Thursday, April 24, 2008

North American Union Traitors Include Chertoff, Rice, Bush

Lou Dobbs telling it like it is

Okay...we have some DM scumbags trying to "pooh-pooh" this as a non-event. I believe that, now that our dollar is on par with Canada's...that now the move is afoot to realign our dollar to the PESO.

Go look up the exchange rate.

That's MY new standard of living if I don't do anything.

This is OUR new standard of living if you don't do anything.

I believe this is why the presses and mints of the Ron Paul gold dollars were raided, and their stores seized. There's no reason to do this, unless there will be COMPETEING CURRENCY ARRIVING.

The Amero - the currency WE THE PEOPLE do NOT want

Found this at WRH's letter's page: Al and the Kaydas

This as well: The Three Al-Zawahiris

pt 1.

Pt 2.

Pt 3.

Just a last second thank-you to Lou Dobbs - I was watching your show on CNN Saturday evening (yeah...I was sitting at HOME watching CNN on a Saturday evening...but that is what I must do to ensure that all of us can enjoy NIGHTS AT HOME WITH OUR FAMILIES); know where America's bottom line is...and you see the bastards trying to tiptoe over it constantly...I am playing Devil's Advocate and posting this Alternet piece - Lou Dobbs is Clueless when it comes to the Drug War.

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