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Report: Israel Planned To Strike Iran During Riots

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When all of the brouhaha came about during the elections in Iran, I could smell the cooks congregating around their cauldron in Israel. The whole mess smelled of a bad re-enactment of the puppet shows we have all been witness to in too many nations.

Here, from Ynet News, is the whole shitefest:

Kuwaiti paper quotes 'US diplomat in Jerusalem' as saying Israel asked Obama administration for green light to attack Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities during country's post-election riots. US reportedly ignored request, causing Israel to back down

Story by Roee Nahmias

Israel last month asked the United State for permission to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida reported on Friday.

The paper quoted a "US diplomatic source located in Jerusalem", but the report's credibility was not confirmed.

According to the sources, after the opposition riots broke out in Iran following June's presidential election results, Israel asked the US government for a green light to strike the country's nuclear facilities, along with other vital facilities in Iran.

The source added that the Obama administration ignored the Israeli request, that was sent by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with President Shimon Peres's signature as well.

According to the source, Israel was serious about its intentions to attack Iran and hit it hard, but the US's lack of response to the request left Israel frustrated and the operation was called off.

The source also said explained White House's decision to withdraw its recognition of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election, saying, "We were under Israel and Arab pressure to take back our recognition of him.

"There are moderate Arab countries that do not want us to recognize Ahmadinejad." about that botched coup in Honduras? But I digress.

Now, I realize that because of the fact that one cannot post anonymously at this blog lessens the amount of discourse here, but I really would like to have someone second me in my analysis of the following gibberish left by someone who went by the name of "zionist forever" (spelling left intact):

proof why we cant wait for US permission just do the job now

If Iran had launched a nuke at Israel and we phoned Obama for permission to shoot the thing down whilst its in flight Obama would probably say dont you dare we will use diplomacy here and shooting down that missle before it hits you will be bad for the peace process.

Assuming there is any truth in this report then it shows that the government cannot ask the US for permission in advance and if there is a plan in place do what must be done tell the US later and accept the politcal fallout when Obama thorws a temper tantrum later at least that way we can let Obama play his diplomatic games without the same urgency.

In 1981 the world US included who were not informed in advance condemned Israel at the UN and drafeted a General Assembly resolution.
Ten years later when they went to war in Iraq and their soldiers lives were at risk they were saying to themselves its a good thing for us Israel stopped Saddam getting nukes in 1981 otherwise this war might nuclear.

Considering Obama wants to cancel the US missile defense system then they have even more reason to want to stop Iran gettiong nukes especially because Irans missile program is getting better and having longer ranges so one day the US will be in range of those missiles with nuclear warheads.
I wonder how that would affect Obamas legacy that he is so desperate to create?

Let's start with the notion of Iran nuking ANYONE. They have not attacked any of their neighbors for at least TWO HUNDRED YEARS.

We can't say the same for the other nation referred to by this maniac, can we?

How many resolutions has Israel ignored? That number's in the double digits, approaching triple digits...but apparently, that irony is lost on this nitwit.

The U.S. ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, assured former asset Saddam Hussein that he would not suffer repercussions from attacking puppet state Kuwait from slant-drilling their oil resources - this was the Iraqi "Gulf of Tonkin" moment that cost our great nation the lives of those unfortunate young men in 1991. David McGowan did a great posting on his site ages ago - take a look.

I could rant on and on regarding the projection of responsibility, mis-truths, omissions, prevarications, and outright lies in this bit of propaganda, but let's go right to the penultimate piece of garbage - the idea that Iran could get a missile that could hit the U.S. from the other side of the hemisphere.

No way that it could possibly be detected and blown out of the sky right over Iran, irradiating them for countless generations to come. Sure. By the way, the check's in the mail. And I won't do that thing with your mouth...I promise...yes, I'll warn you first...oops!

The scumbags in Israel (along with the sayanim, quislings and fifth columnists within our nation and abroad) are doing themselves a disservice by keeping their noses shoved in their Talmud, and not realizing that WE THE PEOPLE are onto their game. Guess what, schmendricks? We know all about how we are "less than human beings"; we know all about how we are "useless eaters"; we know all about how we are not subject to the same respect as the "chosen people"; but do you know what WE THE PEOPLE are just now coming to realize?

You have no SOULS.

No bloody way in HELL do you evil spawns of devils have anything whatsoever resembling SOULS.

I will tell you this: there isn't any chance that hANOVER fIST will ever allow you hegemony over his person.

As long as WE THE PEOPLE come back to the realization that we are sovereign over ourselves, and WE THE PEOPLE have the power, YOU CANNOT WIN.

Own all of the newspapers, television and radio stations you want; recruit all of the Megaphonies you can; YOU CANNOT WIN.

Oh...congratulations to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for your landslide victory.

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