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Has Anyone Ever Died From The Flu?

Lisa B. posted a rant, and I think that it is so relevant to what's currently occurring that I had to repost it.

From: Lisa B. (402392675)
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Date: 8/10/2009 7:24:04 AM
Subject: my rant

Just going to rant a little bit.

Things are seeming to be getting out of control on all fronts. From this swine flu thing. Which I personally not known anyone or heard of anyone around me speaking of anyone they knew that had tests that said they or someone else had the swine flu.
I have not in my 40 years ever heard of anyone personally or spoken about in public in my hearing etc about anyone who died of flu. Or pneumonia from flus, I have heard of deaths from meningitis brought on by the strep throat thing. I have heard of deaths from chicken pox. I have seen on medical shows like Dr. G. deaths from systemic herpes, pneumonia brought on by chemical inhalation or death by rare heart infections brought on by a virus from colds that the person had weeks or months before and they cut their foot and the infection went to their hearts.

In the shows I watch like Dr. G or Code Blue or Mystery, E.R., etc. no mention of colds or flus taking someones lives. maybe it was not interesting enough for the show. I considered that.

But that still does not explain how a person can live to be 40+ years old and not heard in person or in public about deaths from flu.

I am not being moronic and assuming there is no deaths by colds or flus. I am just saying I haven't heard of any personally.

I am not saying there is no swine flu. I just haven't heard of anyone who has it or had it. other than speculation on their sickness that they get. since they are not testing for it any longer.

Just seems off to me is all.

The plane and helicopter crashes, the train wrecks, the monorail wrecks all in the past two months is staggering. Do a Google search of plane wrecks 2009 and the pages it brings up is unreal. Not just commercial planes but private planes is staggering to say the least.
In this year alone there is hundreds of plane crashes.
The train wrecks is harder to find. most states or countries call them by different names. From rail accidents to train wrecks to train disasters etc. Its a tough search. It is still a lot compared to previous years.
Monorail accidents have increased also this year. not by much though.
Helicopter crashes this year is also on the rise.
I think it is due to the changes in the magnetosphere. They did find the hole in the magnetosphere the size of earth.

The lack of sunspots I wonder to if it has an effect on things.

I read someones blog on timewave 2012. pretty interesting correlation to the wrecks and 9-11...

The Ebola found in pigs, the new rabies virus that is now animal to animal, and can possibly pass to humans with no saliva contact at all is staggering yet it never made main stream media.

Bird flu is catching on faster and faster now, the aids like virus spreading in china from saliva contact only it has affected thousands, the new aids virus from the woman in Africa, mrsa infections on the rise, antibiotic resistant TB on the rise, superbugs in hospitals on the rise.
Just so many others I cant remember right now.

The new fungus found in the stratosphere along with new microorganisms, mycoplasms, and a new strain they had to name called viteria its a combo of bacteria and virus. it all falls down you know. no wonder so many of us suffer from systemic fungal infections. We are breathing it in.

Now my question is was it always in stratosphere? or did we put it there via the chemtrails? or was it created thanks to the chemtrails?

No wonder the article about wanting to put vaccines in the atmosphere via silver solution so people can be immune. assholes want to do so much to what we breathe in. I cant find that link since OS crashed. if anyone finds that link please pass it to me. thanks.

Chemtrails are denied by the govt because they call it aerosols. I found that link one day. So I name most of my vids on chemtrails aerosols. sometimes I forget.

On that front we now have a new cloud formation it makes the skies look ominous. I have not seen it yet but honey has. about three days a week.

The particles we breathe in from the chemtrails are filling up our lungs slowly. most get asthma that they never had before. They dont realize they are not breathing as well as they used to or they dismiss it as old age.

the high blood pressure that only happens after spraying makes people think they ate too much salt or drank too much caffeine or they don't know their blood pressure is too high. they get bitchy or cranky and blame it on not enough sleep. its the blood pressure going high. headaches, post nasal drip only a few times a month, cough a few times a month to make the people think they are fighting off a cold. but in reality its chemcrap.

the sore lower back is a sign there is something in the chemtrails that the body is fighting off. usually this follows a x pattern in the skies.

Our foods, GM corn which is so cheap corn flakes popcorn cornbread etc, causes lupus like symptoms in me at least. not sure if its just symptoms of if it brings on attacks in someone who has lupus. all I know is it causes me to flare.
The GM veggies cause the skin to break out especially the eczema.
water with fluoride and medicines.

The amounts of MSG in foods is causing obesity. it has so many different names its unreal, its in hydro something veg oils, natural flavoring the list is almost endless its even in coffee creamer for goodness sake, the list is on or org or or org cant remember which one.
MSG causes high blood pressure headaches chest pains asthma sudden death its in formula also folks. really high in soy because soy has the natural form glutamic acid. sighs. no wonder my youngest had such a hard time. she is sensitive to is as I am. she still has a problem with weight.

Ibuprofen and another cant remember which is a remedy for MSG when exposed. its on the web page.

No wonder everyone has such high blood pressure. the barium in the chemtrails the MSG in everything the chemicals in GM foods the fluoride in the water which causes road rage syndrome, all add up to one ticking time bomb. now add lack of sleep due to iodine deficiency brought on by the fluoride and lack of iodine in fluor now and the new digital conversion making people hear a constant ringing in their ears and the people waking up at 330 am every night from the dream invasion by what ever those things are that try to control us in our dreams, you end up with a person on the edge of sanity.

Then to top it all off we got the military advertising for internment specialists, the forced vaccination of the planet, fema camps, snitch programs for free speech or opinions, town hall meetings on health care shut down because people show up to voice their opinion on the matter and they don't want everyone to find out about the bill so they chose to shut it down. sighs. makes you wonder you know?
Then the banning of bottled water in some places is catching on and will be world wide soon I am sure.
The children in the UK so violent the teachers are getting sent to hospitals regularly. The milk has added fluoride there. Remember it causes road rage syndrome? the antibiotic cipro which public gives for free has fluoride in it.

All SSRI antidepressants have fluoride in it called fluorophenyl that is the organic name of fluoride. It used to say fluoride years ago, but they changed the name.

Bisparasol a is a female hormone they put in plastic because it makes the plastic stronger. it is also in cans the white lining is plastic. cooking in the microwave any plastic leaches the chemicals out into the foods,
microwaving is so bad try this. microwave water to boiling let it cool feed it to a plant it will die in less than a week.

did you know that its not just talking to plants that help it to grow? its the emotions behind it and the words. Dr. Emotos work with water proves this as fact. we are mainly water. so emotions good or bad effect us. words spoken or written effect water. they have proven that DNA is effected by emotions.

Baking soda is pretty awesome stuff. As is colloidal silver. I make my own.
I also use Epsom salt baths with baking soda and bentonite clay.

Anyways...rant over.

Lisa B.
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We now have an un-counterpart to Wikipedia called Uncyclopedia. Fun stuff.

There was an amazing story this weekend regarding a homeless woman donating $100,000 to Hebrew University. Not only that, but she also donated an undisclosed sum to the last person who employed her. She would move his car to avoid alternate-side parking tickets; in return, he provided her with a meal and a room.

I think the selfish of the world could learn a lesson from her.

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