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20 Quick Facts And Unanswered Questions About Anthrax And 9/11 - Ryan Dawson

20 Quick facts and unanswered questions about Anthrax and 9/11 - Ryan Dawson

First, how did Israeli security forces witness a transfer of anthrax between two groups that didn't have it, at a meeting that never even took place?

Obviously the Israelis were lying and obviously they were trying to blame the anthrax attack on Al Qaeda and then connect them to Iraq. The notes that accompanied the anthrax letters also tried to blame Al Qaeda as they were sent from the same locations as the Hijacker cells shortly after 911 and they read Death to America and Death to Israel thus trying to pass themselves off as Muslim terrorists. How did "Ivins" know where the hijack cells were and how did he get to New Jersey and Florida and remain at work on time in Maryland all at once on his own? Obviously he didn't. Israel knew where the cells were because it was their set up. They mailed it. It seems to me like there was a plan to do this back in 93.

1 Israel is caught lying about Anthrax saying they SAW Iraqis pass anthrax to Al qaeda in Prague.

2 Then real anthrax which is genetically proven to have come from within the US, is sent from the same areas as the hijacker cells. (how did one guy know where they were and travel across the country so fast so many times? and all without flying) Why was it sent to the two senators who opposed the Patriot Act? That certainly wasn't in Al qaeda's interests.

3 Israel is busted with a spy ring with agents living right next door to said hijackers.

4 The notes try to blame it all on Muslims and equate America enemies with Israel's enemies.

5 Whoever really sent anthrax had knowledge of where to send it from as well as access to weapons grade anthrax. The first suspect blamed came from a letter sent BEFORE there was news of the event. And the accused reported that the sender was one Philip Zack who was BUSTED IN THE PAST STEALING ANTHRAX FROM THE SAME LAB, yet this individual is never questioned by the FBI or Justice Department.

6 Philip Zack is a hard line anti-Muslim scientist was bust in 1992 stealing anthrax just months before the first WTC bombing which ended up a botched FIB operation, which supposedly set up a "drill" to catch some terrorist by using an agent to supply them with fake explosives which they were going to bust them with in a sting, only the sting never came and the explosives were real. The rented trucks and bomb making equipment go back to Josey Hadas an Israel Mossad agent. The issue is dropped.
(what is the pint in trying to set up Al Qaeda or Muslims when they were obviously already in as much trouble as possible. So why risk going to jail just to set up an enemy that is already done for UNLESS you needed that to implicate Iraq.)

7 Israelis are busted in a van full of explosives on 911 on the George Washington Bridge, and live reports are made about this. Later a second group of Israelis are busted celebrating outside another van which had traces of explosives. Between the two vans there were five men all together and each one of them failed lie detector tests about 9/11.

8 All of the said vans belonged to Urban Moving Systems which turns out to be a Mossad front.

9 Then 12 cpu hard drives are confiscated by the FBI from the Urban moving systems head quarters (just 4 miles from where anthrax was sent in NJ by the way) all the evidence is classified.

10 Multiple reports of secondary explosions occur live on 9/11.

11 Police even find a parked van with a "suspicious" device which they think is a bomb. (could this also have been an Urban Moving Systems van? all we know is that it was also white)

12 WTC survivors report over and over again that there were explosions in the basements of the towers.

13 A prepackaged media tape sent from Israel of dancing Palestinians (which turned out to be a fraud) is aired on every American TV news program.

14 Prominent Zionists make billions from the collapse of the WTC and financial erasing of the pentagons missing money. (2.3 trillion dollars)

15 Odigo warns employees of an attack before it happened.

16 Bush claims twice that he saw the first plane hit the towers live on TV the day of the event which is impossible.

17 PNAC shovels out reports in great detail to launch a war on Iraq and falsely tie it to 911 based on the Israeli reports.

18 DHS is created and the pre written Patriot act is introduced by super Zionist.

19 Though there were few deaths in Virginia the people most responsible for tracking missing money seemed to have been unluckily killed because they were on flight 77 and their computers were in the naval and financial wing of the pentagon which was the only side hit.

20 I write about all of this and my websites disappear then in 2004 in Japan I later find comverse spying on my computer.

There is much more to it than that. A film thus far un-refuted by 911 cultists or conspiracy deniers has been out for some time. It's the successor to the film Iraq, 911, PNAC, all roads lead to Israel. It's called War by Deception.

It's never any more clear who is behind these wars and the events of 911. Who can get away with murder daily and have it unreported on the mass media. Who stood to gain, and who the Neocons pledge themselves too. It's not an ominous illuminati or the Vatican or the freemasons or the space lizards (skrulls). All of that junk is poisoning the well. We went to war for Israel plain and simple. Israel is a cash cow for the MIC. The next war on America's horizon is with Iran based on the Mossad's "smoking lap top" and this is for ISRAEL'S interest not America's and certainly not humanity's.

Watch the film War By Deception. I don't claim to be a film maker but I am a researcher and I put the information in there. There is no way around it. All Roads Lead to Israel.


Are you aware that traces of Anthrax were found at the Weehauken location of Urban Moving Systems?

The plot thickens...

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