Monday, August 24, 2009

Ryan Jenkins Bites It; More Scumbaggery Afoot

Ryan Jenkins, some tool who came to attention by being a "contestant" on Megan Wants A Millionaire, was found dead in Canada. He was wanted for the savage murder and mutilation of Jasmine Fiore.

Good riddance to bad garbage, I say.

So...on the way to work today, I change my travel routine and picked up a copy of Metro, the free newspaper. I was greeted on page 7 with a full-page ad from something called the U.S. Citizen's Association. Click on the link to read the ad.

In the midst of said ad, they make the assertion that "it was SOCIALISM, NOT CAPITALISM, that caused the bad economy".

I call bullshite on that. In the preceding text on the advertisement, there are pictures of the "7 culprits" and their role in destabilizing our economy. I'm going to reprint it with a slight change - I am replacing the phrase "previously unqualified people" with the actual unqualified people:

"1. Jimmy Carter pushed for and signed into law the
Community Reinvestment Act which forced banks to
lower their standards so that niggers, spics and white trash could get a mortgage.

2. Bill Clinton then doubled-down on the Community Reinvestment
Act and greatly lowered mortgage standards to
allow a lot more niggers, spics and white trash to get loans.

3. Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, then intimidated
banks with threats of legal action if they
did not give loans to niggers, spics and white trash who
would not have the income to pay the loans back.

4. A member of the Clinton administration, Franklin Raines
was then put in charge of Fannie Mae by Bill Clinton. Fannie
Mae bought up a majority of the bad loans made by
banks to niggers, spics and white trash. Raines then falsified Fannie
Mae financial reports so he could collect bonuses
which totaled over $90 million for 5 years.

5. Senator Chris Dodd, head of the Senatorial Financial
Committee, suppressed efforts by President
George W. Bush and congressional Republicans to
rein in the corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
He got a very favorable loan by a bank associated
with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He got large political
campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and
Freddie Mac.

6. Barney Frank, head of the House of Representatives
Banking Committee, also suppressed efforts by President
George W. Bush and Congressional Republicans to
investigate corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

7. Barack Obama, while he was an attorney, filed lawsuits
against banks on behalf of ACORN in order to
force banks to give loans to niggers, spics and white trash who could not afford
to pay them back. Obama, while he was a U.S.
Senator, also suppressed efforts by President George
W. Bush and Republican Congressmen to investigate
and rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac."

To all you "minorities" who I may have overlooked...don't worry, you're all included in spirit.

Now, to be fair, they do address the load of steaming crap known to all of us as Global Warming, but there's no way that I could let this crapfest slide. Deregulation of the financial industries, and the rewarding of profits over people, are what allowed this to occur.

A last bit of fun looks as if Sweden has grown an enormous set of balls! Here's a link to the article. Remember the organ trafficking scandal from not too long ago, that seemed to morph inexplicably into a corruption scandal? Well, it looks as if Sweden plans to keep the main issue in the headlines, and Israel is none too pleased with this turn of events.

My heart bleeds...but don't tell Netanyahu - he may whip up a false donor card and have my tuchis (and every other organ in my possession) harvested, shipped and sold at a 1600% markup.

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