Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How Long Has This Propaganda Been Occurring? I'd Have To Say At Least Since 1966!

I have, in my possession, a copy of WORLD HISTORY QUESTIONS by Irving Gordon, published by Amsco School Publications, Inc. There's a section titled the Middle East, so as I was bored, I took it with me to read on the subway.

Oh, the things I noticed!

1. Which natural resource accounts for the world importance of the Middle East today? [1] gold; [2] iron ore; [3] oil; [4] uranium

Okay...that's pretty mild, right...But I wanted to show you Question #1 so that you can see why I consider Question #2 to be should I say...out of place:

2. Israel is located [1] in ancient Mesopotamia; [2] on the Arabian peninsula; [3] in southeastern Europe; [4] in southwestern Asia

Isn't that interesting? Considering the many ancient civilizations in the Middle East, the location of Israel is the second question posed? Let's see some more:

12. When did Jews first live in Palestine? [1] after World War I; [2] during the Crusades; [3] with the founding of the state of Israel; [4] in ancient times


13. Which event in modern times caused large-scale Jewish immigration to Palestine? [1] Nazi persecution of Jews; [2] Russian Communist discrimination against Jews; [3] discovery of oil in Palestine; [4] English violation of the Balfour Declaration

Hmmm...hasn't Alan Dershowitz and others claimed that there's no such land as Palestine? You was a land without a people for a people without a land, right?

Next...there is a map of the Middle East (circa 1966), along with questions. The countries are denoted by a letter with the region. The test indicates that the country must be identified by a brief description given as a test let's go to Question #5:

5. Formerly part of a British mandate, this nation is surrounded by hostile Arab neighbors.

Gee...which nation could this be?

And last, but not least...the essay questions. Let's go to Questions #4 and 5:

4. In regard to the state of Israel, discuss [a] two arguments for a Jewish homeland in Palestine; [b] one military action by which Israel defended its existence; [c] three problems that currently face the state of Israel

5. State whether you agree or disagree with each of the following statements, giving two arguments to support your position: [a] Arab nationalism has been responsible for unrest in the Middle East; [b] the Suez Canal is less important, economically and militarily, today that it was before World War I; [c] the creation of Israel will eventually benefit the entire Middle East; [d] Israel was justified in invading Egypt in 1958; [e] the Cyprus issue can be solved only by partition of the island; [f] Nasser's policies have caused more disunity than unity among the Arab nations

Am I being "anti-Semitic" by pointing this out?'s not "anti-Semitic" to point out wrongful actions. If you rob a bank...does it matter as to what ethnicity one belongs?

That's it for now...if I get a favorable response to this, maybe I'll concentrate next on Test 37: World War I

Oh...that'll be a doozy...

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