Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is Peace Out Of Reach - A 60 Minutes Segment

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Have you seen 60 Minutes' Is Peace Out of Reach segment from last Sunday? If you haven't, please take a moment to view it by clicking here. This piece marks the first time that a mainstream U.S. media outlet has dared to accurately portray what Israeli occupation and settlement mean for Palestinians living in the West Bank and to explain to the American public why this system is apartheid.

After viewing the clip, please take a moment to thank CBS for airing this bold and insightful look at how settlements and occupation are preventing real peace in Palestine/Israel. Click here or call 212-975-2006 to send a message to 60 Minutes' management commending them for telling the truth about life in theWest Bank.

Get Involved in the Media Conversation

As you know, this kind of honest reporting is all too rare in mainstream U.S. media, but you can help influence coverage of this issue. After thanking CBS for their quality journalism, click here to use our newmedia action tools to write a letter to the editor or an op-ed, or to meet with editorial boards and other media management. These media action tools can help you correct inaccurate and biased reporting in your local media.

We've been calling the situation in Israel/Palestine apartheid for years and we're glad that this language is finally breaking into the mainstream. You can learn more about why we say apartheid is happening in Israel/Palestine by reading about our anti-apartheid framework here.

Kudos to CBS for this bit of reporting - let's see if there will be more of the same.

Special thanks to Travis Kelly for the link.

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