Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Man Banned by Digg

Dale Williams interviews Mike Rivero, webmaster of Most of the content on Mike's site has been banned by Digg. Why the censorship? Find out with this in-depth interview. H.R. 1955 - the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 and the Truth and Freedom Movements are just a few of the topics discussed.

Click the video below to listen. Update below video. - Watch more free videos

The Man Banned by Digg - Watch more free videos

Update - Now Digg has tagged this story as inacurate to bury it. "Warning: The Content in this Article May be Inaccurate."

If there were anything inaccurate in this report then why not say which part is incorrect? The fact is there is nothing inaccurately reported in this story or in the excellent interview on the state of our nation. Here is the link to our previous story about being banned. -

Let Digg know that censorship in America is unacceptable. Digg it!

Below are some of the comments on Digg -

by NeoConSlayer - Submitted 12 hr 36 min ago, 27 Diggs and ALREADY we have the infamous "Warning: The Content in this Article May be Inaccurate". THAT alone speaks volumes!

by Rocket99 - I have NEVER seen that tag on an article with less than 100 Diggs before.

by lhbaker - That warning tag is probably the most bullshit policy ever implemented on Digg. It's like a special sort of signal for righties to gang up and bury the thing.

by youtellme8 -The entire democratic concept of Digg won't work if there is censorship of any sort. I'm very disappointed.

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