiry little mud bastard was using...should we look for another gunman?"

"Nah...let's get that photographer..."

Okay...the trend I was speaking of is a simple one.

Those who attempt, in some way, to improve the human condition, are murdered, maligned or destroyed. And I'm not equating either JFK or MLK as some sort of saints; they're not even in my league!

The scumbags who wish to rob everyone else blind of all possessions, earthly or otherwise, can do so with IMPUNITY.

Excuse me for a spell...I'm gonna go mainline some Jameson's...

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