Wednesday, August 12, 2009

71 Scumbags Tell Obama To Pressure The Arabs

Go ahead and read the article - but have a barf bag ready.

Mike Rivero has a great analysis of the situation...but I decided to reprint the first 19 responses, just in case they are Orwellized. Enjoy (or not).

1. Recognition
Simon, (11/08/09)
The Koran does not allow peace with or for the infidel. End of Story. Stop wasting your time with the Arabs.

2. Duh!!! What took them so long???
Andre, Thornhill, Cda (11/08/09)
Great initiative by these senators but what took them so long? Why were they not asking these questions when Israel returned the Sinai, Gaza, etc?

3. Shame on the NON-Signing JINO Senators
Hymie Zoltsveis, NYC (11/08/09)
SEVEN JINO's---Jews in Name Only---including stinking Al Franken---the comedian fool----They cannot even sign onto a letter---a MEANINGLESS GESTURE---pretending to care about Israel.

NO---they have to support the muslim Community Organizer in Chief.




Thank the "'rabbis' FOR OBAMA" for bringing in this muslim Trojan Horse, who wants to ELIMINATE Israel!!

4. Peace Now
Gavriela, usa (11/08/09)
So the letter puts "settlements" before "peace"? GOOD! As for Peace Now, that worthless organization should only be disbanded. Peace, ha! More like pieces.

5. The seven Jews who did not sign the letter are No friends of Israel (n"c)
Rick, USA (11/08/09)

6. Liberalism over Judaism
Yaakov Zelig, Texas (11/08/09)
I am not surprised that seven out of thirteen Jew's did not sign. The new branch of Judaism in America is liberalism. Sixty-five out of eighty-seven gentiles signed, but the "Uncle Jake", Jew's did not. Now I know why the Torah say's a Jew, should not seek higher office, in a gentile nation.

7. Egypt and Jordan
Mike, Los Angeles (11/08/09)
It is only a matter of time before the Muslim Brotherhood takes control of Egypt. At that time any and all agreements between Israel and Egypt will become null and void including Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.

Jordan is sitll over 70% Palestinian Arab so while the Heshmoniste King might recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state the majority of people in Jordan clearly do not.

8. The Koran and Infidels (#1)
Samitic, Philadelphia, P (11/08/09)
Well said, Simon. Until "Westerners" realize that not everyone has the same worldview as them, a different and more realistic approach is not possible.

9. Israel does not need recognition...
Fivish, London (11/08/09)
Israel does not need recognition, just its land back and its illegal inhabitants returned to any one of 20 or Arabic countries, or any one of 57 Islamic countries.
Israel is the most legitimate country in the history of the world!

10. Easier to Pressure Israel...They're Scared! BS"D (n"c)
boruch hoffinger, brooklyn ny (11/08/09)

11. seven jewish senators
em, bklin (11/08/09)
not seven, but six.
Diane Feinstein is a Shiksa, as was her mother.

12. Peace Now = support of arabs who abuse their kids
laura, (11/08/09)
Peace Now and other 'humanitarian' NGO's are a joke and anyone who supports/believes in them are ignorant as hell. Where is the Intl red cross,etc when arab adults brain wash their kids to love violence, to maime,murder,themselves,women,children, to hate another human being because they ascribe to a different religion, etc? Aren't these crimes illegal in all western countries? Why is it that if I perpetrated such crimes I would be imprisoned, etc but if an arab commits these crimes it's 'OK' in the eyes of the NGO's as long as they are killing Jews? So to the Senate, address the promotion of hate crimes against Jews by the NGO's who support the arabs who perpetrate said hate crimes in the name of 'protest'! Excuse me, but if I protested in such a manner I would be thrown in jail and the key thrown away to boot!

13. Definition of Peace
Eric, Georgia, USA (11/08/09)
Comment after comment shows a strong need for better dictionaries in Israel. "Peace"
is when your enemies are defeated and driven out of your country. When you all have driven the Arabs out of your country and soundly defeated them, then you will not need any U.S. Senators to take up your cause with a Muslim President!

14. The 7 Jews in Congress
Yitzchak, Florida (11/08/09)
It has been often said that Jews can be their worst enemies.The likes of Feingold,Feinstein,Frankin,Kohl,Lautenberg,Levin and Sanders certainly bear this out.To quote Hillel,"If I am not for myself who will be and if not now When"?

15. Obama says no more Jews in Ariel
Lioness, Israel (12/08/09)
Obama the delusional anti-Semetic Moslem President should go to hell.

16. What kind of 'Jews' are the 7 unsigned?
Lee, Manchester UK (12/08/09)
It is very sad indeed - Obama is doing very well in splitting American Jewry.

17. It's about time
Michael D. Hansen, Louisville (12/08/09)
Thank god we have a few in Washington that realizes the importance of keeping Israel as an allie. We as Americans need to support the only real free country in the niddle East. Most americans love and support Israel. God bless Israel and God bless the Jewish people around the world.

18. what does this phony article tell you ??
tomi, lee/s summit (12/08/09)
This article forgot to mention that the us , is doing everything it can to make one sided decisions against israel. Obama is not listening, his crypto marxist view of the world, is not in tune with helping israel. It/s all political . Israel does not give oil to the west. arab countries do . Since the eco wackos won/t drill for oil in the usa . We are all dependent on arab oil in the usa. No one is listening in america to Israel/s concerns, as the country engages itself to fight the most radical and regressive regime that america has ever seen.

19. Thanks Hymie
Joel, Tampa (12/08/09)
Thanks to Hymie in NYC for telling it like it is. American Jews are wasting their time if they think the Prevaricator in Chief is going to pay one moments attention to their letter.

Found a link - The Talmud Unmasked.

Also...please read the story submitted to The Ugly Truth, entitled The Mousetrap.


Unknown said...

Sorry, you commented this on the reason site:

"Strangely, Herrnstein and Murray refer to "folklore" that "Jews and other immigrant groups were thought to be below average in intelligence."

That is because the idea that Jews and other groups scored poorly was based on a misrepresentation of Goddard's work. Goddard gave IQ tests to people suspected of being mentally handicapped. He found the tests identified a number of such people from various immigrant groups, including Ashkenazi Jews. Leon Kamin in 1974 reported that Goddard had found Jews had low IQ scores. However, Goddard never found that Jews or other groups as a general population had low scores. There is other information that contradicts the idea that Jews did poorly on IQ tests around this time. In 1900, in London, Jews took a disproportionate number of academic prizes in spite of their poverty (C Russell & H.S. Lewis 'The Jew in London' Harper Collins 1900). Also, note that by 1922 Jewish students made up more than a fifth of Harvard undergraduates & the Ivy League was already instituting policies aimed at limiting Jewish admissions (the infamous 'Jewish quotas'). Also, a 1920's a survey of IQ scores in three London schools with mixed Jewish & non-Jewish student bodies - one prosperous, one poor and one very poor - showed that Jewish students, on average, had higher IQ's than their schoolmates in each of the groups (A Hughes 1928).

- see also: G. Cochran, J. Hardy, H. Harpending, Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence, Journal of Biosocial Science 38 (5), pp. 659-693 (2006).

More generally, the findings of the Bell Curve are not new. They simply looked at armed services data and from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. It's publicly available if you want to check it. In 2001, when Roth et al confirmed the 1.1 SD difference in a sample of 6,246,729 corporate, military, and higher education testees:

Roth, P. L., Bevier, C. A., Bobko, P., Switzer III, F. S., & Tyler, P. (2001). Ethnic group differences in cognitive ability in employment and educational settings: A meta-analysis. Personnel Psychology, 54, 297-330.
10. Vernon, P. E. (1982). The abilities and achievements

hANOVER fIST said...

Hmmm...I don't recall doing so...but at any rate, what does this have to do with the topic at hand? I happen to afford The Bell Curve with the same regard I afford to toilet paper.

I appreciate your feedback - thanks for writing.