Monday, October 12, 2009

"Heavy Metal" And Analysis From An Asshat

Another weekend, another drunk bastard (or, one may wish to utilize the female perjorative) kills another child. Drinking and driving really is a bad move, everyone.

At any rate, this is from one of those stupid "debunker" web pages. The actual posting is well over two hundred pages - I've seen RFPs smaller than this. The best part of this is the asshat who rants on and on with his flawed analysis when, if he had any fucking idea as to whom he was addressing, his pants legs would instantly overflow with shit.

This is gonna be a good week - I hope this posting finds all of you in good spirits and good health.

Now...onto the bitchslapping...

Fangbeer said
on 10 October 2009

Damn straight - I’m a fucking monster
Somehow I knew you would identify with that character. Are you paying attention John? This is your boy Han:

In that scene Hanover Fist colludes with the drug dealing, child raping, murderer Captain Stern. (I know you’ll see deeper meaning into that name then I do) He does this because Stern promises him a pay off which ends up being a one way ticket to outer space.

Fist, being a mental deficient with dissociative identity disorder uses both outright lies and open threats to achieve his goal. He starts by claiming Stern is a veritable angel. Unable to maintain the lie, he begins to contradict himself. As his rage grows the contradictions begin to take control. Before long he’s a seething brute who’s one objective seems to be the destruction of everything around him. Both Hanover and Stern run off as Hanover turns his apparent rage on Stern. When they finally meet up out of the courtroom it becomes clear that the chase was staged, and the transformation and mock rage were all part of the plan. Stern then outsmarts Hanover, kills him, and the scene ends.

This is the character that our own Hanover Fist is proud to be. Damn straight he’s a dim witted mentally deficient monster that defends rapists, murders, and drug dealers.

Fangbeer said
on 10 October 2009 [see picture at top of posting]
The artist really did a great job with Hanover. Look at the vacant confused stare and the drool on the chin. He’s even got a tiny skinhead brain pan. Just perfect I say.

on 11 October 2009

More asshattery from moRON.

Who cares if “gaskammer” translates to “gas chamber”? You’re missing the point with your thick head, as usual - the point is that it doesn’t translate to gas DEATH chambers.


And speaking of dullards…oh, Fung…I told you to stick to what you do best - inhaling cock loads, because your grasp of simple movie plots seem to be beyond you.
I guess you thought you hit a home run, what with finding this clip. First, notice that the character’s name is Hanover Fiste. This might work for the databases of ChoicePoint, which was instrumental in the Monkey King GWB’s theft of the election in 2000 by the disenfranchisement of nearly 100,000 legally registered voters in Florida, but it won’t do here. Second, you might want to check out exactly what you’re watching before you make up some retarded analysis…and John…Thomas Szazs was right - all or these “mental disorders” are just excuses for those who don’t wish to take responsibility for their own actions so that they can ingest mind-dulling pharmaceuticals so that they can bliss out like a bunch of mental deficients - but I know that you were being facetious so that you could smack around these loads…but I digress. So…Fung - the clip is from the movie Heavy Metal. Captain Sternn (two Ns, shit-for-brains!) is played by Eugene Levy, and Hanover Fiste by Joe Flaherty, both of SCTV fame. The clip that you’ve offered to your fellow cock-smokers is actually one in a series of clips featuring man’s struggle against evil, represented by the Loch-Nar, which in this clip, is the greem marble-like object that Hanover Fiste plays with as he offers his obviously perjurious testimony. The idea of the clip is that Captain Sternn (created by Bernie Wrightson) is attempting to use Hanover Fiste to act as a character witness. He does intend to deceive the court, but through testimony, not whatever come-soaked crap you gargled up from your gullet. When Hanover Fiste begins playing with the Loch-Nar during his testimony, he begins to lose control and actually speaks of evil deeds perpetrated by Captain Sternn, as in the “pedophile prostitution ring”, and his “selling of dope dressed as a nun”; eventually, it proves too much for him, and he transforms and attempts to administer his own justice. We all know how the clip ends.

So…how do you feel now, jackass?

When I first saw the posting, I couldn’t believe someone could be that utterly stupid. I wanted to rebut your mendacity instantly…but thought better of it. I decided to let your retarded posting stand, and I went on with my day. Of course, it would be all the sweeter to smack the fuck out of you hours later after you thought you had me on the ropes.

That image you posted? After reading this posting, why don’t you ask your boyfriend to stop fucking your mouth and to take a picture of you - I’ll bet dollars to come stains on your face that it will look much like that image.

Now…I’ll bet you’ll reply to this with some whining, bitching and equivocating…but get this - YOU FUCKED UP, BIG, DOUCHEBAG.

Now, if you’re smart, you’ll get in a coffin and nail it shut from the inside.

In other news...I see daily people playing Sudoku on their way to and from work. If only someone could incorporate the events of September 11th, 2001 into a puzzle format, where one would fill in the missing elements, much as one fills in the missing digits in a Sudoku puzzle.

Let me get back to you, dear readers.


Anonymous said...

There is also an interesting sudoku site at

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