Monday, October 19, 2009

Who Are The Real Terrorists Again...? - Goon Squad

CA. Jewish Terrorist Cell caught making same type of explosive used in London Subway Bombings

Sgt: Explosive at home similar to London bombing October 9, 2009

LAKE ELSINORE, Calif. - A Southern California man who blew off four fingers while mixing explosives in a home that doubled as a day care center had made a volatile compound similar to the one used in the 2005 London subway bombings, a sheriff's official said.

Benjamin Kuzelka, 23, made triacetone triperoxide, a very volatile compound, and was in the garage handling an unstable liquid when it exploded.

Triacetone triperoxide is similar to the material used in the 2005 terrorist attack on the London subway system. But Sgt. Chavez said there was no immediate indication of any link to terrorism. He said Kuzelka, who remains hospitalized with wounds to his hand, face and chest, told investigators he had researched bomb-making online and was trying it at home for fun.

Kuzelka's mother, Rebecca, and younger brother, Grey, were arrested Thursday on suspicion of manufacturing illegal explosives, illegal growing of marijuana and child endangerment. Kuzelka will be arrested when he recovers, authorities have said.

Deputies found explosives and a sophisticated marijuana farm at the property, which doubles as the state-licensed Kuzelka Family Day Care, after Benjamin Kuzelka arrived at a hospital saying he'd shot himself in the hand. His injuries were inconsistent with a gunshot wound, however, and doctors notified the sheriff's department.

Commentary from Goon Squad's Greg Bacon - When the FBI captures some clueless clowns, like those 'jihadists' in Miami who had no money, no guns, no explosives and didn't even know where their alleged target, the Sears Tower was located, CNN and FOX put that story into an endlessly repeating news cycle and the feds act like we're in DefCon 5.

But when some actual terrorists are caught making explosives, "Wolfie" Blitzer and that rodeo clown Beck act like the "Three Monkeys."

Can you imagine the faux horror stories in the American MSM if some Muslims were caught making explosives and also had an illegal dope growing operation, all hidden behind a CHILD DAY CARE CENTER that they were running?

The explosive, Triacetone triperoxide AKA TATP, is the same stuff that Jordanian man in Texas was alleged to have been making, so where's the feigned horror stories in the MSM?

American police charge terror suspects implicated in three separate 'plots'

A Colorado airport shuttle bus driver was charged under federal anti-terrorism laws with plotting to set off explosives in the United States and accused of acquiring the same bomb-making chemicals used in the 2005 London transit attacks.

Najibullah Zazi, 24, an Afghan immigrant under arrest in Colorado on another charge, was indicted by a grand jury on suspicion of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, authorities announced on Thursday.

A Jordanian national was arrested by the FBI on Thursday for attempting to bomb a skyscraper in downtown Dallas, the Department of Justice said.

If you're a Muslim or an Arab and buy more than one bottle of hydrogen peroxide, you might get busted and charged under the federal anti-terrorist laws, but if you're a Jew and are actually CAUGHT making bombs, the police will handle it as a local matter and the FBI will yawn and look elsewhere.

I listened to 1010WINS and had to endure hearing the name Najibullah Zazi EVERY FIVE MINUTES during the week this bogus terrorist threat was being headlined by our distraction media. Not ONCE did the name Benjamin Kuzelka ever make the news.

Why is that, dear readers?

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