Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keep Your PCs Safe; We Are Witnessing A True HOLOCAUST In Action

I have, so far, managed not to contract the dreaded Conficker/Downadup infection...and I plan to keep it that way, at least in regards to my main computer. It will now become my entertainment station, and I will now utilize a backup PC as my main internet workstation.

If, by some unfortunate circumstance, you have contracted the dreaded infection, here are some removal instructions, along with a helper application (the application is zipped to prevent corruption - if you have Windows XP or VISTA, an uncompression utility is built into the OS; otherwise, try 7-Zip).

I am appalled at the level of dishonesty displayed by the government in Israel, with regard to the atrocities being visited upon the denizens of Gaza.

Let me make a clarification: I am not a sympathizer to the Palestinian cause. I have no preference to Palestinians over Israelis. I am an American born and's just that I was bred to DESPISE BRUTALITY AND INJUSTICE...and this is all that I see when I listen to a radio broadcast on 1010WINS, glance at a newspaper on the subway or peruse a "mainstream" news website.

Is it entirety possible that Israel is justified in their actions? Well, here's the can't justify pre-emptive strikes, and here's why:

You live in an apartment complex, and you and your next-door neighbor don't quite get it okay to shoot him, because you think they will do so if you don't first? It is NOT. This is why I fully support the Second Amendment - one should always be able to DEFEND onself from an attacker; if you outlaw firearms, only outlaws will have firearms.

Israel LIED when it was stated that there were no civilian casualties.

Israel LIED when it was stated that HAMAS broke the cease-fire.

Israel LIED when it was stated that they were not using white phosphorous, when they WERE.

I grew up believing that to earn respect, one should give respect. Israel is demanding the respect of Palestinians, without affording the same respect to them. You cannot expect for someone to recognize your "right to exist", and then not afford them the same right. This is the reason that the "two-state" solution was not accepted.

Sweden has cancelled a Holocau$t event - they didn't feel it was "appropriate" to observe such an event with the current massacre unfolding.

I agree.

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