Friday, January 9, 2009

Why Exactly Are Newspapers Failing?

This post was prompted by the following headline - Taxing ISPs To Prop Up Failing Newspapers?

Why exactly are the newspapers failing? Maybe they should try TELLING THE TRUTH to WE THE PEOPLE for a change.

Their poor sales have EVERYTHING to do with our "watchdogs" becoming stenographers for the scumbags occupying our government.

For example:

The retail stores are decrying "low sales" this holiday season...but can they not make a correlation between job losses and people making more prudent decisions with their remaining monies? There seems to be a disconnect here, but let's go to a more cogent example.

Georgia attacks Russia...yet, our news organizations report EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE - and are caught when interviewing a 12-year old girl rescued by the Russian troops.

Here's another:

Israel was engaged in a cease-fire with HAMAS. The truce was broken by Israel, yet all that has been report in the "mainstream" media is that HAMAS broke the cease-fire!

This is just ridiculous.

Is there any reason to support a business that DOES NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART?

I believe the PEOPLE have spoken.

In other looks like the 51st State's main mouthpiece is in FULL LIE MODE...but luckily, my bud Ryan Dawson put his boot to the lying throat of the ADL.

Let's chat a bit about the Bernard Madoff scandal. This is an example of why our current laws simply DO NOT WORK.

If a man robs someone of their available funds, and is arrested, he can be guaranteed to enjoy a stay in the prison system and suffer a loss of his ill-gotten gains.

If a man robs people of exhorbitant funds, and is caught, they can be guaranteed that they will be placed in a minimum-security facility, and fined for a fraction of their ill-gotten gains.

Bernard Madoff has been placed on house arrest, and must wear an ankle bracelet. Considering he has access to whatever is within his domicile, and seems to be actively flouting his bail agreements, don't you see that the "punishment" afforded this individual absolutely does NOT serve as a deterrent?

What is the downside to ripping off people en masse?

If you ask me...there is NONE.

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